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Jul 31 2010

It’s Greek to me

My mom just sent me this to aid in my Blogathoning, with the note “Believe it or not, that first word is “Bob” in Greek…”I’m half Greek, though you may not realize that from my name – Jennifer McCreight doesn’t exactly have the same ring to it as Crissoula Papadapolopolis. My Papou (Grandpa) was born …

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Jul 19 2010

I’m so proud of my dad!

My dad is one of the major reasons I’m an atheist. Ever since I was little, he instilled a healthy skepticism of religion in me. For one, he thought it was very important not to indoctrinate me in any particular faith. We never went to church and I was never taught about Christianity, unlike him …

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Mar 18 2010

March Madness!

I have a confession to make: I care a tiny amount about March Madness. Me interested in sports – shocking, right? I think going to a Big Ten school helped, because now I have a team that I can arbitrarily pledge my allegiance to and root for. Of course, Robbie Hummel got hurt and now …

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Feb 10 2010

I fail at sleeping

I’ve never been good at the whole “sleeping” thing. I take forever to fall asleep, I wake up frequently, I never feel well rested, I get sleepy throughout the day. It’s not the sort of passing insomnia caused by a stressful event or a particularly hard work load (though the later is more likely voluntary …

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Dec 26 2009

The joys of parents learning science

We’re always hearing stories about kids making skeptical insights or getting interested in science. They’re exciting because these kids are our future, and maybe we see a bit of our nerdy selves in them. I don’t have kids, but I still get excited about something similar – parents learning science. My parents have always been …

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Dec 25 2009

An eerie resemblance

Brought to you by the same relatives who produced the best blasphemous birthday gifts, I now show you my new awesome Christmas gift:Look familiar? I’ll help you out:Yep. Chris and Erin got me the same awesome, soft, cuddly, adorable octopus plushie from the PZ photo. And it wasn’t a coincidence – they got it because …

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Nov 27 2009

I think I’ve finally found something to start collecting

Because of Thanksgiving yesterday, I got to see my brother Chris and my sister-in-law Erin. I don’t get to see them too often since they live in New York, but they’re pretty awesome and I’m always excited to see them. To put it in perspective for you, they’re my only family members who know about …

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Oct 29 2009


While I was home last weekend, my mom showed me a card she bought for her friend’s birthday. There was a black cat (like ours) sitting on top of a washing machine, saying something ridiculous and badly spelled – I don’t remember what, but you know what I mean, lolcat speak. I laughed for a …

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Sep 19 2009

My dad is awesome

In case you didn’t figure that out from my previous post about my family… Dad: [On Facebook, about Pastafarian Preaching photos] Some great looking pirates. I had do some research (you’re keeping my mine active) figure out what Pastafarian meant. It makes good sense to me.Me: [Through email, to mom and dad] You’d both probably …

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Aug 17 2009

Why I shouldn't debate religion with my mother

Me: *explains different ludicrous things I saw at the Creation Museum*Mom: …That doesn’t make any sense! What did all of the animals eat after the flood since everything else was killed? How did plants survive the flood? How did the Ark not sink? How did all of the animals on earth fit on a single …

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