Apr 25 2010

And the boobquake experiment has begun…

I won’t be able to make a blog post until boobquake is over, but I will be tweeting and posting photos throughout the day. Feel free to talk about your boobquake adventures in this post*!

Check back here after boobquake is over around the world (6am EST) for the results!

*No, that does not mean I need an update of every single earthquake that has happened so far. No, the Taiwan earthquake is not statistically significant – yet. If we get many of a similar magnitude in the next 24 hours, then we might start worshipping the power of immodesty.My official boobquake outfit. So horribly scandalous, I know.


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    atheist chicks rock!!

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    I love this!!! The women in my office will be doing their part tomorrow…we are age 40 to 59 and proud to do our part for science. Will you also document if there is an upswing in heart attacks….? :> I work in an doctor’s office with mostly Medicare aged patients….this ought to be fun.

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    did you think this might possibly happen!?http://www.foxnews.com/world/2

  5. 5
    Jen Peeples

    For those who might be boobquaking in Austin,TX – it’s technically not illegal for women to go shirtless here. I do, however, recommend sunscreen. Sunburned nipples hurt. A lot.Also, just because something is not illegal doesn’t mean you won’t be arrested for it. Keep your attorney on speed dial, just in case.

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    boobquake theme on Bubbles In The Think Tank right now…waif883.org streaming

  7. 7

    If you believe in nothing,. honey, it believes in you…for God’s sake, don’t waste any faith in me. Robyn Hitchcock Ye Sleeping Knights of Jesus

  8. 8
    Ben Callif

    Damn… I love atheist chicks.Stuck in Indiana eh? Come to Wisconsin!

  9. 9

    I know this isn’t about religion…But no ATHEIST CHICKS DO NOT ROCK!!!Jen McCreigh, PLEASE SEEK GOD HE IS REAL. Accept JESUS AS YOUR LORD AND SAVIOUR in your heart confess it with your mouth!!!!YOU WILL SEE THAT YOUR LIFE WILL HAVE MORE MEANING ANG A PURPOSE .

  10. 10

    Inadmissable as officially boobquake starts on the 26th. A coincidental earthquake that happens to occur the day before the debauchery is irrelevant. That’s how science works. Cheers!

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    There are too much big letters…

  12. 12

    Are you serious m8?

  13. 13
    Jem J bullouck

    I’d fart in her mouth…..

  14. 14

    Mike,it was already the 26th over there – the quake was at 11am local time.It’s the largest quake in the last week, though I agree with Jen’s comment that fact isn’t statistically significant. More quakes needed over the next day!http://earthquake.usgs.gov/ear

  15. 15

    My boob pic is up. The the quaking begin! #Boobquake http://www.facebook.com/pages/

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    hahaha, nat you are funny

  18. 18
    Laurie Perkins

    I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. ;) Cleavage, that is… #Boobquake 2010 http://yfrog.com/749txj

  19. 19

    Yeah DUDE! I THINK YOU’RE ‘CAPS LOCK’ IS STUCK ON – She Looks like She Rocks to Me!

  20. 20
    Anna Jobsis

    #boobquake 2010 NZ :http://tweetphoto.com/19986855

  21. 21

    I’m still waiting for the scientific proof. Since, ya know, science is based on fact and religion is just belief.

  22. 22

    Wow, what a unique message. I’m sure Jen has never heard anything like that before. It’s amazing how seeing something for the 1 million and first time makes all the difference.FEEL…GOD…ENTERING…SOUL. AAAGHDamn, now I’m a theist.

  23. 23

    Hi Dude, PLEASE SEEK Spaghetti Monster HE IS REAL. Accept Flying Spaghetti Monster AS YOUR LORD AND SAVIOUR in your heart confess it with your mouth!!!!YOU WILL SEE THAT YOUR LIFE WILL HAVE MORE MEANING ANG A PURPOSE .wake up! you will go to Flying Spaghetti Monster’s hell if you keep believing God. I mean he is not real deity…look at this picture, feel the lovely touch of Spaghetti Monster…http://www.purduenontheists.co

  24. 24

    Und Atheismus rockt doch!Ich will Dich – ich bin bekennende Atheistin – nicht davon überzeugen, das es kein Gott gibt. Ist schon merkwürdig – die meiste Intoleranz findet man bei Gläubigen…

  25. 25
    Randi Harper


  26. 26


  27. 27

    I just cannot contain my laughter when religious people profess about accepting god and jesus, it is like some old porn movie.’Let god in, feel his power, let him rock your world. Feel the throbbing Jesus pounding on your door and let him in, let him glide in.’ etc etc

  28. 28
    Jordan Lund

    Nat – You have to understand that not everyone shares your belief system. I understand YOU believe it and if it works for you then great, I’m happy for you. My life HAS meaning and purpose and I don’t need an invisible sky god telling me so.

  29. 29
    Shang Khong

    Let’s rock that theme

  30. 30

    Your intrepid on-the-ground observer in Singapore reports still no noticeable tremors as of 4;59PM, Apr 26.

  31. 31

    Ha. Ah ha. A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. A ha aaaa ha hhaaaa! (ROFL APMSL)!I’m a humanist and whilst I believe it’s up to you what mind-controlling stories you believe in to get your kicks, I seriously object to you trying to force your beliefs on other people. One day people will realise that religion was created in ancient times by men who needed to find a way to control other people – particularly women!

  32. 32

    Just one more thing Nat, are you one of those who believes God left dinosaur bones and fossils about the place to test our faith?!

  33. 33

    Each to their own Nat. She and every other human being on earth has been given the divine right of FREE WILL. She can choose whatever and whomever she wants to or doesn’t want to believe in. And would you look at that! You’re the only one who felt the need to write a complete comment in CAPS. Don’t think I saw her asking for anyone’s approval anyway. I do believe in God but I still have atheist friends. In fact my husband is an atheist. Good for you Jen. Rock on!

  34. 34

    More cowbell

  35. 35

    http://www.reuters.com/article…Thanks a lot girls.Next time you try to shake the earth, could you please attempt to point your boobs somewhere harmless, like the antarctis or so?

  36. 36
    Hugo Grinebiter

    Like the glasses. Look just like my titanium jobs, maybe we are twins separated at birth? Wonder if they cause any natural phenomena.

  37. 37
    Jef Taylor

    I want MEANING ANG PURPOSE. Perhaps an imaginary friend is just the thing I need.

  38. 38

    People should decide for themselves wether they want to believe or not. No use preaching, it’ll only make people dislike you. And your CAPS lock key too.

  39. 39

    oh god nat give a break will ya. or what I am trying to say buzz kill ius fuck off.

  40. 40

    Amen to that!

  41. 41

    there is no god u idiot…worthless man w8 4 nuthin’

  42. 42

    hey where the boobquake pictures ???? Im waiting for my blog alperaytas.com …. waiting ..

  43. 43

    I’m developing a serious anger problem with his/her caps lock key. I hope I get it under control before I locate and tear the heart out of his/her caps lock key.But lets not forget, religion is about killing those who refuse to believe in YOUR imaginary friend.

  44. 44

    No quakes in the UK yet, but there’s only ever been one in my lifetime that was noticeable, and all it did was dislodge a few picture frames. I suppose we are not in a place geologically likely to be struck – but we DO have plenty of immodestly dressed women. Surely something doesn’t add up??

  45. 45

    Shall we read the article…”Philippine authorities forecast little damage after the 10:59 a.m. (0259 GMT) quake that struck…” “Philippine officials warned people on the coast to watch for a tidal surge, though it was unlikely to cause casualties or damage””Earthquakes occur frequently in Taiwan, which lies on a seismically active stretch of the Pacific basin.”So an earthquake occurs in an area well-known for its seismic activity, causes very little damage, and this is god showing his wrath? Boobquake mainly takes place in the USA/western countries, so God punishes Taiwan, but not too much…that DOES make sense now you put it that way!

  46. 46

    Hi Jen,Thanks for doing this – it is very much in line with my own philosophy! Here is my contribution:http://www.sachikospace.com/en

  47. 47

    Hi Jen,Thanks for doing this – it is very much in line with my own philosophy! Here is my contribution:http://www.sachikospace.com/en

  48. 48

    Sorry Jen, something went wrong with the link in this post – please delete it (as well as this response) – I have reposted with the correct link below.

  49. 49

    Sorry Jen, something went wrong with the link in this post – please delete it (as well as this response) – I have reposted with the correct link below.

  50. 50
    Jason Thibeault

    Not to self-pimp (well, not too heavily anyway), but I blogged about the statistics of earthquake frequency here yesterday: http://www.lousycanuck.ca/?p=3…I fully support the effort to stuff that cleric’s words down his craw. However, three 5.0-5.9 earthquakes (rated “damaging”) happen daily. The entire exercise is about selection bias. There are over 600,000 earthquakes worldwide a year. The point is, if there is no earthquake *where the debauchery is happening*, then either God has piss-poor aim, or he’s not doing the earth shaking.

  51. 51
    Rob Khonsu

    Science thanks you.

  52. 52
    Emma Östlind

    Hi!Thank’s for doing this. I love the idea and I would like to tribute, but I live in Sweden. About 10 degrees at the moment. Plus I work as a uniformed receptionist (and no, the uniform is not low cut). But I will check the ground up here in north of Europe to make sure every little shake is noted. //Emma

  53. 53

    Hi JenP – likewise NY has laws that allow women to go topless in public (so long as it is not for profit/entertainment purposes.) However the weather report says we may not reach 50 degrees today. Frigid nips are bad too – but not as bad as sunburn.

  54. 54

    You know this isn’t about religion, but you’re going to make it about religion anyway. Do you think your approach is going to convert anyone?

  55. 55
    The Dude

    Nat when you mature past believing in fairy tales then you can try to discuss with us what we should believe.until then: STFU & GBTW

  56. 56
    Emin E.

    Boobquake … :P

  57. 57

    The worst case scenario is that some unusual earthquake activity occurs today and we’ll be forced to expand the testing to more boobquake days to get a good sample size… wait… did I say worst case scenario?

  58. 58

    I concur, she does rock! But…we’ll have to have more than one day devoted to Boobquake, won’t we? Only testing the hypothesis once is not quite following the scientific method. I think several random days of immodesty, over a longer period of time, would help us get a more accurate reading on how we are affecting plate tectonics. Anyone agree?

  59. 59

    Don’t say its not about religion then tell someone they should become christian. That makes it about religion. So Shut up.

  60. 60
    Jennie Nygren

    Entering Boobquake from Sweden… Let´s make a earthquake girls… hahaha yea right…. ;)Jennie Nygren<img height=”230″ src=”http://badge.facebook.com/badge/1379155342.1484.1100902454.png” style=”border: 0px;” width=”120″>Skapa en profillänk

  61. 61

    To those who say that this is a stupid response I say: stupid statements deserve nothing but stupid responses.And this is why it is so brilliant, because it exposes the initial statement for what it is: baseless and sexist gibberish.for more read my blog: http://onmotherhoodandsanity.b

  62. 62
    Robert Macala

    For all you shikse…running amok…Here are a few tips from a local orthodox Rabbi…Now, how to dress.The human body is a lofty medium, a gift from G-d that allows us to use this world in our pursuit of the spiritual. Jewish Law therefore requires that we honor our bodies, that is, ourselves, in recognizing our own holiness, and to dress ourselves with the dignity we and our bodies deserve.The following is always appropriate, even when not dressing formally.Clothing must reach up to the collar bone in the front, and to just below the nape of the neck in the back, and it must extend below the knees. Clothing should not be tight or revealing in any way.Women’s legs should be covered with stockings, not necessarily opaque. Taupe or beige are accepted in some communities, others suggest darker colors. Flashy colors, especially of stockings, are not good. The more glaring shades of red are forbidden in any sort of clothing. Men should not wear short pants.Long sleeves that cover the elbows are also required. This is appropriate for both men and women. Women should wear dresses or skirts (without slits), but not pants. The dress or skirt should reach below the knees, and stockings should cover the legs until above the knee. Makeup is permitted for women.

  63. 63

    Got my extra-cleavagey spaghetti strap tank top on. Except it’s a bit cold out today and I’m going to have to put a jacket on when I go out….may not spread enough quake-causing permiscuity that way.

  64. 64

    Where are all the nude pics from girls who have accepted this challence ? Havent seen any boobs..

  65. 65
    Melinda L

    Well, also contributing from spring-cold Finland! We had the weekly shopping day so I walked about in the both major grocerystores in our town just about like this. No quakes yet, though! But a few grannies quaking, seeming to think “she must be cold!” XDBada-boob.

  66. 66

    Way to go … knew when i stumbled on your blog through greta’s and was flabergasted by you having her over at Purdue that i should keep on watching this space ! I bet the campus is a lot livelier these days than even 5 years ago, way to go … and bet frat boys are 110% behind this campaign as well :P

  67. 67
    The Reverend

    I feel something quaking, but I don’t think it’s the earth!;-O

  68. 68

    is it wrong that I find the phrase ” confess it with your mouth” erotic?

