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Sep 28 2011

The land of the pure

That “God” person must be one crazy primate, given the twisted frantic obsessiveness with which its fans fret about Purity in the Female. Being in a room with a boy who’s not part of your family is considered damaging to the girl’s purity. Purity becomes a minefield and the only way to avoid it is, …

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Sep 20 2011

When it’s a problem

Libby Anne gets responses from people saying “yes but we home-school and we follow Jesus but we don’t fit your description.” She gently points out that if they don’t fit the description then she’s not writing about them…and goes on to provide a list of the genuine problems with “the various teachings of Christian Patriarchy …

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Sep 16 2011

The borders of my world seemed to explode

There’s nothing like an escape narrative, is there. No Longer Quivering, naturally, is full of them – there’s a lot to escape from, and (happily) a good few women doing the escaping. Sierra enrolled at a Community College. She took a philosophy course. She worked at Wal-Mart. She felt uncomfortable in her godly clothes. Every …

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Sep 13 2011

Training dominion-oriented daughters

Libby Anne spotted another deeply sinister picture of a female human being on a Vision Forum DVD. Will you look at that?

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Sep 11 2011

His brazen feminist mother-in-law attacked him with vegetables

Digging. No Longer Quivering has a section for nlq stories. There are a lot of stories. I’m reading chapter 2 of one story, by Tess Willoughby. It was the year when we went to a conference and met a pastor who advocated corporal punishment for wives, and Nate took to his teachings like a duck …

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Sep 09 2011

The death of Lydia Schatz


The deeper we dig into Patriarchal Christianity, the more rot and corruption we find, so we dig again, and find more, so we dig again, and… We find for instance (via Janet Heimlich at Religious Child Maltreatment) Elizabeth and Kevin Schatz of Paradise California, who beat their adopted daughter Lydia, age 7, to death.

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Sep 08 2011

Slumber parties are sin parties

Libby Anne examines the ideological straitjacket of Christian Patriarchy. The parents of Christian Patriarchy have one goal in mind: to raise children who believe and act as they do. The reason, of course, is that they see their beliefs and lifestyle as the only one that is truly Christian, and anyone who steps outside of …

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Sep 07 2011

If they will ever, like me, break free

Libby Anne is, naturally, worried about her siblings. …it is hard for me to watch my siblings being raised with beliefs and methods I have come to so oppose. I have to watch my sisters being taught that their only role is in the home, and to see my siblings expected to obey and conform. …

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Sep 06 2011

A whole future spread out before me

There are a lot of them – which is good, because it means some escape, but bad, because it means this is happening to a lot of people. There’s Sierra at Non-prophet Message. She is amusing on the subject of Jezebel and makeup and faking it.  Shaping your eyebrows can go a long way towards …

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Sep 06 2011

Breaking a daughter

One way crazy religion is crazy is in putting massive pressure on people to distort their own natures and aptitudes and wants. The fancy name for this sadistic habit is “dying to self.” A “broken daughter” tells us what it feels like. Some people don’t seem to bother that much, but it’s always been hard …

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