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What are atheists thankful for?

The Fellowship of Freethought Dallas was at Skepticon this weekend, where they asked a number of atheists, from speakers to attendees, what they were thankful for. I pop up with sleep deprived giggles at 10:50:

I think this video says a lot. For one, look at how normal a lot of our answers are. We’re thankful for our friends and family. We’re thankful for being healthy. We’re thankful for having jobs in this tough economy. One of the main ways to remove the stigma surrounding atheism is to show that we’re just normal folks with similar everyday concerns as the religious, not amoral psychopaths. I think this video does a great job of illustrating that.

But I’m also glad that they included a clip from one of the evangelical Christian protestors, because it highlights the differences between atheist and theists. The Christian spends his whole time praising Jesus and nothing else. The atheists talk about their thankfulness for being alive, for being able to experience all the wonderful things in the universe, for having the internet so we can communicate with each other, for freedom of expression without fear of persecution, for science, and for other humanist ideals. A jarring distinction.