  69. 69

    Please less pics of yerself I just ate breakfast

  70. 70

    Sheppard AFB, TX supports boobquake :Dhttp://www.facebook.com/photo….

  71. 71

    Robert Macala, shikse is an insulting (but very common) term. Please refrain from using it. I’m sure you prefer people not refering to Jews in insulting terms so please refrain from using isparaging terms for people not of your religion.

  72. 72
    Kim Claussen

    Way to go, Jen! I’m proud of you.

  73. 73
    Jeff Mark

    The thing that drives me nuts about these kinds of comments is this:”YOU WILL SEE THAT YOUR LIFE WILL HAVE MORE MEANING ANG A PURPOSE .”The assumption from some many Christians is that our atheist lives are just horrible and we’re miserable all the time. Wrong. When I finally figured out that Jesus isn’t real, God’s a fake, and the Holy Spirit is a bunch of f***ing nonsense, my life became MUCH better. The last several years have been the happiest of my life. The misery was during my Christian years when I believed I was a horrible sinner who needed to confess my sins on a daily basis. Now I realize that those sins aren’t even sins at all, but just part of *being human*. Live is great now that I’m an atheist, so the argument that Christianity will give me more meaning and a purpose is absurd.

  74. 74
    Eric Francis

    The Spaghetti Monster helped me through a difficult time in life, and now I am free, I have moved onto the Meatball Savoiur.

  75. 75

    Nat, you are silly. Keep it up!

  76. 76

    Blah blah blah TGTFO

  77. 77

    “science is based on fact “suuuuuurrre A lot is simply conjecture or simply “just belief “

  78. 78

    Nat u are funny. Thanks for the crackup.

  79. 79
    Hugo Grinebiter

    No Boobquake in BergenI went to town this lunchtime and told a couple of people about it. No one had heard of it, and indeed I haven’t seen anything in our media, despite the fact that the Swedes next door have it. I told one young lady who runs a café and has a birthday today to go run tonight, and she agreed. I had already told an American in Oslo about it, and both she and her colleagues are quaking, as well as having alerted daughter and sister in the US. Maybe if it happens again Norway will get with the programme. I’m actually glad it never reached my city, as it’s cold and rainy, and spring colds are extra depressing.

  80. 80

    you’re worshiping a false Idol.it is well known that the only true god is The Spork.:)

  81. 81

    As a scientist, I could not resist taking part in this experiment. In the name of research! http://twitpic.com/1ikyo3Greetings from Holland!

  82. 82

    I gott have more cowbell…..baby

  83. 83

    Taiwan’s quake was 6.9, 10 times more powerful in comparison to a 5.9

  84. 84
    Jason Thibeault

    While I wasn’t aware there was even a Taiwan quake, there is a ~40% chance that, on any given day, a 6.0-6.9 earthquake will happen. About 120 of them happen every year.The point is, if God did it, he’s got piss-poor aim. Taiwan is grossly unlikely to be participating in this particular boobquake experiment.

  85. 85

    You are a very naughty girl. ;-)

  86. 86

    As the Master Frank Zappa said “Sheik your Booty”

  87. 87

    It was like 150 miles or so off TWs east coast , a very common area for quakes. My mistake, since Ms Jen was refering to it in blog above my belief was you were referencing it w your statistics. since you gave a stat for a large range, Know a number for 6.9 specifically?

  88. 88

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… and it is all explained! lol

  89. 89

    Im guessing probably 10 or so 6.9 quakes a year

  90. 90

    Beautiful, thank you!

  91. 91

    We do SO ROCK! Do I detect a HINT of JEALOUSY, Nat?

  92. 92

    oh yes But a real liberal, geeky, nerdy, scientific, perverted feminist trapped in a Hotties body would show those puppies for the benefit of all mankind….

  93. 93

    Is “ANG” a hidden reference to Ang Lee, director of Brokeback Mountain? Nat, you can’t pick up any guys here, they’re all straight and looking for boobs.

  94. 94

    B(((•)(•)))BQUAKE 2010. Liberty for all. Fight fear and oppression in the world. ^5

  95. 95

    I am thinking Kazem Sedighi is somewhere in the United States right now, praying to Allah….and checking out the scantily clad young women.

  96. 96
    Cactus Joe

    Excellent idea. Hey, PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND is performing tonight in Madison WI and we hope to have a massive boobquake at the show. http://www.peoplebrothers.com

  97. 97

    Spencer Tunick photographed 18,000 naked people (shock horror, naked men and naked women in the same place!!! what would the bigots think of that?) in the Zócalo in Mexico City on May 6, 2007. Last reports are that that Mexico City is still there, pretty much where it’s always been.

  98. 98

    in honor of this day I offer up carole king in a rockin performance of “I f eel the earth move” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v

  99. 99
    Tom Coward

    No, science is based on experience and reasonable expectations. No ‘belief’ (in the religious sense) involved.

  100. 100

    Personally, I am worlds happier, and have found a lot more meaning, in the two or so years I have spent as an atheist than I did in the 7 or 8 years I spent as a born-again believer.Plus, boobquake. BOOBquake.

  101. 101

    It is chilly where I am today, so my tank top will be covered by a hoodie, I’m afraid. I am wearing capris as well so there is a little sliver of calf showing for science.I will be freakin’ amazed if I can cause an earthquake since I live smack dab in the center of a tectonic plate!!!! (a tornado is much more likely to happen)

  102. 102
    Cactus Joe

    Nat, only atheism can bring you closer to God. Here’s why: http://atheistdebate.blogspot…. – feel free to subscribe FREE and let atheism into your heart. Your life will have more meaning and purpose.Now, see how angry that makes you feel? Dwell on that, because that’s how you make Jen feel with your patronizing comments about her beliefs, and well, that’s just not very nice. What would Jesus do?

  103. 103

    Hi Jen,Please tell me this is going to be an annual event? Think of all the money that could be raised for charity! What an awesome idea. If a BooBQuake charity run can be organized in cities throughout the world it would be amazing. Providing an earthquake doesn’t happen at the same time lol

  104. 104
    little la

    i was trying to figure out how to make an impact, but realized that, in los angeles, ca, even running around naked would have no statistical impact. in a way, being completely covered might be considered immodest. interesting…

  105. 105
    sry folks, God resists.

    related to the comments before, i think that believing in God takes less from a human than being an atheist. simply looking at the nature or humanbody, you can see that there must be something or someone bigger and unnatural there somewhere. i personally could not imagine that this is all coincidence.

  106. 106

    so… let’s get this straight. You can’t imagine something… so god did it. Is that right? That would hardly stand up as evidence in court would it?

  107. 107

    Why always God? How about Buddha or Paganism? If we can not realize that there indeed may be other paths to life.

  108. 108
    Mark Greenberg

    Here’s the Purdue seismograph, check it after the event to see if there was an earthquake… or even a blip:http://www.iris.edu/hq/ssn/sch…Good luck!

  109. 109

    I broke out the Good Bra and my bubbies are on display today!This does seem like an excellent opportunity for everyone participating or enjoying the day to make a donation to some charitable organization as a sign of our true goodwill and hope for humanity. (I went with Kiva.)And, oh, how I wish I had 1/10th the site hits you’re getting right now…

  110. 110

    I came here to say this :(

  111. 111

    You might think that this is a singular incident, but it is not:http://www.turksolu.org/173/fo…This lady is holding up a sign that translates best as “Was 7.4 not good enough for you?” It is a reference to the scale of the earthquake in Turkey in 1998, which killed thousands. A military base was struck severely by the earthquake. The cardboard addresses the military, commonly known to be the source of all Evil and Blasphemy in Turkey.For your information, the earthquake struck a region with a high percentage of conservative party voters.

  112. 112

    My earthquake kit is ready to go. I’m ready for the terrible consequences of boobquake.Wait, everything is normal? Carry on.

  113. 113

    Thanks, The world is going to end on a dreary Monday, thanks to all of these boobquakes and I am stuck at work. I don’t even get to enjoy the causes of the apocalypse. Personally, I thought the end of the world would be more fun.Noah and the Dinosaurs

  114. 114

    Being aware of Boobquake and seeing my eyes first catch glance of this image after opening up my laptop this morning was worthy of a chuckle: http://i40.tinypic.com/352nocn…It’s actually a historical piece, but great timing nonetheless.

  115. 115

    Luckily, the world is not dependent on what you can or can not imagine. If your God can only exist within the realm of human ignorance, then your God gets smaller and smaller everyday.

  116. 116
    AJ Milne

    You thought the end of the world would be more fun? Than this? What?Geez. Man, now yer just whining. Among the causes of death ‘n destruction I can imagine, this really does strike me as one of the more enjoyable ones. Okay, so it’s no sentence to death by snu-snu, sure, but still…And as to the work thing, I hear ya, but look: just call in sick or somethin’. The world doesn’t end due to the presence of an excess of scantily-clad women every *day* y’know…

  117. 117

    Boobquake made the national news in Canada on the full CTV network this morning.

  118. 118
    Robert B

    God resists? That explains the whole ohm thing.

  119. 119

    A girl showing her boobs on the web. What’s new?

  120. 120

    No tshirt ! No tshirt !!

  121. 121

    No tshirt ! No tshirt !! pls.. pls… :))

  122. 122

    What a wonderful idea!I think we should make this a recurring event!Like .. every Monday!

  123. 123

    Extremely perfect rack–let the quakes begin!William

  124. 124

    oh, good. I thought it was just me.

  125. 125
    Dale Husband

    Could that be David Mabus again?

  126. 126

    what are your sources???how do we know your data and claims are reliable???no, the bible is not an acceptable answer to those questions.get a life, stop living in the past.

  127. 127
    Tom Wood

    Time to rock and roll!Boobquake! at minigiggles.

  128. 128

    Really get a life and save your religious views for yourself get out and do something fun for a change try thinking for yourself

  129. 129

    so wait…the computer your typing this on was built by fairies was it, what about the bus/car/train/tram you take too work 5 days a week.and please dont tell me your mobile, landline, television, cooker, washing machine, and light bulbs run on the love of jesus.also, dont tell me that god is unnaknowable and incomprehensible to humans because if hes so damn disorderly and irrational how did he create such an ordered universe full of quantifiable facts.

  130. 130

    Need more information: How many Taiwanese women are participating in Boobquake?

  131. 131
    Robert B

    Something Positive webcomic mentions boobquake!http://www.somethingpositive.n

  132. 132
    Jac @ Wuzzle Makes Three

    OMG! I love this idea so much! I’m not sure how it took so long to stumble upon this! But count me in :)

  133. 133

    Al, Today is Boobquake Day, a citizens-for-a-science event, not Anti-intellectual Nutter Day. It is a celebration of science and rationalism. So piss off.

  134. 134

    I….I….I think….I think I feel it….cause….I’m shaking…uncontrollably….OH…YES! BOOKQUAKE !!! Most people live their lives without ever doing anything quite so fantastic. grats.

  135. 135

    science is not all factshon, they have this thing called theory…which in short means belief..LOL

  136. 136

    You haven’t been to Taiwan. Boobquake over there would just be a minor tremor. :)

  137. 137

    Pay attention. We’re out to prove *Islam* as the one, true™ religion. Christianity is soooooo eleventh century.

  138. 138
    Daniel Veazey

    I support you like a wonder bra.

  139. 139

    THANK YOU! I’ve felt the exact same way since I realized there isn’t a God. Being a Christian was the most miserable time of my life! I’ve never been happier than I am as an atheist.High five!

  140. 140

    I just live it! BOOBQUAKE !!! Keep on going! Love from Sweden! /Christine

  141. 141

    Jen, that picture is terribly distressing to me. I mean, wood paneling? For fuck’s sake, it’s 2010! Get thee to a Home Depot!

  142. 142
    Kevin Lyda

    Either way this is a win for women. If, as one should reasonably expect, women don’t cause earthquake it slaps down irrational thought.On the off chance women can cause earthquakes, I think the obvious next step is an ultimatum from women: equal rights, equal pay or tan lines are passée! (hey, it even rhymes)

  143. 143

    Thanks for sharing your profound perspective. Skipped science class, did you?

  144. 144

    my, and here we are in the 21st century.Theory is not as you have ignorantly defined “a belief” a theory is ” A set of statements or principles devised to explain a group of facts or phenomena, especially one that has been repeatedly tested or is widely accepted and can be used to make predictions about natural phenomena. ” the operant terms here are ” repeatedly tested” and ” used to make predictions about natural phenomena”There is no correlation between belief or faith in a deity and science. None.

  145. 145

    Those boobs gonna kill us all. I support scientific boobs.

  146. 146

    “YOU WILL SEE THAT YOUR LIFE WILL HAVE MORE MEANING ANG A PURPOSE .”And will we begin acting eccentric and emotionally unbalanced like you too, Nat?

  147. 147

    Jen McCreight, you rock my world!

