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Oct 22 2011

I have eaten the best beef brisket in the world


Guess who won first place in beef brisket at the most prestigious barbecue competition in the world? That’s right, my brothers’ team, Brew-B-Q! A huge congratulations to my brother Pat, brother-in-law Danny, and brother Chris (who apparently traveled to Tennessee to be their third team member for the competition).  Chris, Pat, & Danny I think …

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Oct 21 2011

Good luck, bros!


My brother Pat and brother-in-law Danny’s barbecue team, Brew-B-Q, is competing in the 23rd annual Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue this weekend. I wish them the best of luck, though I know from experience that their stuff is delicious. I think this is the first time I ever wished I was in Tennessee. And …

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Oct 20 2011

Happy End of the World!

I’m sure you all remember when the Rapture happened on May 21, right? It was subtle – Christians didn’t go flying through the air because it was a “spiritual” judgement day. Or something. But according to Harold Camping, today is actually the end of the world. Get ready for the earthquakes and meteorites, I suppose. …

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Oct 20 2011

This gives a whole new meaning to high-throughput sequencing

The marijuana genome has been sequenced by researchers at the University of Toronto and University of Saskatchewan. It’s actually a pretty neat study. They compared two strains of Cannabis sativa: Purple Kush (a “potent” strain used for getting high) and Finola (a hemp cultivar). From looking at the genome alone, researchers weren’t really able to …

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Oct 18 2011

Open Thread

Grad school is totally owning me this week. The second year PhD students all give a big research presentation to the department in the fall that describes what they achieved this summer, and my presentation is this Friday. Our presentations always make us frantic, but it’s extra crazy this week. Today and tomorrow is our …

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Oct 15 2011

Happy Caturday: Sleepy Kitten Edition


I’m working on my big research presentation, so you get a bunch of kitten photos. Such a horrible burden, I know.

Oct 14 2011

You’re going to the Women in Secularism conference, right?

Atheism and feminism go together like peanut butter and chocolate.* While lots of us have been blabbering about it on the blogosphere or giving the occasional talk somewhere, there’s now a whole conference devoted to the intersection. The Center for Inquiry is hosting the Women in Secularism conference in Arlington, VA May 18-20. (Side note: …

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Oct 13 2011

Today’s dose of “My life is weird”:

I’m reading the ongoing debate on whether the Wikipedia article about me should be deleted. It’s weird enough that I have a Wikipedia article. It’s weirder that four people have already chimed in in defense of the article, and they’re currently outnumbering those that think it should be redirected to Boobquake. Which oddly enough, has …

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Oct 12 2011

What the hell did I just watch?

Every Wednesday my department has an hour long seminar with an invited speaker. I feel like I should preface this post with an explanation that our speakers are generally very good. Sometimes I’m personally bored out of my mind, but that’s because we’re a diverse department and occasionally things will be completely out of my …

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Oct 11 2011

Not associating with atheists is more important than curing cancer, apparently

The American Cancer Society recently turned down a $500,000 donation. Why? They keep giving conflicting, vague, or demonstrably false excuses. But it’s obvious from their stonewalling and differential treatment what the reason is – because those donations came from atheists. Greta Christina has an excellent summary of the whole debacle here. I think this is …

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