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Nov 17 2008

I am Charles Darwin

I am Charles Darwin—ninety-nine point nine percentThere’s a little variation that I don’t share with the gentBut we share a common blueprint, which is kinda what he meantWhen he came to the conclusion that we’re all of shared descent I am Charles Darwin—what I mean is, I am ManI’m a billion trillion accidents instead of …

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Nov 16 2008

The Digital Cuttlefish, Vol. 1 (book) has arrived!

It’s the latest in technology, delivered to your doorLike the internet, but portable—why, who could ask for more?All that Cuttlefishy goodness, but in one convenient bookWhat a marvelous invention; don’t you want to take a look? You can take it to the mountains; you can take it to the park;With a flashlight or a candle, …

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Nov 15 2008

A little help? Please?

EDIT–I think my question is answered–my problem solved–my goose cooked, my pie baked, my stuffing stuffed, my cliche cliched.  I think (*THINK*) all is ok. But if you want to have fun with it, please feel free; it is entirely possible that I am still speaking out of ignorance, and that I am not done …

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Nov 15 2008

A Few Thoughts On Archaeology And Religion

Long, long ago, before “god” was inventedWe’d gather together, for friendship and strengthWe’d sit singing songs, telling stories and fablesIn the gaze of the children, we’d go on at length The stories might sometimes have heroes or villains,The tale of a hunt, or a great person’s death,Practical, sometimes, or just entertainment,With listeners gathered, all holding …

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Nov 08 2008

The Digital Pack-Rat, Volume 6

From a Friday Cephalopod post (sepiateuthis australis): Off the coast of Australia, and not the Bahamas,Swims a squid in a pair of striped pajamas.This may seem odd to folks like youBut he thinks your shirt looks funny, too. From “Purple America”, where I thought this image:… looks like a Rorschach ink blot. Reading the comments, …

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Nov 07 2008

Friday Limericks–The Week That Was, 7 Nov. 2008

As announced a couple of weeks ago, the Friday Limerick Post is now a Week-In-Review limerick post. Get used to it. Now, what happened this week? Seems to me something must have been newsworthy… This week saw us vote for Obama,And an end to the months of high drama;Thus I say: About timeI can finish …

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Nov 06 2008

13 Years Old…

In one of the more horrific stories recently in the news (and frankly, that is never an easy competition), A young woman recently stoned to death in Somalia first pleaded for her life, a witness has told the BBC. “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me,” she said, according to the man who wanted to remain …

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Nov 05 2008

Yes, We Can

Wow. Just … wow. Interestingly, the people I have spoken to today who have been most enthused about the election results are foreigners. A young Turkish woman was ecstatic: “you don’t understand-the American president is so much more than the leader of one country; this is wonderful news for the whole world!” There is an …

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Nov 04 2008

Check in!

Ok. Done. Stood in line for not much time at all; got there when the polls opened, with the Cuttlespouse. Including the walk to the polls, it took us half an hour. Now comes the waiting. We’ve heard the last speechAnd the final commercialSo all that is left is to get out the vote.And what’s …

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Nov 03 2008

A Get-Out-The-Vote Song (Good-Bye, Mama!)

Maybe it was the “buddy can you spare 7 trillion dimes” song, but I was feeling kinda nostalgic, looking for a get-out-the-vote song like they don’t make any more. Well, I didn’t find one, but this comes close. The Teddy Powell Orchestra, from 1941, updated just a bit so that it will be obsolete by …

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