  148. 148

    Wearing a skirt to lab today! My roommate has promised to dress immodestly and have premarital sex with her boyfriend. Can’t see my boyfriend today, but he has promised to have lustful thoughts all day- is that astray enough?I’m going to go see Rebecca Skloot talk tonight- we’ll see if she participates!

  149. 149

    bollocks.Atheist girls are brilliant.

  150. 150

    NO, they have something called scientific theory, which is different to theory. Which means you’re an uneducated idiot.

  151. 151
    Bill Williams

    That picture rocks my world. :-)

  152. 152

    I prefer your new religion: you have at least two solid arguments worth to believe in…

  153. 153

    <sarcasm -=”” for=”” humorless=”” mode=”” of=”” on=”” sake=”” the=””>OH NO! I’ve seen boobies/cleavage – Now I’m gonna burn in HELL!<sarcasm mode=”” off=””></sarcasm></sarcasm>

  154. 154

    I can think of better used for Jen’s heart and voice than giving them to religion. I certainly believe she’s done more with her life and created more meaning through boobquake alone than you or I will manage in a lifetime.

  155. 155

    And you proof that he exists is what? All the pain and suffering in the world, the horrible crimes commited against children, the slaughter of innocent people in his name. If there is a God he is at best an absentee landlord, at worst a cold hearted sadistic monster. I’d love to beileve in something but I need a little more proof then “Because I said so”Happy Boobquake everyone.

  156. 156
    Donald Ross

    God created woman, made her a thing of beauty; Along came small minded men unable to face the ugliness in their own minds and to this day they try to shift their own guilt to God’s creation.

  157. 157

    If this doesn’t work out as you wish, the military may try to draft women into an Immodesty Corps to inflict earthquakes on enemies.

  158. 158

    You need to look up theory in the dictionary hun. If you read the dictionary you’d see that a scientific theory is a well-established and tested model of reality. It’s not a belief at all. There is also a definition of theory which is used which means ‘hypothesis’. A hypothesis is an untested model that explains something about reality. A hypothesis becomes a theory once it’s been tested over and over again and is found to be valid. Once again it has nothing to do with belief. Stop being ingnorant.

  159. 159

    I do wish I hadn’t mis-typed ignorant in my post above. Apologies to the non-ignorant. Perhaps the mispelling will not be noticed by ingnorant morans.

  160. 160

    I completely forgot it was boobquake this morning and put on a completely wholesome top. So I ended up running home and changing into something completely immodest in the name of science.

  161. 161

    You clearly have no idea what a scientific theory is. It is the highest form of knowledge in science. It is not a guess, it is not an hypothesis, and it is as close to fact as anything outside mathematics can get.It is the explanation of factual happenings in reality. It is supported by evidence, observable, testable, repeatable, produces predictable results and is never wrong. If it is wrong even ONCE then the theory is adjusted to accommodate the new facts.Gravity is a theoryElectricity is a theoryQuantum mechanics is a theory.Come on now Sambo, get your facts, and your theories right.

  162. 162

    Boobquaking over here, too.This is great fun. Thanks for thinking up the idea.I recommend adding a link to the Ayaan Hirsi Ali Foundation as well.

  163. 163
    Matthew Shepherd


  164. 164
    Tommy Salami

    I fully support your science experiment, and if I still had moobs, would join you.

  165. 165

    Regarding statistical significance, it’s very difficult to tell because of bad experimental design. By not specifying a target earthquake magnitude in advance, you’ve made the results difficult to interpret statistically.If we ignore that, though, the USDA tells us that around 13 earthquakes a year happen between magnitudes 7.0 and 7.9 (and around 1 at greater magnitudes). Suppose 20 earthquakes per year happen of magnitude 6.9 or greater (this might be underestimating, although there’s enough variance in the data and rounding in the reported size to make it not totally unreasonable). At 365 days / year, we get a 5.48% chance of an earthquake of this size or greater occurring by chance alone. At the 5% level of significance (a fairly standard level in science), this is only statistically insignificant by the smallest margin, and even a fairly small earthquake would push the results well into statistical significance.

  166. 166

    I’m in! Boobquake olé! ;)Greetings from Munich, Germany! InaP.S.: I guess, the next inofficial Boobquake-Day will be the Oktoberfest here in Munich! Why don’t you join us? You would look great in a Dirndl! ^^

  167. 167

    Bible thumper fearful of things that don’t exist. Fear of the unknown is personified by people like you. Aetheist chicks totally rock!!!

  168. 168
    Matthew Shepherd

    So nice to know there’s a uniform requirement for women in religions.Go play dress up with some Barbie dolls.

  169. 169

    Fuck your god, jeezoid.

  170. 170
    Matthew Shepherd

    Argument from ignorance is a logical fallacy.

  171. 171
    Staks Rosch

    Here is my article on the great boobquake: Atheists try to create a boobquake – http://bit.ly/92NDDM

  172. 172

    The sky god called……he wants to “show” you something.

  173. 173

    Regardless of how this experiment eventually turns out, I think we can already conclude one thing: involving boobs will result in absurd amounts of attention and media coverage. I think atheists stand to gain a lot by utilizing this fact.

  174. 174

    I have to report that this photo causes tremors in my pants.

  175. 175

    “Boobquake” IS about religion since a Muslim cleric is the one who said that scantily clad women cause earthquakes among other things. Sorry to get all technical and such.

  176. 176
    Cactus Joe

    Here’s a Boobquake pic courtesy of my band GUPPY EFFECT – http://media.guppyeffect.info/

  177. 177

    Do you have a brother named Jim Bob?

  178. 178

    Hey.. can we make boobquake an annual event? I think this date would always be a great day to rattle the world with boobquakage…

  179. 179
    Robert Macala

    Boobs are always appreciated, especially with an intellectually curiousmind…now that combination is really exciting…

  180. 180

    Boobquake: Los AngelesThe boobs are on display, and I’m even walking vigorously to enhance the chances of causing an earthquake. So far no luck, but I think I may have caused some neck problems for area men. Does that count?

  181. 181
    Mad Mike

    I was hoping for banter about boobs affecting the Earth… Well… mostly about boobs. Not this. Well, on the other hand, there some “boobs” trying to push their beliefs on others… So I guess there was a lot of banter about “boobs”Most science is based on a combination of facts, reasonable expectations and educated guessing.Most religions were created to give people a “handbook” (if you will) on how to live their lives in a generally “good” way and interact with others in a reasonably polite and respectful society.Religions include belief systems. There are many of them. There are many similarities within them. There is absolutely no evidence that one religion is “correct” and the others are “wrong”. Believe what you want. But keep it to yourself.

  182. 182

    Here’s the video of the Boobquake song. Rock on! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v

  183. 183

    Stop it!You made a Tornado in US by your boobs!

  184. 184


  185. 185

    Well, Jen, will this event become an annual spring rite? Will there be a second BoobQuake Monday? I nominate and propose the last Monday of April as annual BoobQuake day to honor all pompous religious twits who blame natural disasters on behavior and/or groups they don’t approve.

  186. 186
    Amused in Chambana IL

    I don’t have any scandalous tops, but I am wearing both a miniskirt and high heels For Science! (The people who know me may fall over from the shock, let alone any actual earthquake action. :D)

  187. 187

    get out of your own ass. your faith is your’s, not everyone else’s. and, yes, athiest chicks do rock.

  188. 188

    I don’t think this is about religion, but more about how some people try to use religion to control others. Also to be a good experiment it should probably be a monthly thing or even weekly

  189. 189
    Brad D

    I will be out in the field checking data. I will be looking… errr feeling for any signs of shaking… THE GROUND I mean! signs of the GROUND shaking.

  190. 190
    Amused in Chambana IL

    …by the way? Speaking as a Christian, I wish I could apologize for the frothing maniacs who’ve been completely ignoring the most relevant parts of the teachings they claim to follow — namely the “judge not lest ye be judged,” “do unto others as you’d have them do unto you,” and “don’t blend cotton with polyester” items. (Okay, maybe #3 isn’t quite so relevant…)Anyway. We’re not all hateful bigots who are incapable of rational thought. It’s just that the ones who are tend to make more noise than the rest of us combined.

  191. 191

    Yeah, they do. Brains + boobs = sweet.

  192. 192

    I’m keeping a close eye on the seismic activity of North America today (via google gadget, link below). Looks surprisingly sparse today–what if we actually measure FEWER earthquakes today??http://www.google.com/ig/adde?…

  193. 193
    Cat in Rock Creek

    I’ll be baring my set….and I’m a church going Christian!

  194. 194
    Cat in Rock Creek

    I’ll be baring my set….and I’m a church going Christian (No, not in front of members of my congregation!)

  195. 195

    Hi there, Mr Schutzstaffel. Please die in a fire.(Mods, his nick name is the SS in Nazi Germany.)

  196. 196

    Then we should deploy hundreds of scantily-clad women to earthquake prone regions to prevent future disasters.

  197. 197

    actually science is not based on fact. its based on “seeing is believing”. but thats okay most people get that wrong. =)

  198. 198

    Jesus went topless, FTW!

  199. 199

    And without religious nutcases this world of ours would be so… so much better place to live. If you are religious you can do nothing about that but leave everyone who isn’t alone.

  200. 200

    simple, human, he is God. thats how that works. but hey, dont worry, he wont stop you from pouting about it. well that is until you die. =)

  201. 201

    Absolutely brilliant. Who knew that cleavage could have such an effect on people’s minds… oh, what, everyone heh. Still, a great way to use your “natural abilities” to get stuff done.

  202. 202
    kenan phoenix

    Thank you Jennifer for this test. I’m Syrian blogger. I extend your invitation to Syrian women, because I want to see if we will have earthquakes after it. We didn’t have one thousands of years ago.My invitation is here:http://ow.ly/1DdUA

  203. 203

    I’ve got the ladies propped up fluffed out and looking fabulous! Let’s see if we get any tremors in VA LOL.

  204. 204
    2-D Man

    God must be an inductor because his resistance is imaginary!

  205. 205

    nat, go fuck yourself, litherally. god doesnt exist, god is imaginary, bible is a book as anyother book. if you believe in such a ridiculous shit, prove that its true. oh yes you cant… but i can prove what i just said. http://www.godisimaginary.com i know your a smart person, read it.

  206. 206

    Not so sure this is going to prove your point. Looking at that picture, I could have sworn I felt the earth move. Damn.

  207. 207

    Not that I hope you wrong but a little tremor would be heck of a show with all those cleavages around!

  208. 208

    Religious idiots, failing at science since 6000 BCE

  209. 209

    That’s exactly what I am thinking.

  210. 210

    wow – science isn’t facts! LOL! LOLol!!! Smileys!!!!!11!!seriously?

  211. 211

    “I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.” Stephen F. Roberts

  212. 212

    6.9 earthquake north of the Philippines, but little or no damage. I’d say your experiment is inconclusive. Must do more research.

  213. 213

    So because one crazy person who belongs to a religion said something, it instantly means its a religious thing. Does that mean that since one preacher raped little boys, its is common catholic practice to rape alterboys? Ignorant Ass.

  214. 214
    Al Warner

    My condolences on the massive amount of religulous drivel, all hoping to be the one messenger who overcomes your distrust of God and all things religous. Keep up the good work. Are you on twitter?

  215. 215

    Awesome! Uh, I’ll be wearing a shirt to class, but other than that, let there be a Boobpocalypse tonight!

  216. 216

    Pretty much just lay back and accept the holy ghost. LOL

  217. 217

    Baby jesus loves those boobs, I know :)

  218. 218

    Built by fairies? Maybe, I’m not sure about slave workers preferences in .CN . Sorry but I’m far from an expert on PC manufacturing processes, but I remember some years back discussing problems in using robots for processor unit placement with a researcher in smart materials and fuzzy logic programming (FYI it was basically about sensors and trajectory errors and fb sampling, at the time, at least, processors weren‘t fast enough to ensure accurate placement of processor placement w/o risking bending pins while inserting them ) So as to little more tjan basic techniques I’m not very knowledgeable. Although now that I think about it I’m sure assembly design could probably be improved in this one Fred really try to stop being a condescending little fuckbraiin twit. I’m probably a lot more aware of automobile/train mechanics, be it soli, fluid or thermo, than you. Yes, it goes for manufacturing processes too including various polymer ones like RRIM for autbody part mfg.You jumped to a conclusion I’m a bible banger. I’m not, I’m not arguing about it. My criticism is with many scientists. Take for example the English nitwits in climategate suppressing data because it went against their… went against their what? Their what? O it went against their beliefs. There’ve been a number of scientists going on little evidence claiming their version (construction) of reality is correct and everyone else’s’ is wrong. Simply put it is little different than religion and while it usually makes interesting reading it’s probably as fictitious as Robert E Howard’s hyborean world.So please take your condescending attitude and shove it.

