Monthly Archive: January 2009

Jan 31 2009

Super Bowl Sunday (With God On Our Side)

It’s Super Bowl Sunday again (well, tomorrow, as I write)! I must admit, I love the Super Bowl. Not because it is the SB, but because it is the last meaningful game before next season. My dad, when I was really young, was a football coach, so I watch football looking for all the fun …

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Jan 30 2009

Nice Alpenhorn!

News Item–An influx of naked German hikers has led to the proposal of a Swiss ordinance which would mandate fines for nude hiking. The Swiss have said “Enough! Enough!”We’ll have no hiking in the buff!See, German hikers gave them fitsBy showing off their naughty bits—A practice which the Swiss construedAs lewd, indecent, crude and rude. …

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Jan 28 2009

Walking The Walk

In the waning weeks of my poor old pooch’s life, the combination of age, infirmity, and cold weather meant that our walks were shorter, slower, and more frequent. She no longer bounded through the snow (hadn’t for a couple of winters now), and no longer strained at the leash, urging me to keep up. She …

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Jan 27 2009

What Do Women Want? (A Valentine’s Day Poem)

In this past Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, Daniel Bergner reports on a number of modern sexologists who have set out to explore what Freud once termed the “dark continent” of female sexuality. This is no brief article, but a detailed picture of the research, motivations, and findings of a handful of leading researchers, centered …

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Jan 25 2009

Pareidolia 2

Ah, good old Fox News. The same network that so boldly covered the face of Jesus in the potato, now brings you Jesus in a tree. (video at the link) I think that I shall never seeA scam like Jesus in a treeA Christ in hardwood, there reposed,Where someone’s house will be foreclosed. The owners …

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Jan 23 2009

Good-Bye, Old Friend

I hope we did what’s best for youI know, at least, we tried.I took you to the doctorAnd I stayed there at your side;I talked with you for one last timeThen held you as you died.I kissed your head, and said good-byeAnd cried And cried And cried. I’m still crying.  Dogs are fur-covered unconditional love; …

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Jan 22 2009

Bananaman! (the song)

Ok, so, over on Pharyngula, PZ reported on Ray Comfort’s latest folly. Ray–who will go waaaay down in history for the creationist argument by banana–has a new site out. The comment thread called him “bananaman” (ok, no great stretch, as PZ’s title called him “the banana man”), which immediately activated whatever part of my brain …

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Jan 21 2009

The Perfect Cuttlefish Meal… or perhaps not

(Updated–additional verse and pics as of 9AM East Coast US time) Blake Stacey sends me the latest news from PLoS, an article on “Complex Prey Handling by Dolphins”. Very cool… except… the prey they are handling are cuttlefish! That’s right, the full title is “Preparing the Perfect Cuttlefish Meal: Complex Prey Handling by Dolphins“. A …

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Jan 20 2009

A comment and a parable

A commenter, named MrPeteLeft a message he thought was quite neatIn a very old post;I’ll reply, as your host:Pete’s neat feat is, at best, incomplete. Verse aside… MrPete replied to a post from early last year, so I thought I’d be fair and address his comment where people can see it, rather than in the …

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Jan 19 2009

If a tree falls…

Ok, so… I just posted this as a comment on Pharyngula, but I like it enough to repost it here. “When a tree falls in the forest,There is sound”, the people chorused,But a pressure wave is simply not identical with sound.I’m not making the suggestionThat it’s not a stupid questionBut this answer is as dumb …

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