Monthly Archive: December 2012

Dec 21 2012

Movin’ on up

My boyfriend and I were reading the news, and we happened to be reading an interesting pair of articles at the same time: Boyfriend: *reading title* University of Washington research ranks fourth among world universities. Me: *reading title* Purdue ranks second in FBI hate crime report. Boyfriend: Well, at least it wasn’t first. We’re number …

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Dec 19 2012

Urgent: Friend’s car stolen in Seattle


I know I have a lot of readers in Seattle, so I want to ask you guys for help. A dear friend of mine had their car stolen in the last 24 hours. For reasons I won’t get into for privacy’s sake, they believe it was moved somewhere and possibly made to look abandoned. If …

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Dec 19 2012

I get email

I haven’t really been blogging for months, but weird emails still find their way to my inbox. Dear Private, Registration: I work for [Annoying Business]¬†and we have discovered that a company we hired to help promote our website have used a variety of techniques to secure links to our site. These links were placed purely …

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Dec 14 2012

The practical reason why atheists should care about diversity

I’ve long argued why increasing diversity if the right thing to do for ethical reasons – hey, we shouldn’t be unintentionally excluding people based on their race or ethnicity, right? But as those arguments don’t seem to work for some atheists, let’s turn to the numbers: Within three decades, there will no longer be a …

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Dec 13 2012

But…but…that’s not exact at all!

I’m probably the only person who has been bothered by this ad.

Dec 06 2012

Seattle just became a little more awesome

I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t wake up to a cloud of pot smoke and glitter snuggling the city, but I’m still pretty happy about the laws. Both gay marriage and marijuana become legal in Washington state today. No longer will people be barred from marrying the people they love because of the outdated …

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