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Oct 07 2009

The Worth Of Science

Ok, I never do this–it is tough enough to come up with one post a day (I usually can’t, so you get a few a week, but rarely as many as seven!), let alone more than that. But the NPR comment thread includes people asking what tangible value we get from the amazing discovery of …

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Oct 07 2009

New Bling For Saturn! (Galileo’s Revenge)

When Galileo told the Pope“Here, look into my telescope—You’ll see much beauty there, I hope.”His Holiness, the Pope, said “Nope.” “Now kiss my ring, instead, and swearThat nothing of the sort is there—I know you think it is not fair,But I’m the Pope, as you’re aware.” The Pope’s command was quite absurd,But Galileo gave his …

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Oct 06 2009

Archie, Betty, Veronica, and the Many-Worlds Hypothesis

Two paths play out in a comic book,When Archie walks down memory lane“The road not taken” is the hook;So now, the writers take a lookAnd re-write Archie’s life again, This time with Betty as his bride;Veronica the woman spurned,Who once upon a time, with pride,Was wed to Archie. Thus allied,They lived while many seasons turned. …

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Oct 05 2009

Happy 40th, Monty Python! (And Now, For Something Completely Different)

A word or two was often all it took,Just “Crunchy frog?” or “Dinsdale!” and we’re off;Skits, recited like our holy book–“Nudge, nudge, wink, wink”, or Anne Elk’s nervous cough.The parrot sketch; a cheese-shop free of cheese,Mrs. Premise’s chat with Mrs. Conclusion;Michael Baldwin’s name–which means, if he’sNot Bruce, that’s going to cause a little confusion.“Albatross!” “What’s …

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Oct 04 2009

Ode To Bulgarian Beer

I’ve enjoyed a tasty pizzaWith a glass of KamenitzaIn a restaurant on Shipka street, one perfect summer night.I have had a friend uncork aGiant bottle of ZagorkaAs we argued over politics (we both, of course, were right).I’ve found arguments intense goSo much better with ShumenskoSo I asked my local grocer “can I special-order beer?”When I …

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Oct 02 2009

Ardi, You Gorgeous Creature!

If my blog is the first you have heard of Ardi, you need to get out more. Ardipithecus ramidus is her species, “Ardi” is her nickname, and I love her. She is, I will admit, a bit old for me, and a bit dead. Four point four million years dead. So it is a bit …

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Oct 01 2009

News Item (Australia): Churches Allowed To Discriminate

In the Sydney Morning Herald a few days ago, a brief story on a legal compromise; in exchange for church groups being forbidden “to discriminate on the basis of race, age, disability, political beliefs, breastfeeding and physical features“, they will be allowed “to discriminate on grounds of sex, sexual orientation, marital status and parental status“. …

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