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Sep 21 2011

A contribution to the Desperation Theory of Bisexuality

Male deep-sea squid so rarely have another squid swim by, it’s too much of a risk to miss a female. Especially since it’s hard to tell male and female squid apart, especially when you’re at the bottom of the ocean. So they fling their little sperm packets out indiscriminately, sometimes hitting other male squid. This …

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Aug 23 2011

Scientists confirm that bisexuals exist

Oh science. You amuse me sometimes. File this one away in “We kind of already knew that, but thanks for getting actual data to make sure.” Well, I already knew that, at least. But from all of the straight people who have told me bisexuals are just slutty or want attention, and all of the …

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Jul 23 2011

Sarah Palin adds another grandchild to her list of hypocrisy

She’s against comprehensive sex education. She’s against contraceptives being available in schools. She cut funding for a program that helps teen mothers. She set up her daughter – who admitted abstinence is not realistic after having a child of her own – to be a spokesperson for abstinence, making hundreds of thousands of dollars in …

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Jul 07 2011

Michelle Bachmann, you crazy

As if her rampant homophobia, support for teaching creationism in schools, and general stupidity wasn’t enough, Bachmann just vowed to ban all forms of pornography. It’s the cherry on top of a Crazy Sundae, really. How does someone like this get elected to anything, let alone come anywhere close to the presidency? My country, it …

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Jun 27 2011

How big are the health benefits of circumcision?

When Dan had me on as a guest of the Savage Lovecast, one of the questions I fielded was on circumcision. I knew that circumcision had been shown to reduce HIV infection rates in at least one study, but I also knew the reduction wasn’t that huge. And frankly, that’s all I knew about the …

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Jun 23 2011

Context matters

Rebecca Watson recently made a video about a situation that made her feel very uncomfortable at an atheist conference. tl;dr: At 4am after a night of drinking with conference attendees, Rebecca said she was going to bed. A man followed her to the elevator, and once in the elevator, invited her to his room. This …

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May 31 2011

Welcome, Savage Lovecast listeners!

As a longtime fan of the Savage Lovecast, I had an absolute blast recording the podcast with Dan. If you found my blog through it, I assume you came here because you found me vaguely interesting.* I talk about a little bit of everything here – mostly atheism, feminism, science, and sex – but here …

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May 30 2011

Why is the G-spot still such a mystery?

A couple of weeks ago I called out a woman on Dan Savage’s podcast who asserted that we know exactly what the structure of the G-spot is, that all women have it, and that every woman can ejaculate. I called her out because scientists haven’t reached a consensus on the G-spot. They’re not sure what …

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May 30 2011

I’m a sucker for terrible Christian movies

I want to see this so badly: From the video description: “The Waiting Game is about a guy who saves himself for marriage only to have his fiance leave him on their wedding day. He must now decide if it’s worth it to wait again.” What the movie is really about: only getting married because …

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May 18 2011


I gave Dan a chance to recover from my skeptical evisceration before taking this photo:You can hardly see the tears! Joking aside, I had a fantastic time. I’m so happy that I got to be a part of one of my favorite shows! Though I think that’s all I can say without spoiling the magic …

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