Monthly Archive: June 2011

Jun 30 2011

Terrapin Runway

Fertile-ly, turtle-lyDiamondback TerrapinsTook to the runways, inOrder to mate; Flights were delayed, due toTestudinoidea—Love conquers all, so theyJust had to wait It’s happened before, and it happened again yesterday; around 150 turtles (terrapins, really) halted landings at one JFK runway. This year, the JFK turtles are even on Twitter. But really, I just posted this …

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Jun 29 2011

Jury Duty

I cannot help but think it oddTo swear an oath “so help me god” Yeah, well… I’ve been on jury duty this month. Found someone not guilty, and decided on a load of compensation for an accident. It was, overall, a very worthwhile, though extremely frustrating experience. Trying to get 12 people to agree on …

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Jun 27 2011

It’s All So Simple, Really

My problem wouldn’t go awayNo matter what I’d do or sayNo matter what I’d think or wishMy problem still stayed problem-ishAnd so I looked for expert thoughtTo ask advice on what I ought…I saw a doctor on TVWho said he had advice for me: “Remember, as you walk along:You might be right—you might be wrong.You’ll …

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Jun 26 2011

Brave Little Emma

Brave little Emma, a child of GodWas at the museum one dayShe listened politely, but found it quite oddThat they said what she heard them to sayBrave little Emma, she took them to task—It was more than another might dare—She knew in her heart just the question to ask“Were you there?” Emma asked; “were you …

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Jun 26 2011

Good News On The Diabetes Front!

One of the more mysterious things doctors have ever seenIs the spleen.Throughout historyThe function of the spleen has been shrouded in mystery.The literature tellsIt is known to filter blood, and remove dysfunctional red blood cellsIt releases platelets and neutrophils when you bleedAnd is a source of stem cells, in times of needIt can produce new …

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Jun 24 2011

New York State Of Bliss

(I have the New York Senate live stream up on another window, and this song insinuated itself on my brain. I’m posting it before the vote–NY, you’d better do the right thing, or this post won’t make any sense!) Some folks want the right to bakeJust a wedding cake for a wedding nightGroom and groom …

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Jun 23 2011

Animal Rights, And Wrongs

I don’t believe in testing drugsOn poms or poodles, pits or pugs;Those scientists are merely thugsTo do the things they do. I feel, in no uncertain terms,Protective of the slugs and worms;In fact, the new resistant germsDeserve protection too. I cherish every living thingDespite diseases they might bringTo life—all life—I fiercely clingAnd each gets equal …

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Jun 22 2011

Strange Bedfellows

When Christians thought Mormons were Others, not Brothers,Their prophets were false, their religion a cult.Books would portray them as awful unlawful,And violent riots would sometimes result Now, the Republicans gather to blather,To pound on their pulpits, to goad and incite;But Mormons are, strangely and oddly, now godly,When allied against the true, atheist blight. NPR’s Double …

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Jun 20 2011

Almost Heaven

County Rt. 1Is not very fun;It’s bumpy, and narrow, and curving.It’s missing its shoulders,Has potholes and boulders,And driving it’s frankly unnerving.Traversing its lengthTakes all of your strength;It will measure the courage that’s in ya–I have crawled to its endAnd I can’t recommendThe destroy-your-car state, West Virginia. My apologies for a few days of radio silence; …

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Jun 15 2011


I have just been informed that my books are now available through the iBookstore, for downloading to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (none of which I own, so you’ll have to let me know how it looks). I’ll put up a button over on the sidebar, but for right now, you can follow this …

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