Monthly Archive: December 2010

Dec 25 2010

Christmas Morning

It is christmas morning at cuttlehouse. I am the only one awake at the moment, aside from the cats who woke me. Years ago, by this time, our young children would have been whispering excitedly back and forth from their rooms, eager to pounce on their presents. Christmas morning was magic for them, and because …

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Dec 23 2010

Nope, Didn’t Work (It Never Works)

Hush-a-bye puppyHere on the bedNo need for barkingLay down your headI know it’s scaryWhen everything’s darkBut Daddy’s still grading,Puppy, don’t bark! On the plus side, no burglar will ever come within 50 feet of the house without the dogs barking their heads off. On the minus side, I will have habituated to this barking, and …

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Dec 22 2010

Life Everlasting

There are promises made of a life everlasting,Though first we bid this one good-bye,Of a feast up in heaven we all will be tasting—I’m happily waiting to die. There is beauty around me—I choose to ignore it—To heaven I’m casting my eye;Though heathens fear death, I am eagerly for itI’m happily waiting to die. The …

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Dec 21 2010

It’s Tough To Be Christian (At Christmastime)

It’s tough to be Christian, when Christmastime comes,What with Santa, and reindeer, and elves,With other religions, or secular folks, And people who think for themselves The Christian religion has changed, over time,And it makes us all anxious as hell,When the season arrives, and it’s not just for us,But for other religions as well! My neighbors …

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Dec 20 2010

It Works, Bitches

When we battle slings and arrowsAnd the path before us narrowsOr when shock or illness harrowsUs, and bedrock yaws and pitchesThough we battle against giants,We find aid, in our defiance,When we use the tools of science—Why? Because they work, bitches. (click to embiggen!)(image from XKCD, of course) At least three times a week, my first …

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Dec 19 2010

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

As published in 1863… When Johnny comes marching home againHurrah! Hurrah!We’ll give him a hearty welcome thenHurrah! Hurrah!The men will cheer and the boys will shoutThe ladies they will all turn outAnd we’ll all feel gayWhen Johnny comes marching home. The old church bell will peal with joyHurrah! Hurrah!To welcome home our darling boy,Hurrah! Hurrah!The …

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Dec 17 2010

Your Brain On God? (What, Again?)

Add oomph to your writing;Make science exciting—Cos everyone loves a nice scan!Make “neurotheology”Look like biology—Look! It’s the brain of a man!Both god-contemplationAnd deep meditationShow frontal-lobe action, it seems;But scanning a brainDoesn’t really explainAll that neurotheology dreams.Whether fishers of menOr seekers of zen,In the scan, we can see what we wish;But now, let’s examineThe brain of …

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Dec 15 2010

I Can See Myself (Polluting) In My Sparkling Dishes!

The bloom in the river is turning it greenAnd it’s killing off all of the fishes,The river is dying, tree-huggers are crying,But Mabel, just look at my dishes! They sparkle! They glimmer! They’re spotlessly clean!They’re as gorgeous as gorgeous can be!The scientists may see the cause of the bloom,I see a reflection of me! We …

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Dec 11 2010

Hang Stockings, Hang Mistletoe… Hang An Elf?

Photo source The war against Christmas has taken a turnWith the hanging of one of the elves—No need for a godless opponent, we learn,The Christians can fight it themselves! For some, any elf is the work of the Devil—It’s Satan, not Santa, at playHe’s not making toys; he’s distributing evilAnd needs to be hanged right …

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Dec 10 2010

On Freedom Of Speech

Freedom of speech offends meAnd I hope it always will,Till the sun explodes, or worlds collide, Or hands of time stand still.If I hate what you are sayingAnd you hate my words as wellThat’s the way we know it’s working,Or as far as I can tell.You are free to be offensive,Rude and crude and vile …

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