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Jul 14 2009

Kiss-In Protests Mormon Bigotry

A couple days ago Pharyngula covered a story about two men who shared a kiss outside of the Mormon’s headquarters in Utah. Security guards detained the men because the formerly public plaza is now property of the LDS church, and apparently gay kissing is considered to be “offensive, indecent, obscene, lewd or disorderly speech, dress …

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Apr 07 2009

Yay Vermont!

Vermont is the next state to legalize gay marriage, and the first do to so through the legislature instead of the courts. It was a big win too. “The vote was 23-5 to override in the state Senate and 100-49 to override in the House. Under Vermont law, two-thirds of each chamber had to vote …

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Apr 03 2009

Gay Marriage Legalized in Iowa

Woooo! Though I’m sure you’ve heard it in a billion other places already. Good job, Iowa. I used to lump you with all the other conservative backwards states (including my own), but you’ve proven me wrong. I take back (most of) the bad things I may have said about you. If Iowa can do this, …

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