Monthly Archive: July 2009

Jul 31 2009

Eating Mermaid

Via PZ, and via SC (!!!), the news is that there is a fatwa on the subject of eating mermaid. Now, as a cuttlefish, I have known a mermaid or two in my day. One, of course, preferred to go by the Greek, “gorgona”, from which we get the monster “Gorgon”; there is no cute …

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Jul 30 2009

Where In The World Was Digital Cuttlefish?

You can know the answer, or find it out with an accurate globe and a set of calipers… Take the distance, point A to point B,For three points on the map, and you’ll seeWhere the arcs intersect,Take a look! I suspectYou’ll find someone who looks quite like me!

Jul 29 2009

Ah… Church Camp!

PZ reports on the Rapture Ready response to an atheist summer camp. Nothing that was not predictable, of course. (ETA: I forgot to mention, but should, that the germ of the idea for this verse came from commenter “William”, here. Thanks, William!) But I have to wonder if the Rapture Ready people have ever actually …

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Jul 17 2009

Wish Me Luck! (And Recipes!)

It’s early, and I am about to go to bed. We are leaving Cuttlehouse at about 3:30 tomorrow morning, and will not arrive at our final destination until Sunday afternoon (local time). Yes, some time will be spent waiting in airports, but the vast majority of that time will be spent in the air. Wow. …

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Jul 16 2009

Good News On The Parasitic Worm Front!

The Beeb is reporting on an article in the current edition of the journal Nature, reporting a draft genomic sequence for the Schistosoma flatworms (the nasty little buggers responsible for schistosomiasis, which kills hundreds of thousands of people each year. The Nature paper is fascinating; sequencing the gene has allowed the researchers to identify a …

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Jul 15 2009

Church Vs. Virus–Who Will Blink?

In an interesting look at the intersection of faith and science, we see another example of (I believe it was) Dennett’s observation that religious practice may change due to scientific discovery, but that the flow of information seems to only go from science to religion, never from religion to science. In times of illness, people …

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Jul 14 2009

A Parable

It’s new! Improved! Efficient! It’s got power! It’s got speed!There are some who’ll even tell you it’s the only thing you’ll need!It makes medicines effective!It makes buildings extra-strong!It’s the reason that we’re healthy, and it’s why we live so long!It can help us find more energy,Or help us grow more food,And begin to answer questions …

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Jul 13 2009

Getting Ready To Fly

… well, at the end of the week. I have been a bit quiet these last few days; real life is uncharacteristically busy. Among other things, I am getting ready for my second overseas trip in just over a year. No, I won’t tell you precisely where, or I won’t be able to do one …

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Jul 11 2009

Get off yer arses and vote!

Ok, so I voted. Some time ago. Took a bit of time; they want you to register. Worth it. If you tried earlier and could not get through… try again. And tell your friends. Seriously. Come on, it will take all of two minutes; they are your friends, aren’t they? Tell your parents/siblings/children/coworkers/dog/cat/guppies, too–anyone who …

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Jul 09 2009

I’m In Love!

I like my food spicy; some like their food bland.I like an adventure; some want their lives planned.My love is a woman who takes her own standWhile others want someone whom they can command. While some treat their love like a delicate flower—Watched and protected, locked up in some tower—My love, I am certain, has …

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