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Jun 16 2012

Cat Etiquette

I’ve found my new favorite comic. This fits Pixel so perfectly I’m convinced kitty spy cameras are in my apartment: See the rest of the Pusheen comic here! This is post 27 of 49 of Blogathon. Donate to the Secular Student Alliance here.

Nov 17 2010

The War on Christmas: Now with biological warfare

I’d totally go buy a little Christmas tree just to hang these adorable ornaments:Of course, I’d rather buy the normal plush microbes to stick in the tree so I can keep displaying them all year long… But come on, how can you not love mononucleosis underneath some mistletoe?! So adorable. …Yes, I know: biologists are …

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Jul 29 2009

Science can cure disease and make things adorable at the same time!

A recent study by the University of Rochester Medical Center has found that the same chemical used to color blue M&Ms and blue Gatorade can also be used to heal spine injuries. The chemical, Brilliant Blue G (BGG) blocks P2X7, known as the “Death Receptor.” This stops the signal that tells motor neurons to undergo …

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