  219. 219
    Hugo Grinebiter

    We’re not all hateful bigots who are incapable of rational thought. It’s just that the ones who are tend to make more noise than the rest of us combined.Probably true of many other groups, too, make your own list; and of course the media always give the extremists and nutters priority over the more moderate people. Which further encourages the extremists and nutters, and so on round the burning bush.

  220. 220

    Wow, you must be very angry to shout as much as you do. If god makes you that angry, count me out.

  221. 221

    brilliant comeback to sambostay in skool

  222. 222

    Here’s a contribution from Los Angeles! http://sexandthe405.com/happy-

  223. 223

    No, a theory is an tested system of ideas that best explains why something is the way it is. An hypothesis is a guess that needs to be tested repeatedly to judge whether or not it stands up to real observations.There is no guess. Theories do evolve just like religious beliefs, but that does not invalidate them.Let me remind you that ‘electricity’ is only a theory. Go put your finger in a socket to test it out!

  224. 224
    Todd Libby

    1st 1 to prove there is a “God” & I’ll wash your car.False prophets & dim hopes. Religion is the blind leading the blind, deaf & dumb. That goes for ignorant Iranian clerics. So remember when you’re dropping your last dollar in that collection plate or offering, just ask yourself whose pockets are you really lining? “God’s?” Your church? Or your minister/priest/cleric’s pockets? I bet you’ll find out once he goes from that Ford Focus to the Audi R8 in a matter of months.As for this cause, it rocks. I’ll drop my man cleavage for this one.

  225. 225

    Gravity is a law! One step above theory. :)Which considering that Einstein’s theory of relativity explains motion better than Newtonian mechanics makes me wonder who gets to decide theory vs law.

  226. 226

    Tjats roughly the way it’s supposed to work, but the fact is it’s in the hands of flawed (albeit often brilliant)men

  227. 227

    Excuse you, Nat. Accepting a deity as your own for your beliefs, purposes, or reasons is one thing and if that is your path, if that is what brings you peace, then by all means I encourage that or you. But you have absolutely no business telling anyone else who or what their god is or isn’t. That is strictly for them to decide. Spirituality is a personal journey, not a system to be shoved down other people’s throats. You will do well to remember that.

  228. 228

    The Fiance and I have made a modest contribution here (or here on Youtube, although I’m not sanguine about how long it will stay there).

  229. 229

    NSFW!But quite lovely, just the same.

  230. 230

    Leave it to a Christian to try to ruin something that should be about earth-shaking boobs. I’m going to assume that Nat is a troll, and a very effective one. But just in case: Nat – according to your religion, God created everything. God is a perfect being, so everything that He created is therefore perfect (an imperfect thing can not come from a perfect thing, nor can it become imperfect). So, logically, Atheists, boobs, and atheist boobs all must be perfect and good, since they were created by a perfect and good creator with perfect and good intention. Unless you are implying that God made a mistake, or that His perfect plan is somehow flawed. It would seem that you are trying to correct God’s divine plan.So Nat…why do you think it is your job to interfere with God’s plan? And what do you think God thinks about your outrageous pride?

  231. 231

    The difference is that a scientific hypothesis or theory must be falsifiable. That is that the potential for data to disprove it exist – a test where the predicted results do not match the expected results. That is why intelligent design is not a science and does not belong in biology class. Personally, I don’t have a problem with it in religion,theology or philosophy classes, but there is not test available to prove it false.

  232. 232

    Unbelievable that we have a perfectly legit opportunity to talk about boobs (Yours look fantastic Jen, BTW!) and you douche rockets want to hijack the conversation to do the religion vs. science debate. Save it for another day, idiots.Then again, maybe it’s not so unbelievable. People suck. But nice boobs don’t.

  233. 233

    nice rack for an Indiana gal!

  234. 234

    It never hurts to add in an extra “n” heren and theren.

  235. 235
    srs Cat


  236. 236

    Sigh…meanwhile, in the real world, people are being sold into slavery, butchered, imprisoned, silenced, raped, murdered, etc. etc. etc…The girl’s got a nice set, but showing them isn’t actually fighting oppression or standing up for liberty. God help us if we actually ever have to do that.

  237. 237
    Mollie Christie

    http://deepthoughtsfrommolliec…Jen……you rock hard.

  238. 238
    Iranian Cleric

    Kindly, show your pu**y pics too, this might just do the magic of bringing earthquakes in mens pants!

  239. 239

    My take is boobquake is about a girl seeking attention on the internet

  240. 240
    Mr Diet

    hey goodgivesemail……please remove that video from your post asap….I can’t believe you put that up there…….I imaging every time you plunk that fat ass of yours down in front of the tv to watch your soaps and finsh off the 5th or 6th tv dinner of your afternoon, theres HAS to be a quake monitor going off somewhere in your vicinity!!!

  241. 241
    michael b

    From what I understand, physicists are actually starting to shift away from the use of ‘Laws’. I’m not positive on this though. It was explained from a friend who knows much more about physics than myself. @ al – Just because there are some scientists that are falible (OMG, people with flaws) does not discount science, and certainly does not put the scientific process as a ‘belife system’. That said, I will accept your premise that there are people within the scientific community that do push their personal views above their integrity. I like to hope that this is a minority.

  242. 242

    That’s okay, the Bible was written by a human (and I seem to remember the King James version being possibly written by Shakespeare), but most people get that wrong, too. :)

  243. 243

    CRAP!”predicted results do not match the expected results. ” should read”observed results do not match the expected results. “

  244. 244

    Excuse you, Nat. Accepting a deity as your own for your beliefs, purposes, or reasons is one thing and if that is your path, if that is what brings you peace, then by all means I encourage that or you. But you have absolutely no business telling anyone else who or what their god is or isn’t. That is strictly for them to decide. Spirituality is a personal journey, not a system to be shoved down other people’s throats. You will do well to remember that.

  245. 245

    Awesome Idea – our blog links to you here:Boobquake 2010 – Can Cleavage Cause Quakes? http://wp.me/pEH4i-8O. Show your support with MyPleasure and save 15% on All Nipple Toys. Use Promo Code BOOBQUAKE: http://bit.ly/5KtEGI

  246. 246

    Call me when religion isn’t, then maybe we’ll have a reason to bash, literally, the obtainment of knowledge.

  247. 247

    Christian chicks put out more because they are far more insecure.

  248. 248
    Matthew Shepherd

    Internet dickwad theory upheld stunningly well.

  249. 249
    William Suphan


  250. 250

    I’m trying to figure out what language “factshon” is. Someone want to help me out?

  251. 251

    al posted”Take for example the English nitwits in climategate suppressing data because it went against their… “Don’t read the news much, do ya? So far, two separate investigations of the so-called “Climategate scandal” have vindicated the actions of the climate research scientists.

  252. 252

    My french teacher had a big cleavage for the boobquake. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight. o.OApart from that, boobquake in Portugal was a sucess. Almost all girls wore cleavages or short shorts.Way to go Jen! You’re taking over the world!

  253. 253

    For a person presumably, from your usage, from a place that set people’s faith in scientists back 100s of years recently, I woul shut the fuck up

  254. 254
    Anna Jobsis

    Yes, glasses are clearly geeky, thus sciencey, thus EVIL. I’m thinking volancoes. ICELAND.

  255. 255

    I’m pretty much ignoring the fact that he’s Muslim and just going on the apparent problem of him being an idiot.

  256. 256
    Andrew Hall

    I like the blouse, it’s very “boobquakey!”You know since God is outside time (what does that mean anyway?) can’t the fanatics blame any disaster on boobquake? God saw Boobquake coming so… you know the Great Chicago Fire? Yep, it’s your fault. Hitler? You guessed it, blame it on the boobs.http://laughinginpurgatory.blo

  257. 257
    Sports Mints Gal

    Yeah, can you believe that?! Sheesh, people…Personally, I wished I’d thought of this myself. As it is, I’ll just have to be happy participating in this thought exercise.

  258. 258

    I agree! Admittedly mostly because I didn’t know about it and therefore wasn’t able to participate ;_; Chances are I’m still going to be wearing a corset to school (college) tomorrow anyway.

  259. 259

    Hmm, so you’re saying we should abandon our own beliefs and basically join in God’s gigantic game of Sim Planet, since God is allegedly what will give our lives purpose?Excuse me, I’m gonna go laugh at you. Over there. Where God’s phenominal mind control powers can’t get me.

  260. 260

    Can God build a bigger Rock then he can roll?

  261. 261
    Ashley Hochstein

    #Boobquake 2010 of awesome. :D http://twitpic.com/1iomqv

  262. 262
    Tobias Busch


  263. 263

    You, ma’am, are a freaking genius. Gen….ius.

  264. 264

    OMGHappy Pale Cantaloupes!

  265. 265

    Strange, there’s no reply button for Sommerville61s comment so I’ll post under mine. No Slummerville I haven’t followed it recently but after seeing what was written in the various emails I may question if it’s a whitewash

  266. 266
    Jedi Nyet

    Shaking them up in Los Angeles. No earthquake here outside of normal, not even when I did the workout routine and landed hard.

  267. 267

    You look great in a tank top. Boob power forever!

  268. 268

    GO JEN! GO JEN! Here in good ole’ Memphis, TN – dressed a bit questionably, and waiting for this earthquake to get me out of work ;)

  269. 269
    OOO Barracuda

    I Pooped

  270. 270
    Cornel Mosneag

    Nice pair of god angering tools you have there mademoiselle. Congratulations.

  271. 271

    wait, I think I feel an earthquake…. oh, never mind, just the beating of my heart. :PYou’re amazing for setting this snowball in motion! Keep up the good fight and knocking them out with your knockers.

  272. 272
    Matthew Shepherd

    What the fuck else are blogs for?

  273. 273

    Just playing devil’s advocate for a second…Saying that religion is about killing those who refuse to believe in your imaginary friend, sounds about as ignorant as saying science is based on belief.

  274. 274
    Donald Lawrence Martin

    I have gazed upon your photo, and I have had a wicked thought. Keep up the good work!(How are the seismometers doing?)

  275. 275
    the dude that made a comment

    why aren’t there any good pictures ’round here?!i want boobs!!!

  276. 276
    Jubal Harshaw

    @’regularperson’ You been trolled. Hard.

  277. 277

    Just a quick note re the Taiwan earthquake (not sure if it’s been pointed out elsewhere in the comments, there are a lot of them!). Aside from it not being statistically significant, it took place at 10.59am local time, which is 2.59am GMT and 7.59pm Sunday PST. I’m in the UK, and at 3am this morning I was tucked up in bed. Americans weren’t even on Monday yet. Even if you do think immodest dress is a direct cause of earthquakes, you have to admit that the Taiwan earthquake jumped the gun somewhat.

  278. 278

    Actually, religion was created by the anthropomorphization of the stars about 10000-14000 years ago during the agricultural revolution. It was during this time that people needed to pay attention to the movement of the “heavens” in order to plant crops.Soon after, however, people began using it to control other people.

  279. 279

    Maris (F cup) and Miri (D) are shakin’ the boobies all the way from scandalous Europe to set off Mr Richter’s scale. Yeehee!

  280. 280

    whoa –i’m going to skip the whole religion vs science argument going on here and simply cheer jen and anyone else participating in boobquake! we actually had a topless march in my hometown a few weeks ago, simply because it’s not illegal for women to be topless anywhere men can be in this state, though the social stigma is still huge.for some interesting, supportive dialogue on the boobquake idea, check out this blog:http://planetwaves.net/pagetwo

  281. 281
    Sgt. Beerhead

    interesting how you got all kinds of crazy people posting in the same blog – religious fanatics (nat), nazi scum (the post above), wannabe scientific experts (all the people flaming sambo for having used the wrong word –> “theory” instead of “hypothesis”). And no one feels the urge to comment on boobquake… Besides, Jen, you really rock!

  282. 282

    Dr. Weird said it best.BULLSHIT!

  283. 283
    Jubal Harshaw

    @Nat You are either a serious troll or a complete retard. Why don’t you just GTFO before someone shoots you?

  284. 284

    I’ve accepted boobs as my saviour.I believe that if everyone did this we’d have WAY less wars than we do with all those silly religions lying around.Btw, “confess it with your mouth” sounds kinda kinky, in a catholic-priest-molesting-underage-boy way. Ew.

  285. 285

    Number of participants and length of study are statistically insignificant. This is about as scientifically relevant as the cleric’s hypothesis.One might just as easily do a study comparing the amount of skin commonly visible in periods of time to recorded seismic activity and conclude the cleric correct.Where people got the idea that stupidity is canceled out by more stupidy I don’t know, but without more boob pics, this means nothing.I’m afraid it will take more women over a longer period of time, and more graphical representations so the surface area of exposed boob can be measured before this will be of any relevance.Thus, Jen and friends will need to wear revealing clothing and posts pictures for say, the next 12 months.

  286. 286

    Boobs in your face and the first thing that is said is about her being an atheist? Really?yeah boobquake!

  287. 287

    Not all straight and looking for boobs! I am here for the great good of sacrilege. And gay.

