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May 02 2013

Send Your Haiku To Mars! (or… not)

Have I mentioned that I hate Haikus? Not real haiku, but haiku as it has been translated into American. I don’t speak Japanese–well, not much. Very little, but I have been told by a Japanese student that my pronunciation is remarkable. Which, I suspect, is only true in comparison to this student’s experience with other …

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Feb 05 2013

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

They paved over Richard—that’s Richard the third The Richard that used to be King. Will I be remembered? The notion’s absurd! But who knows what the future might bring? Will the world of the future seek out where I rest? Will they quarry in search of my bones? Will they pore over details of things …

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Dec 08 2012

South Carolina’s Elusive Green Cuttlefish


Notice how much more effective his camouflage is than the flounder’s. (Click to embiggen)

Oct 13 2012

Robot Octopus!

Robot Octopus. Two words that are awesome together. I want a robot octopus To play with in the pool To go for walks on rainy days And follow me to school To count upon its tentacles And help me out with math To find my rubber ducky When I lose it in the bath I …

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Sep 26 2012

A Sign Of Impeccable Taste

Excellent coffee deserves an excellent mug, don’t you think? All I know is, I have one, and it makes my rooibos tea (coffee only at home–at work, rooibos tea; I am a creature of habit) taste wonderful.

Sep 21 2012

Right There At The Top Of The Page!

This page, that is–the long list of dozens and dozens of car emblems at EvolveFish! Or, for those of you who prefer direct links, right here is where you can get your very own cuttlefish car emblem!

Sep 20 2012

Shiny, Shiny Cuttlefishes!

Eleven Shiny Cuttlefish

So new that as of this writing, they are not yet listed on the EvolveFish site, but I assure you, they exist and they are beautiful! And the service is uncannily good–my order, for instance, was shipped and received before I even ordered it (indeed, before I knew it could be ordered! (Click to embiggen) …

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Aug 02 2012

The Rare And Beautiful Spotted Rocky Mountain Cuttlefish


That is, this one was spotted in Colorado. Many thanks to commenter Machineintelligence! More and more cuttlefish are being released into the wild! Now I want pics of these in the wild!

Jul 24 2012

That’s A Strange Car…

Which just reminds us that everything is better with cuttlefish. Not just cars. Hat tip to Mark, via twitter!

Jul 20 2012



Yeah, eventually I’ll get sick of posting pics of cuttlefish car stickers in the wild, but it won’t be for some time. This time, it’s Ctenotrish who has sent me the pic. (I expect mine in the mail soon, perhaps even today.) Pic after yon jumpage:

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