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Jan 08 2014

No bearing on the validity of Biblical Patriarchy

Libby Anne wonders if Vision Forum is collapsing altogether. There has been no public announcement, but the Vision Forum Ministries site now includes only the resignation statements and the Vision Forum Inc. site is no longer selling anything, or even listing any products. This suggests to me that Vision Forum has collapsed entirely, and that the corporate wing is …

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Jul 26 2012

Meeting Vyckie

I just spent a couple of hours talking to Vyckie Garrison of No Longer Quivering, who is in town on a visit. It was a great conversation. We talked about her transition from the Quiverfull life to freedom, and the worries about putting her children in school for the first time. Were they too sheltered, …

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Feb 24 2012

Defiantly wholesome

Want to splash around in morbidity for a moment? There’s always the new season of 19 and Counting. And Counting – geddit? It’s not really “and Counting” now because Michelle Duggar miscarried #20. The new season is kind of morbid that way. And not just that way. I find it kind of morbid overall. “Morbid” …

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Nov 08 2011

18, 19, 20!

Oh hey, what exciting news, the Duggars are going to have child # 20 – that is, Michelle Duggar is pregnant with child # 20. Quiverfull strikes another blow for theocracy. The Quiverfull movement places emphasis on the importance of women submitting to their husbands and fathers, and is often recognized as a backlash to …

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Nov 04 2011

She rebelled herself to death

There’s a terrifying piece at No Longer Quivering, by a former believer in the child-rearing methods of Michael Pearl. She followed the plan; it didn’t work; she did what Pearl said to do, and followed it harder. Hit harder, was what you were supposed to do when it didn’t work. Hit harder, and blame the …

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Oct 24 2011

Iphigenia in America

Vyckie Garrison reviews a Quiverfull classic, Me? Obey him? I am no less rational than my (ex)husband.  He also is gifted with a strong intuition and emotional intelligence.  Convinced as we were that I was more susceptible to Satanic deception, our family was deprived of my reasonable input in decision making.  My intelligence was squelched, …

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Sep 20 2011

When it’s a problem

Libby Anne gets responses from people saying “yes but we home-school and we follow Jesus but we don’t fit your description.” She gently points out that if they don’t fit the description then she’s not writing about them…and goes on to provide a list of the genuine problems with “the various teachings of Christian Patriarchy …

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Sep 11 2011

His brazen feminist mother-in-law attacked him with vegetables

Digging. No Longer Quivering has a section for nlq stories. There are a lot of stories. I’m reading chapter 2 of one story, by Tess Willoughby. It was the year when we went to a conference and met a pastor who advocated corporal punishment for wives, and Nate took to his teachings like a duck …

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Sep 07 2011

If they will ever, like me, break free

Libby Anne is, naturally, worried about her siblings. …it is hard for me to watch my siblings being raised with beliefs and methods I have come to so oppose. I have to watch my sisters being taught that their only role is in the home, and to see my siblings expected to obey and conform. …

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Sep 02 2011

He taught me critical thinking

Another escapee is Libby Anne. She gives a ten-part account of being a good child of Patriarchy and then of being turned around. The childhood is by no means all horrible, even seen from the outside. Much of it is quite appealing. I also enjoyed gardening. We always had large gardens, and we children did …

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