  288. 288

    i can feel the ground shaking over here in scotland ladies…

  289. 289
    Rebecca Chow

    Love your blog Jen and of course the idea behind Boobquake! You rock girl! I posted a boobquake pic on my twitter for you. Enjoy today’s festivities! P.S. To all you idiots who keep posting comments about religion knock it off-this is suppose to be a blog post about boobquake!

  290. 290

    You have an amazing rack!!

  291. 291

    All Climategate did was make a bunch of people, who didn’t believe a word of global warming research to begin with, irritate the fuck out of the rational people in this country. The scientists were mainly just bitching about the morons who see facts and believe fiction, so they disregarded a warming period in the 40s to make their argument more airtight, a little fucked but understandable considering they are trying to SAVE THE FUCKING PLANET. Seriously, if you’re against any form of green reform you are just supporting a national addiction to foreign oil, not to mention a disgusting, filthy future for our children. It doesn’t take a scientist…

  292. 292

    …nice attempt…. ;)

  293. 293
    Sgt. Beerhead

    I’m totally with you there! But why only several random days? Why not declare 2010 the boobquake year and verify the hypothesis by a whole summer of immodest behaviour! (I’m male so I unfortunately can’t participate in this great event – except by going out on the street to carefully inspect the actual level of immodesty involved :-)

  294. 294

    Oh noes! Jen is actually an Israeli spy, sent to destroy the Iranian government with cleavage! It’s a conspiracy! *runs around panicking* http://www.facebook.com/pages/

  295. 295

    I can report from the front lines. I haven’t seen anything around Purdue campus today that I would make one think that a very large number of co-eds are participating, although there are a few who are wearing low-cut tops. More than other days? Maybe, but not blatently. Then again, the weather has suddenly turned nice.I’m sure there are areas on campus where the activities are more localized, and I am just talking about students going to classes and stuff. Certainly nothing extravagant or ostentatious – just a few shirts like Jen’s.

  296. 296

    No, I don’t have any good pictures to post. It is a cold rainy day in Beavercreek, Ohio. But I do have some thoughts to offer from a (semi)theist perspective. I am not trolling or proselytizing (spelling? I don’t use that word often enough) I simply believe in God within the boundaries of science. It may not make sense and ignore it at will, if you please.The point is, celebrate the cleavage and booty shorts, you who have good weather today! Happy Boobquake!My thoughts here –>http://pandacherry-jax.blogspo

  297. 297

    I do love a nice set of sweater kittens.

  298. 298

    I think immodesty causes tornadoes, too. Next experiment, please!(I do love science)

  299. 299

    Theory is a belief backed by facts which stays as true until proven otherwise then you have a new theory what facts are you using

  300. 300

    whats up!

  301. 301
    Sgt. Beerhead

    Oh, this might get critical… just imagine what could happen to Holland if the hypothesis of the notorious Imam (forgot his name) proves right :-) This must have been the most effective contribution so far! You rock too!

  302. 302
    Sgt. Beerhead

    @ holytape: “There are two things that are infinite: the universe and human ignorance. But I’m not really sure about the universe” – Albert EinsteinIn fact, holytape, the way you put it, this could be a good argument for Mr. Nat the rambling christian fanatic above.

  303. 303

    Hi folks,I agree with this experiment from Turkey.:)

  304. 304

    The sporadic lack of punctuation confuses this a bit. Is her mouth in her heart, or do you mean an atrioventricular valve? As for her life having a meaning and a purpose, surely causing earthquakes with her chest is purpose enough?

  305. 305

    It’ll be all too easy for some believers to look at the Taiwan earthquake and say “AHA! There’s your proof!” I think, for a multitude of reasons, that this experiment should be repeated regularly, perhaps for a longer duration, in order to properly gather enough data.

  306. 306

    Ah, the old ‘a wizard did it’ defence.

  307. 307

    I think adding the “U” in words like “SAVIOUR” or “COLOUR” is kind gay…Jesus wouldn’t do it.just sayin’

  308. 308

    not yet an earthquake??

  309. 309

    hmmn, no understanding of how the word theory is used in science eh? As usual, arguing from a position of ignorance just makes you look like a fucktard.

  310. 310

    Just thought I’d share this with everyone: http://www.daniellecorsetto.co

  311. 311
    Kevin Jones

    I know I am looking for more ‘ANG A PURPOSE’ and to confess things with my mouth. (Does that sound dirty to anyone else?)

  312. 312
    Old Fogey

    I vote for a much longer test. Women of the world should dress immodestly every other week for 5 months, and then we can do statistical analysis to determine the results. Meanwhile, viagra sales will skyrocket, young men will be more hopeful, and us old fogeys will smile a lot more. Win, win, win.

  313. 313
    Riot Monster

    From one liberal, geeky, nerdy, scientific, perverted atheist chick to another.. I’d like to let you know that I am proudly displaying my girls all day, all in the name of Science!

  314. 314

    I think we can raise the odds of proving Sedighi right if all the participants started jumping up and down. And posting the videos, of course.

  315. 315

    FEAR THE CAPSLOCK! Also, let us be heathens, destined to an eternity in hell. You and Jesus can go play lawn darts or whatever. Don’t worry about us.

  316. 316
    Bassam Salim

    As a non-religious ,scientific person, i say you really stick it to Iran by jumping up and down topless. It really is the only way to prove that boobs do no cause earthquakes.

  317. 317

    I could see how THEY would cause Tremors, possibly not in the Earth. Nice.

  318. 318

    i don’t even know you, but I’m proud of you. As they say, “You go girl!” (heard of boobquake through facebook, S*P, and GWS)

  319. 319

    Oh, be quiet. You worship a zombie.

  320. 320

    No, Sambo. Science is based on research and not all of what is studied in science deals with things we can and cannot see but at least suspect exists. A lot of our theories of what does and doesn’t exist is based on any combination of mathematics, measuring, and observation. A lot of religion regardless of whether it’s Pagan, Buddhist, Christian, or Islamic, is based on faith. And again, what faith is good for some, will not be good for others. I abandoned Christianity when I came to that realization about a year and 1/2 ago and doing so served me well.

  321. 321

    That actually would make sense. We NEVER get earthquakes in the north-east of England, and we ALWAYS have a vast supply of ladies in boob tubes and mini-skirts even in the depths of winter…we do get sent flo0ds though. Perhaps god thinks we look like we need a wash so he sends excess water? Or perhaps we chose to build our homes on flood plains. Gee whizz I guess we’ll never know!

  322. 322

    Actually, that last entry was written or religiouswarlord.

  323. 323

    Is someone bringing nazis in to deliberately kill the thread?? Godwin?

  324. 324

    well, no earthquakes so far as I know, but plenty of storms out in my area… perhaps as the goddesses and vessels of fertility, we have an effect on Mother Nature on the whole due to the might of our feminine outrage. and if Paradise lies at the feet of the Mother, how could our heavenly little feet create such tremors anyway? (^not meant to criticize Islam on the whole, but merely Sedighi’s, in my mind, ridiculous thinking. ahh, I ramble.)

  325. 325

    I have been showing cleavage and a few girls on campus, too. Greetings from Germany ;)

  326. 326

    Jen,You rock for starting this. And, yes, atheist girls do rock. My girlfriend is an atheist (I’m agnostic) and she is one of the most brilliant and amazing people I know. Keep up the tremendous work, dear!

  327. 327

    I think your understanding of science is lacking. Science means proof and testable data. Religion has none of that.

  328. 328

    You’re a tool! Religion has been a tool to control the masses of ignorant peasants for centuries. I have no qualm with spirituality, but prophets (Jesus included) are no more than charismatic people that develop followings. The powers that have controlled societies use this to crush individual thought and keep a strangle hold on the masses of sheep that choose to believe such theoretical nonsense. Spitting out your so called righteousness in the name God, Allah, Budha, or whoever is a poor excuse for your ignorance of the real reason why religion exists!Do some homework Nat.

  329. 329

    Dude, shut up and stop pushing your religion on people. I’m sure if someone wants to know god they will go to church. I rock and I’m atheist and I’m proud of it. The biggest difference between you and me is I don’t give a shit what religion someone is as long as they are good people and DO NOT PREACH OR PUSH. Sorry, off my soap box, just really tired of people like you.

  330. 330

    As a woman scientist (geologists know what makes the bedrock), I fully support this endeavor and am wearing the most cleavage revealing shirt I could to an office full of mostly men…

  331. 331
    Miranda O.

    Hey, I’ve been boobquaking with my swedish set of boobies today. All in the name of science :)

  332. 332

    yeah, people above scare meAnd no earthquakes in CT, despite a good chunk of my school trying =]

  333. 333

    No Nips.. not quake material yet.. i’d be shaking if I saw them!

  334. 334

    I think the guy who made the original statement, by inciting the anger of feminists all over the world who have large breasts, has undoubtedly gotten an eyeful throughout the course of the day. Gotta applaud that dedication to seeing boob. Genius!

  335. 335


  336. 336
    Mike G

    FAIL. A law is not a step above a theory. Laws DESCRIBE a SIMPLE phenomenon. Theories EXPLAIN COMPLEX phenomena. A theory can never become a law, but a law can be a part of the theory.Newton’s or Einstein’s LAWS of gravitation DESCRIBE the way two masses will interact. The THEORY of gravity, includes those laws and EXPLAINS (or at least attempts to) why those two bodies interact the way they do.

  337. 337


  338. 338

    The Beast feels that enough people were killed in Haiti and Chile. If your sloppy breasts kill another hundred thousand people in Mongolia, or Azerbaijan…that would surely be unfortunate. The Beast appreciates breasts as much as the next beast, but he appreciates the ground not moving under his feet even more.

  339. 339

    Atheist chicks rock because they don’t go around like you trying to get everyone to believe what they do, Nat. This is why this woman is amazing, and you’re an annoying idiot.

  340. 340

    That’s a nice way of involving those of us who happened to be born with a Y-chromosome in each of our cells, and so are a bit excluded from this laudable intiative! Men with big moobs should apply protective titty-tape before jumping up and down!

  341. 341

    lol you’re crazy. even if he is real, you have no way of knowing, and should stop using “faith” to believe in something someone told you (falsely) was real. Embrace reason, intelligence, and reality, you moron.

  342. 342

    I think I have found a flow in the methodology of Boobquake. According to well-known astrophysicist and guitarist Brian May, it’s fat bottomed girls that make the rockin’ world go round.

  343. 343

    Jennifer you are the bomb… No earthquakes in Campbell River, on Vancouver Island, BC yet… but we’re all puttin it out there :)I love your approach!! Smiles

  344. 344

    To Nat: Fuck thou.

  345. 345

    Nothing in Ohio so far. I’m watching CNN right now just waiting to see the results of the boobquake and the media storm. You rock Jen!

  346. 346
    Gregor Frolov

    Really? It’s only in celebration of science? What about the extremist views that What’s-His-Malfunction has against women? Many of the Christian women I know took part in this as a stand against such sexism in this so-called pluralistic world. To say that today’s even “belongs” to one group of people in this world is a misnomer, especially when one calls for pluralistic views as a whole.Also, to my companions of faith, because this is a pluralistic world, you cannot go about condemning people for their choices. If this pluralistic world is to continue, then nobody should be forcing anything on anybody else. I have to say that I am ashamed by the behaviour I’ve seen in only the few comments made before this one and I cannot believe that I am to be associated with people who would willingly make the same poor choices in “the name of faith” that were made not even three generations ago, let alone three hundred years.The real point is this: Someone of power made a faux pas which has made yet another large “tremor” of injustice and made it “in the name of faith.” Today, people are taking a stand against said injustice – even if it’s only “people of faith” who see it as such while so-called “intellectuals” are only seeing this as a stand for science and rationalism. This is not to say that the “people of faith” who are supporting this event disagree with the fact that yes, earthquakes ARE caused by a shifting of tectonic plates and definitely not the indecency of people (women in specific). Please, let us all just leave it at this and TRY to see that “both sides” of the fence are actually coming together in the face of this extremism.

  347. 347

    ahhh shut up!

  348. 348

    My boobs have not yet caused any earthquakes in North Dakota. I shall now go to starbucks, and see if that helps.

  349. 349

    A very sweet sentiments, but really none of your business whether she’s an atheist or not. I’m sorry, but you should mind your own business :)

  350. 350

    God made boobs, however, he did NOT make clothes. So as far as I’m concerned, clothing your boobs is purely optional.

  351. 351

    Another boobquake comic: http://www.somethingpositive.n

  352. 352

    Hey Nat – This is a protest against sexist belief systems existing as a result of fanatic fundamentalist religious leaders saying earthquakes are caused by women exposing themselves. THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS JESUS NEVER EXISTED AND NEITHER DOES GOD EXIST – ATHEISM IS THE REALITY OF REAL PEOPLE LIVING IN THE REAL WORLD, SO GET A LIFE BUDDY – CHECK THE REAL HISTORICAL FACTS at http://www.jesusneverexisted.com

  353. 353

    First of all…the first like 25% of the comments on here? Nothin’ to do with boobs. Shame on you. First commenter talkin’ all that Jesus? Nothin’ to do with boobs. I am male. I don’t have cleavage. More’s the pity. Where’s the boob stories?

