Monthly Archive: January 2010

Jan 31 2010

The Spirit Of Spirit

Why do we care about poor little Spirit?A robot is shutting down; why all the fuss?My theory, assuming you might want to hear it—It’s not just a bot: it’s a real part of us. For over six years, I could wander a planet;This rover named Spirit would act as my eyes!Much more than suspected, back …

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Jan 28 2010

Running Barefoot

I don’t enjoy the way it feelsTo run; I always bruise my heels.But running (so I hear) appealsTo most of you, I know.The thing I did not understandIs, running, on the dirt or sandIs better if I try to landNot on my heel, but toe. This “running” that I’ve often cursedIs harmful, if you land …

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Jan 26 2010

Atheist Billboard Hypocrisy! (Or Not)

When they pass the plate on Sunday, and we put our money in,They assure us that it lets the Church do goodSo we dig a little deeper—being selfish is a sin—And we donate like the Bible says we should. Though we haven’t got much money, we still give as best we can,Every Sunday morning, roughly …

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Jan 24 2010

On God And Haiti

“We stand here by the grace of God”The quake survivors said, And thanked Him they were not amongTwo hundred thousand dead.“What happened is the will of God”But God receives no blame;Survivors gather humbly, andSing praises to His name.One wonders, in the aftermath,If God is really there—But which is worse: no God at all,Or gods that …

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Jan 21 2010

Accommodationism: A Parable

I wanted to learn how to play violin;I also wanted to swim.I queried the maestro, who told me flat outMy chances were frankly quite grim:A musical instrument gets in the wayAnd they don’t perform well, wet;And as for tone, some soggy notesAre all you’re gonna get. But one accommodationist Was there to give me hope:He …

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Jan 19 2010

Starving? Have A Bible!

They were starving; they were homeless; they were dying; they were dead.There were bodies to be buried; there were children to be fed.There were broken heaps of rubble where the houses used to standThere was utter devastation; there was chaos in the land.There were frantic cries for rescue; there were howls of fear and painThere …

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Jan 17 2010

The Digital Pack-Rat, vol. 23

Welcome, to a special blasphemy edition of the Digital Pack Rat, courtesy of troll/spam commenter “DM”. I was not going to include the second entry today, but since DM called this a “blasphemy blog”, I really have no choice. All credit, though, must go to DM–it is his spamming that leads directly to this blasphemy. …

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Jan 16 2010

My Dinner With Roger

It has been a little while since I last saw an attempted internet meme—your favorite five this or that; your first posts of each month, or the photo out your front window—and I thought I’d try my hand. Besides, if it works, I get to read a whole lot of wonderful writing, on a topic …

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Jan 14 2010

Raising The Dead!

A man is crumpled by a car;He’s lying dead, and there you are–Don’t waste your time with CPR,Just bow your head and pray.No need to call for EMTs;The Holy Bible guaranteesJust fall down praying on your kneesThe proper Christian way. From prairie plains to shining shoresThe hospitals will close their doors;The pow’r of life and …

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Jan 14 2010

Mocking Pat Robertson (A Guest Post by Dr. Adequate)

There is, or ought to be, a close-knit community, a guild if you will, of pseudonymous internet poets. As I have said before, I am friends with a number of them who do what I do better than I do it (I, however, make up for quality with quantity). One of our proud fraternity has …

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