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Nov 28 2013

“A standard surgical procedure”

The National Post gives more detail on the Israeli woman fined by a rabbinical court for refusing to allow her infant son to be circumcised. The mother, whose name was given only as Elinor, said her son had been born with a medical problem that prevented him undergoing ritual circumcision on the eighth day after birth, …

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Oct 01 2013

Put the scissors down

In better news – the countries which I think of as Scandinavia plus Finland but which are properly called Nordic (I learned via this story) want to get rid of infant circumcision. Yesterday, during a meeting in Oslo, Nordic ombudsmen for children, Nordic paediatricians, and paediatric surgeons agreed a resolution urging their national governments to …

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Dec 14 2012

The need for extreme care

So here’s a zany suggestion – people should stop cutting off bits of infants’ penises in the comfort and danger of their own homes. The trial of nurse Grace Adeleye who carried out the circumcision on Goodluck Caubergs heard that up to three children a month are admitted to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital because …

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Jul 18 2012

Simply strange ones

But Giles Fraser looks quite thoughtful compared to Ed West in the Telegraph. …people are not naturally moral relativists, and female circumcision cannot be viewed in any way as an acceptable cultural practice, violating all Western ethical principles, scarring women for life out of sheer spiteful misogyny. But it’s inevitable that any movement that has been …

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