  354. 354

    offer us some decent proof and then we’ll consider it. until then, keep your religious tendencies to yourself.

  355. 355

    Tommy, I’m sure you do have cleavage — just not so alluringly placed. Kinda chilly in Calgary today, and we are so tectonically stable that the ladies would have had to try very, very hard before the Earth moved. Worth the effort though.

  356. 356
    Medical Spa MD

    Ha! Take that you science buffs! Of course boobs cause earthquakes. I feel the earth move whenever they’re around.Of course, I think this was all just a marketing and advertising ploy for Iran. Their tourism industry is awfully hot wearing a burka.

  357. 357

    An infamous quote from an EE lecture: “When you touch the black wire, it isn’t the imaginary component of the current that you feel.”

  358. 358

    Boobquake in Stockholm in support of women

  359. 359

    It’s simple. If you don’t understand something then God is responsible! Religious people understand very little about the world around them and attribute everything to God. Another way of looking at it is, the lower your IQ the more likely you are to believe in God.

  360. 360

    hey! you supportive guys should wear immodest male clothing- shorts or tight shirts- all in the name of equality……

  361. 361

    You look wonderful, Jen. I am so pleased your idea took off. Great guerrilla use of the Internet.

  362. 362

    Ah yes, a gender-neutral cleavge!

  363. 363

    Is this a way of getting us not to look at her face?Really rough face.

  364. 364

    Learned about this at 6AM this morning and I quickly jumped on board with my tank and tight pants. I’m loving this. I’m looking for the official Boobquake shirt later on.

  365. 365
    Wondering Aloud

    I don’t know, I don’t have a preference for atheist chicks but you look really good in the pic.

  366. 366

    Photos or it didn’t happen.

  367. 367
    Wondering Aloud

    I don’t know Ted. I think CAGW fanatics have exa ctly the same relation to science as do fanatic muslim clerics. And my specialty is teaching scientific method and experimental design. Maybe we would take “green” energy reform seriously if the same nut ball organizations weren’t anti nuclear, proving they don’t give a rip about carbon dioxide or renewable energy or the environment at all.

  368. 368

    The U.S. Geological Survey’s Earthquake Hazards Program reports there have been 307 earthquakes worldwide in the last seven days, most of which, thankfully, were very minor. You can see the map and list at earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquake…. Given the large number of quakes, I don’t think one day is enough to test the hypothesis. A single instance just isn’t enough to measure for a variation. Maybe you should do this for an entire week to see if there is an uptick in the total number. For that matter, a single week would fail for the same reason a single day fails. Maybe the third week of every month should be boobquake week. Then, after five or six months, if you saw more earthquake activity during the third week of each month, you would have something.Then again, the biggest boobs I’ve seen today are the ones posting their rants about atheism and religion on this blog. Come on, guys! This is science. Let’s keep our eyes on the ball… or whatever it is that’s bouncing in your world today…

  369. 369

    Anyone up for another day? Maybe one month for now so everyone’s more prepared? Just for the sake of science of course. The push-up cammi and short shorts aren’t working so far.

  370. 370

    I was thinking of that song too! GMTA.

  371. 371

    What? You say Hyboria, Aquilonia, Cimmeria et al. aren’t real?NOOOOOOOO!Next you’ll be telling us there’s no Easter Bunny. Or that the Pope’s not infallible (on religious matters)…

  372. 372

    And the Skype vid added about 20 lbs. to Jen’s fetching form. Boo.

  373. 373
    Greg Dixon

    GOD, I think can be found both in atheist chicks and boobs. Its also my personal opinion that GOD would avoid people at a party who tell everyone that they know what GOD is and wants. I have a image of GOD saying “Oh Me, its that guy”

  374. 374

    Hey, dumbass. First you use “gay” as an insult, which shows the beginnings of ignorance, then you try to insult the 90% of the English-speaking world which uses “U” in words like “colour,” “humour,” “saviour” and so on.Get a little tiny bit of education, son, and you’ll realize that the American way of spelling is contrary to most of the world’s–on purpose!Like I said, dumbass.

  375. 375
    Greg Dixon

    Scientific theory is fact to the layman. For example, gravity is a “theory”. Its possible that we are incorrect about gravity and that someone who believes is GOD enough can ignore it and stop the micro-angles from pulling you to earth. However I as a layman will take Gravity as a fact, as i should, and wont be jumping off buildings anytime soon.

  376. 376

    This story made the CBC (Canadian public broadcaster) sci tech headline. They put in a link. CBC commenters are often very dumb. Prepare for an influx of Canadian style stupid.Oh, and way to go!

  377. 377

    This comment needs more cleavage.

  378. 378
    Louis Boutet

    Dear Jen. As much as I laud (and appreciate) your effort there is no way that you can win against that nut case. If you check with the US Geological Survey http://earthquake.usgs.gov/ear…There have been 306 measured earthquakes in the past 7 days (magnitude 2.5 + in the US 4.5+ elsewhere), 75 are over 4.0. That is about 44 quakes per day. That nut case (who says he has an amateur interest in geology BTW) need only quote today’s figures from the USGS and he”s won among the great unwashed who think it”s OK to stone women. Check today”s figures. If it is less than 44 then you may have some semblance of victory but you probably won’t convince the great unwashed. Sorry.

  379. 379

    You do realize that the only thing you’ve accomplished here is make Christians look stupid?

  380. 380

    Actually, according to Genesis, God made leather garments for Adam and Eve before he kicked them out of the garden. The kinky bastard.

  381. 381

    Oh Please, Not everything is about religion.

  382. 382

    Atheist chicks are intelligent chicks. My kind of chicks.

  383. 383

    Damn, you’re right. Well, it at least doesn’t specify how skimpy the garments were.

  384. 384

    3.5M Boobquake in Central California?http://www.examiner.com/x-2702

  385. 385

    Interesting argument…it might also be of some interest for you to learn about Pascal’s wager.

  386. 386

    As one old fogey to anotherGod, why didn’t I say that….?

  387. 387

    No one cares what a dishonest ignoramus like yourself may question, Al. Try SkepticalScience.com or RealClimate.org for the truth about those emails.

  388. 388

    Atheist chicks are hot because they’re intelligent. Religious chicks are just dumb sheep. BAHHHHH!!!

  389. 389

    Please! Spare us that!

  390. 390

    Al, you’re saying that everyone from the UK should shut up? It was already evident that you’re intellectually dishonest and rather dim, you don’t have to grind it in.

  391. 391

    “so they disregarded a warming period in the 40s to make their argument more airtight”No they didn’t.

  392. 392

    Look up “scientific theory” in Wikipedia, idiot, then share your newfound knowledge with Sambo.

  393. 393


  394. 394
    Laurie Perkins

    Hmmm… No earthquakes here yet… Time to go up the “promiscuous woman” ante a bit… ;) http://yfrog.com/2d5yjj

  395. 395

    “Thous shalt not over use caps lock”If I was a god that would be in my bible, along with stfu & gtfo. :)

  396. 396
    The Lamb

    Here ya go lolhttp://www.facebook.com/photo….

  397. 397

    In honor of BoobQuake! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v

  398. 398
    objective opinion

    clearly atheist chicks do rock. science = win. excellent breasts = more win.

  399. 399

    No, gravity is not a law, it’s a phenomenon, and gravitational theory describes/explains it, and one element of that theory is the inverse square law.

  400. 400

    Learn to spell before you start the evangelical crap. Your god is rolling his eyes at you right now.By the way I’ve never seen an atheist trying to convert anyone so please keep your closed minded bigoted crap to your self .

  401. 401

    So that’s why we have had so many earthquakes recently. They are very nice but it may be time to put those doomsday double d’s away lol.

  402. 402

    Have you considered the possibility that it is you, and not “most people”, who have it wrong?

  403. 403

    You remember wrongly.

  404. 404

    Sambo was wrong about more than just the word, you smug dumbass.

  405. 405

    He said something … about religion, idiot

  406. 406

    In Arabic, athiesm is “La illaha.”

  407. 407

    Why is it that religious people feel that they HAVE to convert other folks. FREEDOM of RELIGION–remember that phrase in the Constitution? I am a somewhat religious person but I don’t feel the need to convert everyone I meet to MY thoughts and beliefs. Why do you??

  408. 408

    Nat, believing in something imaginary DOES NOT give your life “meaning and a purpose”! its like saying you believe in Santa Claus!

  409. 409

    So funny Nat – you’re a natural comedian. LOLROTFLMFAO

  410. 410

    This would at best provide some evidence that it’s not the case both that immodest dress leads to more adultery in a single day and that more adultery leads to more earthquakes. Also, does adultery cause earthquakes and other sins other disasters, or do all sins contribute to earthquakes? If the latter, it seems like it would be very difficult to control for the other sins.

  411. 411

    I saw this this morning on the abc news site. It’s amazing how quickly this got popular. I thought this was a cool idea. :)

  412. 412

    Wait, you’re saying God makes clothes out of animals? Oh man, wait’ll the PETA folks hear that!

  413. 413

    Just look at all the Capitalized, SHOUTING words from the christian person- Atheist chicks rock because we don’t YELL at people to ACCEPT THE LORD!!! You Christians are a little angry and scarey sometimes. “Look to your own house.”

  414. 414
    David Kyles

    Lol, actually that makes me smile, but I already agreed with you so that might have an affect on my reaction, lol.

  415. 415

    you are trolling, right?

  416. 416

    Got pictures of our Boobquake adventures on Facebook! I am looking forward to many more to come! :D We need to arrange this on a warm weekend, when more boobies and legs are likely to be out. Boobies make people happy! We are spreading world peace!

  417. 417

    I grew up outside West Lafayette (son of a Purdue prof), and I salute your dedication to science.

  418. 418

    Great job! Proud of you for doing this. It’s always good to see Reason put forward.

  419. 419
    Matthew Shepherd

    According to the Iranian cleric, it’s just the women leading men astray that causes earthquakes.Expect the goal post to be moved soon.

  420. 420

    OMG. What about the concept of “boobquake” is safe for work to you? LOL

  421. 421

    Great work! And lovely assets :) Sydney is reading all about this today:http://www.smh.com.au/technolo

  422. 422

    Irritating religious arguments aside, this is awesome and I love you for it! <3I look forward to how this goes! Perhaps we can make males bow to the ‘fairer sex’ with our powers if proven true…[/evilcackle]

  423. 423
    Matthew Shepherd

    We have a problem in this fact; earthquakes happen all the time. By some skewed semblance of logic, that means that women are ALWAYS leading good, pious, men to temptation somewhere in the world.You can’t argue with that piss-poor excuse for reasoning.

  424. 424

    Nice tits

  425. 425

    But it wasn’t the 26th here, where I’d guess that majority of the boob-action was, and I really doubt we can affect the future.

  426. 426
    Matthew Shepherd

    Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.

  427. 427

    shutup. get off the internet and onto a soapbox in times square with all the other looneys spouting their nutbar 2,000yr old superstitions

  428. 428

    Am posting this from San Francisco. Please be CAREFUL!!! If Cali drops into the sea over the next few days, we´ll all know why!!!

  429. 429

    Matthew, like, I can’t speak for your good self, but, personally, I don’t need leading astray, I’ll go astray myself given the chance and it’s no fault of any boobies! (well, at least, not usually)

  430. 430

    My wife and I participated.http://twitpic.com/1iq7jrhttp://twitpic.com/1iqchc

  431. 431

    I know this isn’t about religion…But no CAPS LOCK DOES NOT ROCK!!!Nat, PLEASE HIT CAPS LOCK KEY IT IS REAL. Accept SHIFT KEY AS YOUR LORD AND SAVIOUR in your heart confess it with your fingers!!!!YOU WILL SEE THAT YOUR LIFE WILL HAVE MORE MEANING AND A PURPOSE .ps. please accept all walks of life, and we will accept yours. Thank you.

  432. 432

    now what i want are some titties

  433. 433

    I have accepted the Flying spaghetti monster as my lord and saviour. he is much taster than any other.

  434. 434

    These clerics need to be taken on!! I do think it is ridiculous that religion could be used in this way!!The aim is to instil fear ~ for power and control ~ as in more power and control. Iran is already controlled to the hilt. And also to let the Iranians know that we support their efforts for freedom!!I think the BoobQuake is a great effort!! And we at Islamization Watch are glad to support it!Though imagine a Quake for democracy!!And an Experiment in the restoration of Cyrus’ Charter of Rights!

  435. 435
    Matthew Shepherd

    Couldn’t give a fuck. Did you read what the cleric said?

  436. 436

    why the hell do you have to bring God & Jesus into everything!!!…Obsession with God(by whatever name you call him)is only for the really blind who cannot see HIS wonders that surround us and seek god outside….at this rate not even God can save you mate

  437. 437

    I commented a couple times and got tired of reading everything so scrolled down to the bottom.Jennifer, good on you. I attended the Boobquake event today at the Vancouver Art Gallery. There were nudists in attendance and much media.This is how I found out (in the free paper on the bus actually, but here is it online) http://www.metronews.ca/vancou… and here are some local papers that have stories on you and the event!http://www.vancouversun.com/nehttp://www.cbc.ca/world/story/…I saw some other media there and will try to find you some more posts, videos and stories about today’s event for you soon!

  438. 438

    ps, i took some photos myself, as well, and will try to get them developed asap!

  439. 439

    The pro-Israeli front Washington Institute for Near East Policy has issued a paper calling for the US to engage in clandestine propaganda activities against Iran by trying to manipulate issues of human rights for their own advantage.Amongst their suggestions are:Feed the regime’s anxieties about the security forces’reliability by, for example, publicizing reports of disquiet in the ranks over their repressive role.Condemn the show-trials of reformists.Publicize the cases of prominent regime victims.Quietly assist Iranian expatriate groups that disseminate internet videos depicting violence by the security forces.One interesting angle they propose to try to manipulate human rights concerns to tie it to the nuclear program is this:Exploit Ahmadinezhad’s close identification with the regime’s nuclear program in order to delegitimize its efforts to create a nuclear weapons option. Portray it as an intrinsic part of Tehran’s efforts to block popular demands for change and maintain its grip on power by force, based on the reasoning that a nuclear Iran would be less vulnerable to international pressure regarding human rights.It must really burn their asses that the nuclear program in Iran is so massively popular!Anyway, I am not sure where the folks at WINEP have been until now, but pretty much every tactic they encourage has already been played out on Iran. For example, with regard to this tactic:Raise constant questions about the regime’s stability, long-term viability, and reliability as a patron and partner, planting doubts among rejectionist groups and regimes throughout the region and beyond.I already mentioned how the US media has been predicting the imminent collapse of the regime in Iran on a daily basis for the last 30 years.Look folks, here’s a bit of advice: Governments that backed Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons, and which train and arm nun-raping death squads in Latin America, and which torture people, and help Israel maintain death camps in Gaza, simply don’t have the legitimacy to lecture other governments.Therefore, before you jump into a propaganda campaign, find the truth about it.Here is a quiz to check how much you know about Iranhttp://www.proprofs.com/quiz-s

  440. 440
    Laurie Perkins

    I am starting to think this cleric is wrong. ;) I am right on a fault line and about 1 km from another. http://bit.ly/cdwsLM #boobquake

  441. 441

    A true scientist would not have an “opinion” on God. The existence or nonexistence of God has not been proven. The only correct scientific answer is “I don’t Know . . . YET!”So both sides are up a creek without a paddle. I do wish people on both sides could go about it in a respectful manner.

  442. 442
    Gradster One

    Who is Jen McCreigh? This is Jen McCreight’s idea.

  443. 443

    A true scientist would not have an “opinion” on God. The existence or nonexistence of God has not been proven. The only correct scientific answer is “I don’t Know . . . YET!”

  444. 444

    WOW, I saw your picture and felt the earth move!!

  445. 445
    Meghan EB

    I’m sorry, but there is a voice screaming in my head that belongs to you… and all the others think you are crazy D:

  446. 446
    Joshua Woods

    Look, I am one of the “nutty Christians” but I don’t believe for a second that they way women dress has any effect on the techtonic events. That is just silly.

  447. 447

    I’m sure you’ve been divinely inspired, Jenny. People should worship at your, um, feet.AFAIC, there are two appalling aspects to such clerical statements:1) They are so irrational. That there are people in authority who are so incapable of thinking is sad and scary.2) They are hateful. That there are people in authority who are so into their power games that they condemn natural, fun, necessary human desires is even sadder and scarier. I can’t imagine a god would prefer people to live in fear rather than happiness, but clerics need to create fear so they can play their control games. That is far sicker than mere stupidity.

  448. 448
    Earnest Pettie

    There were 47 earthquakes today.

  449. 449

    Nonsense. A “true scientist” would put the whole God concept in the bin with the countless other concepts for which there is no good definition, no evidence for, or no need for. A scientist gives God all the same consideration as the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the Invisible Pink Unicorn (PBUH!), and, just to add to the meaningless of it, to the Klandutunction. Although it is worth mentioning that the “God of the Bible” is not undefined, and readily dismissed scientifically.

  450. 450
    Tired of cowards

    Do KNOW or BELIEVE that the sun’ll come up tomorrow?I’ll bet ur bottom $ that there will be sun!!!!

  451. 451

    I can drink to that.

  452. 452

    Yeah science proof goes into beleif which is later changed!

  453. 453

    I would like to see boobquake become an annual event. Let’s make it happen!

  454. 454

    congratz on getting on sxephil’s NSFWhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v

  455. 455

    Yeah you could probably cause a quake with those. Be careful…

  456. 456

    It sounds like it might be new. I wish I was clever enough to make up new words. *swoons*

  457. 457

    As a translation, the King James version was tilted from the original to portray King James as the second coming of Christ. It’s one of the more flawed translations available at large.My copy of that one is sitting on the same shelf as the Book of Mormon and the Koraan. The books on witchcraft and wicca get their own shelf.

  458. 458
    The Boob Nazi

    So should I just run around wearing a low-cut shirt all day today? I’m confused as to what we’re doing haha.

  459. 459
    Mike F

    Aww, Jen, where are the photos from today’s protest? Us guys were ready and waiting to defend y’all.

  460. 460

    I’m an Atheist, and I rock super hard.

  461. 461

    Generally the reaction I get to telling people I’m agnostic is worse than what I would get if I said I’m an athiest. It’s somehow not surprising how incredibly ignorant people are, and after everything from being confused with a Scientologist to being physically harassed about my “need” to go to church, mostly I just have to laugh at the “preachers.”I also maintain that religion does not equal morals, but I tend to get told off for that, irony of ironies.

  462. 462
    Monica Smothers

    Nat, truth be told, typing in all caps is not a witness for Christ. Living a life that shows love, kindess, and respect is something that your ministers speak long and hard of, yet I rarely see.If you lived a life like that, I could get behind that(not really as that I live in the south and am also Atheist. But i could respect that). All in all, I am saying this: I like your christ, but not your Christians. Your Christians are not like your Christ.Anyway. I couldn’t join in the boobquake(I have bronchitis so yeah) but I’m supporting all who are doing it!

  463. 463

    Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I just noticed something… what do you mean “he”? I thought God was a woman since woman give life and nurture, as in Mother Nature.

  464. 464

    I don’t know about earthquakes, but my boobquake top did earn me some preferential treatment today… XD Thank you, boobquake!

  465. 465

    Congrats to you and your fellow boobquakers. I can’t imagine a more meaningful and worthwhile way to spend your time than to show of your breasts. And you make such a valid point – I’m sure that the Muslim cleric whose words so offended you is now on his knees begging Allah to spare the world from disaster. On second thought, he probably has no idea who you are, nor does he care. But now all of the CNN viewership knows that you and your followers have no more respect for yourselves than a common prostitute or stripper. Your parents and professors must be proud.

  466. 466

    Atheist, Believer, I don’t care – she says she’s a pervert and she’s got NICE tits!

  467. 467

    there is no such thing as religion, or god, get a life and go to school

  468. 468

    Wow! I have a big hot load of cum to squirt on your beautiful boobs. No offense intended, I am a connoisseur of beauty.

  469. 469

    Jen,Just thought I’d say that for a “hag,” you have a very nice <ahem> face.John Wesley</ahem>

  470. 470
    Aussie Dave

    I think Boobquake is great. Being a Muslim myself I waited with bated breathe for my faith to be vindicated. Or not.

  471. 471

    My parents are, actually. :)I tend not to ask my professors about my breasts, though, so idk on that one.

  472. 472
    J Sizzle

    This is pretty awesome, I gotta say. Not only is there a large, coordinated effort of “massive” proportion to propagate the showing of boobs, but it’s all in the name of disproving a tyrannical religious dictate! I support wholeheartedly, Jen.

  473. 473

    Hilarious. Go back to church and prey.

  474. 474

    Impressive rack. Good work!

  475. 475

    Your assumption that prostitutes and strippers have no respect for themselves is demeaning to workers in the sex industry, some of which actually enjoy their work and greatly respect themselves. Your use of sex work as an insult is also offensive.Furthermore, your assertion that showing one’s cleavage is a form of self-disrespect is laughable. If the women who partook in Boobquake did so willingly, who are you to say they disrespected themselves? There is nothing inherently disrespectful in the female body, nor in human sexuality, despite what many belief systems might say otherwise. Women taking pride in their bodies and showing them off a little in a lighthearted way doesn’t sound like self-disrespect to me. In fact, telling women to be ashamed of their bodies and their sexualities seems far more disrespectful.You’re of course free to believe what you wish and disagree with Jen and the other Boobquakers. But in a reasonable discussion, you don’t get to tell them they’re disrespecting themselves, and you certainly don’t get to make gross generalizations not only about the women participating, but also about women in the sex industry. While you have the constitutional right to say such things, that doesn’t make them any less fallacious or offensive.

  476. 476

    My mind used to be messed up on Islam. Now it’s messed up on scantily clad racks. Thanks BOOBQUAKE!

  477. 477
    God's man

    Woman is respected while fully dressed. Don’t blame on man who watch your “things” when it is opened. That’s what every man’s attitude. People who deny that is just lying to themselves. Man always dominant however, because that’s the way God creates ! You can say anything from humanity to gender equality or any piece of crap but we’ve done actually since God create the man that way and still you can’t change that even a bit.God creates the man that way is to let man lead in this world because there’s no such thing like twin leadership, check it in every world for sure !

  478. 478
    God's man

    I will not try to make you believe the God cause it is useless. I just want to know about your opinion on how this universe is created, I mean the process. Does it be without created as you might think that a chair is created itself ????

  479. 479

    Do you think “science” means “something that must occur when you do something”? BIG NO!!! If it is yes, then there is no psychology, economy, geology, meteorology, etc. Science is only a tool…a tool to make you understand more your belief (not to proof). BTW, if you wanna talk about fact, then Taiwan’s quake is one of it, just don’t runaway from the FACT. If it doesn’t fulfill your need, so why you blame it to the belief itself? Blame your method at first. So the point is…it’s better for you to go back to school to learn more about real “science”, and find a religion to make you in peace. But I am sure, you’ll find the peace in ISLAM. Cheers.

  480. 480

    Probably only notable because people are watching for quakes, but 1) Jen and other science types are looking at the data, presumably we’ll hear if this is significant.2) As someone 32 miles south of the quake, I felt nothing. I wouldn’t even know about it if it wasn’t for boobquake.

  481. 481

    I thought this was about Boobs not religion. I will just go back to looking for boobs.

  482. 482

    where are the other weapons of mass destruction. I see only a pair?

  483. 483

    in case you didnt see the effect you had on fark.comhttp://www.fark.com/cgi/commen

  484. 484

    I fail to see how we would all find peace in a religion that, for the last 9 years, has been getting a very negative rep for being incredibly violent and intolerant. It may be only certain factions of Islam, yes, but fact of the matter is it is still a faction of Islam, and it concerns me that something as simple as a cartoon can garner threats of violence and death.To each his own. Attempting to impress your belief system upon others shows immense inconsideration for your fellow humans, and ignorance of the world at large. Best of luck to you with that.

  485. 485
    God's man

    Who says that science is only a fact not believe. The Darwin theory is just believed to be true only with those Galapagos findings and some skeleton of what is believe to be man’s. That theory is drawn belief to much instead of fact and proof. There is no exact proof that those skeleton is belong to civilized creature (as we know to differ man with monkey) UNDERSTAND !!!

  486. 486
    God's man

    Bertramoo just did what I say. Man only see “open” woman as a sexual things !

  487. 487
    God's man

    And you will not gain respect as you want. Want to try some more? I can not say what to do to try some more, you know it, and the man knows it better…

  488. 488

    Yeah, my boss, who is married and yet has been sexually harassing myself as well as other female employees, totally respects me when I’m in my work uniform of khakis, a long-sleeved crew neck, and no makeup. Oh, I forget, it’s my fault, I bring it upon myself by having curves. Ya know, I’ve been trying to save up the money to have them all cut off, but it’s hard in this economy.

  489. 489

    Spouting intolerance without an account?I call troll.

  490. 490

    Richard Dawkins and Fransis Collins would disagree with you. I think both these gentlemen are great minds. Dawkins is an Atheist and Fransis is not. “To me, the right approach is to say we are profoundly ignorant of these matters. We need to work on them. But to suddenly say the answer is God–it’s that that seems to me to close off the discussion.”” …If there is a God, it’s going to be a whole lot bigger and a whole lot more incomprehensible than anything that any theologian of any religion has ever proposed.”-Richard Dawkins

  491. 491

    Sorry … we believe in Buddha :P!P.S.:Go Jen McCreigh go!!! :D

  492. 492
    Denny Roth

    Apparently Atheist chicks rock so hard they make the bed rock.[/bad geology joke]

  493. 493

    So my gf mentioned the whole concept last week to me and it sounded great (cmon, im a guy). Now, many say the Taiwan quake disproved the theory, but since i saw no women with cleavage, I tend to think it didn’t prove anything either way.

  494. 494

    smart materials…blah blah blah…fuzzy logic programming…yada yada yada…sensors and trajectory errors and fb sampling…right (the list goes on with techical terms).From my little experience,when you use so many of them(aka technical terms),you probably don’t know what the hell(oops!) you are talking about!

  495. 495

    while one hopes and imagines that it isn’t common catholic priest practice to rape altarboys, there is something undeniably wrong with a church system that encourages such rapists to stay in power and makes every possible effort to silence their victims. likewise, the “one crazy person” happens to be a *senior* Iranian cleric, and his statement has been backed up by the Minister for Welfare and Social Security in Iran – again, suggesting a systemic problem at play.

  496. 496

    Do you think that if others fail in executing something, it means that the object to execute must be wrong? BIG NO! It is influenced by the knowledge and skill the person has. For example is a cooking recipe. 2 persons can cook based on the recipe, but the tastes may be different. So I only could say that, many people can say that they’re muslims, but no-one can say in confident that they have do the muslim way very correctly (apparently, many people say that they’re muslims while not even studying about it for a second). You have your own choice, so don’t be distracted by what others do. Try to study about it first, do what it is said in it, then you could say something on it. Cheers.

  497. 497

    Well there was an earthquake that happened on Taiwan — A 6.9 magnitude — Certainly, our BOOBS are not the cause of that one!Reactions to Boobquake day!Love to see the boobquake video on youtube!

  498. 498

    Wow, the amount of trolling here is face-melting. Ignore these dumbasses, Jen. You’re a whole hell of a lot smarter than any of them, anyways. If this is the best the religious crazies can come up with, then I am not impressed.

  499. 499

    I bet if that Iran cleric saw you in that outfit he’d be pitching a tent in his robe…hahahaha

  500. 500

    Colbert Report…Congratulations!

  501. 501

    Boobquake 2010 mentioned on the Colbert Report! Time for the big leagues, baby!!

  502. 502

    Oddly enough you never experienced the “Big bang” where the universe *created itself*. That takes faith. Not to mention the faith against reason in all cosmological evolution- the Big Bang breaks every single law of physics and thermodynamics- the law of angular momentum, the law of entrophy, the law of gravity, (and 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics). THAT, my friend, takes a lot of faith. To have an entirely UNexplained system (evolution) is non-sensical. Life from non-life? A faith statement. Matter from non-matter? A faith statement. None of these are arrived at by reason, so please don’t act like science supports atheism. Ha! And please don’t act like A-Theism and evolution are not religious faith systems.

  503. 503

    You’re going on the assumption that I haven’t. And believe me, I didn’t become an agnostic by magic.

  504. 504
    God's man

    Have you heard about CHAOS THEORY…

  505. 505


  506. 506
    samantha johnson

    Hey! I wrote a mini-article about Boobquake! You should check it out! :)http://www.examiner.com/examin

  507. 507

    Well, I wore my best boob shirt and I’m eagerly awaiting the scientific results. Thanks for doing this, ignore the nutjobs. :)

  508. 508

    Given the variety of geological conditions around the world, a complete fossil record is impossible. HOWEVER: Enough specimens can and HAVE been found to support the Theory of Evolution by showing changes over the long course of time that bring the past to the present.I believe in God, but I also have no doubt about the factual nature of evolution AND the undeniable fact that the CURRENT incarnation of the universe (assuming string theory is on to something…) is approximately 14 billion years old.I see no conflict between science and religion, as long as you realize that the bible was not written by God… but by mortals trying to understand God in the terms available to them at the time.

  509. 509

    Why does the internet make me wanna praise Lenin for attacking the churches? Or the romans for feeding them to the lions? You do realize that there is NO Proof that being reasonable is an antithesis of having faith. If you people don’t stop sending the rabid dogs to troll, its gonna come to a head, people will have had enough and simply lynch you. And furthermore atheism != darwinism, I don’t consider myself christian but I also don’t believe the big bang or darwinism .

  510. 510

    I believe in God and I believe that the Islamic Clerics comments are taking out of context but are still harmful.Then we had the harmless but sizable Taiwan Earthquake just outside your timezone. “…sometimes light-hearted mockery is worthwhile.”Apparently God agrees with you

  511. 511

    Actually, Atheism is a disbelief in a “supreme being” of any kind. It’s not religion… it’s skepticism, really.

  512. 512

    I just realized I said “taking” not “taken”My urgency for a good zinger has been my own downfall…..Oooorrrr was it a clever criticism of your desire to do this protest instantly, even though you knew it was a time of great seismic activity and…no, no it was just a stupid mistake.

  513. 513

    why be so obviously opinionated and forceful? not one single person is going to positively respond to your fiery rants and change their life. fanatics and screamers like you give religion a bad image. peace be with you before you’re wound so tight you implode with jesus-ness

  514. 514

    Thank you for sharing that, Nat.

  515. 515

    Oh yeah, sorry for going too far for that. BTW, believe me…I didn’t try to impress anyone (poor me, I know I don’t have any capacity to do that). Just offering one for an option to study (not from news etc, but real from the holy book). So the choice is up to the people. Cheers.

  516. 516

    Actually, if string theory is correct… specifically the brand of string theory that includes Supergravity… then the Big Bang was NOT the beginning! The Big Bang was merely a reset button that happens every once in a long, long while.And the fossil record cannot give us a step by step path from point A to Point Z…It just gives us the occasional close-up snapshot of something long the way.It’s up to us to make sense of it all. And that is what makes science superior to religion: Science strives to better understand all of God’s creation, whereas religion insists that we simply buy into it.Yup. I’m saying that the faithful are doing God a great disservice by limiting their experience of the universe around us.

  517. 517

    God made boobs. If you don’t love boobs and show them you will go to hell and die in the fires from teh devil’s anus. Boobs haven’t directly killed a single person in history. Boobs should all be treated equally and be appreciated fairly.

  518. 518

    Jen,If the existence of god is ever proven in my lifetime, I will personally thank him/her/it for the great pair of boobs and remarkable intelligence that were given to you…. :-)

  519. 519

    Meaning and purpose? The kind of meaning and purpose that inspired the Crusades? Just gotta love rape and slaughter justified by religious zealots.

  520. 520

    Nat,You’re delusional. There is no imaginary friend.

  521. 521

    To be truly scientific, we have to consider that at any one point, there are both boobs out somewhere, and earthquakes somewhere. Thus the true scientific test would be for all women everywhere to completely cover up and do nothing “immodest” for a day, at which point all earthquakes everywhere should cease. That’s just nowhere near as fun though :(

  522. 522

    Me like horseface…. horseface has boobs!

  523. 523

    You have your own belongings, but all are with the responsibilities behind. When you treat it good, you will get the rewards, but if otherwise, you will get the punishments. It’s very simple, yet very logic.

  524. 524

    what everyone needs to come to terms with is noone knows, and noone will know until it is too late. me personally, i’m sticking to the science angle. if everyone in the world simply got on with their ideals/facts/beliefs and left everyone else to theirs, well…. sigh…

  525. 525

    Correction – Big Bang Cosmology, biological evolution and atheism are all related because they follow a proven model of epistomology – The Scientific Method: hypothesis; predictions, experiments, testing, result analysis; data collecting; evidence building; repeat; repeat. That’s how we know your prescription drugs work, why your water is safe to drink, that the universe as we know it began at the Big Bang, that you are a monkey, that tits don’t cause earthquakes and that there is not one shred of evidence for god..not yours, Allah, or any of the thousands of others. Not only is faith not required for science or atheism to work, the scientific method forbids it. No faith, only empirical evidence and demonstrable facts.

  526. 526
    Tyler is a dolt

    Tyler you’re a dolt.

  527. 527

    And what exactly is boobquake doing for the women in Iran, who as far as i can tell are still oppressed?

  528. 528

    This was fun. Let’s do it again next year.Here’s my final summation:http://fangirlshandbag.wordpre

  529. 529
    zen druid

    Nat, the monster under your bed has no influence upon Jen or anyone else. Only yourself. It might be a good idea to examine your motives for keeping such a monster.

  530. 530

    NAY! Nay, heathen cur! The Righteous God is Guinness!Guinness cures your ails! Constipated? Four or five pints should quicken your step!Do your joints ache? Might take all of eight pints, but the pain shall fade until you plummet from the Heavens to the Hells! Repeat as desired!SHAME and HELLFIRE upon all those that worship at the false idol of budweiser!

  531. 531

    Any suggestions, other than killing all the males?

  532. 532

    Jen McCreigh now u can say whatever, but in the end of the day, the really destruction within all ur claim will eliminate, an u’ll see the power of god an u’ll be in the hell. Chec that out!!!!!!!!

  533. 533

    Ahem…Not all the males, surely. You would then be equal to the current regime. (I know too many good-hearted males, and know that they exist in Iran as well)Amy seems to have missed the point. Jen just brought so much coverage, though her uncoverage, to the plight of Iranian women, that the leaders will have to start being a bit more careful. She has given the world permission to mock the ridiculous.Amy What have you done to help the Women in Iran? I would like to hear more about what we could do.Well?

  534. 534

    uuuuups, I think you show your tits …, it turns out you are still covered by your shirt ,…. hemmm …. but a good one too.

  535. 535

    Yeah, That was Fun – Let’s do it everyday!

  536. 536
  537. 537
    A. Diminished

    Nothing. Boobquake is up for interpretation, but the way I see it, it’s only really advocating that women everywhere SHOULD be able to do as they choose with their bodies in whatever form. They also shouldn’t be blamed for something as asinine as earthquakes when exposed “improperly.”

  538. 538

    Well, it at least made that ‘cleric’ look stoopid!

  539. 539
    Matthew Shepherd

    Best be trollin’.

  540. 540

    Apparently, April 26th was the birthday of Charles Richter:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C…Was this intentional, or a coincidence?

  541. 541

    WowThis is what I am hearing. You started with a compliment, which turned out to be sarcasm. Actually, it seems you typed your post as an insult.You compared women to prostitutes and strippers because they decided to wear clothing (that they would normally wear at another time) that they coordinated for the same day.You spoke of their teachers and parents as if you knew them personally.You must have quite a story to tell about yourself. I would like to hear it.Please, tell me how you respect yourself, and how you respect others.

  542. 542
    Matthew Shepherd

    Mmm, yes, aside from the constant mockery of Islamic fundamentalism that internet people around the world participate in, letting the lay person know when stupid shit happens at blinding speed so that no one is left in the dark as to how depraved these vestiges of dark ages thought really are, there’s not much else to do around these parts.What do you want, revolution?

  543. 543
    Dan B

    Sorry, your behavior has nothing to do with religion – Muslim or Christian or any other. I’m a man and do you know what are the first words that come to mind when looking at your picture? Br%ad, and b%#5. It has do with respect and you will not get any from either men or women.

  544. 544
    Caddy C, a feminist otaku

    Congrats on your Boobquake success! :) http://afeministotaku.wordpres…I blogged in support, and got twice as many views as I normally do – woot?! :)

  545. 545
    Matthew Shepherd

    “even though you knew it was a time of great seismic activity”Every day, there are a decent number of earthquakes. This is recorded fact: http://neic.usgs.gov/neis/qed/ . The crust is always moving, always causing the plates to contact and rub against each other. This is all a grand causation/correlation fallacy on behalf of Sedighi, and I hardly think what he said was taken out of context, especially when what the cleric said was reaffirmed as it was by Jannati.

  546. 546
    Aditya Chandra

    Allah SWT will surely punish you, sooner or later…!!!repent quickly, so that your sins are forgiven..!!!الله أكبر

  547. 547

    Scientific theory works fine on something that can be quantified. It fails miserably on anything else.

  548. 548
    Matthew Shepherd

    God’s man, calm down and type slower so you won’t make so many grammatical errors.And then go read http://www.talkorigins.org/ori… alllll of TalkOrigins.

  549. 549
    Amir Hossein

    I suggest we next try to see what the affect of different sizes of boobs have on earth. With enough D cups, we may even be able to come up with a volcano or two. :D

  550. 550
    L Bosma

    If only all woman dressed as muslims. Like woman of old like Sarah of Abraham showed there inner beauty. You woman with your boobs hanging out wearing tight jeans,etc cause many men to sin, “God hates hotty eyes”, you may laugh today, but hellfire is something all should fear. Being impious towards God the creator is reaching a point where creation naturally starts to take vengeance, for to the blasphemer the sun will not give it’s light, or the earth her fruits, or the fountain it’s water, or the clouds sufficient rain, yes even the air itself inflamed with anger is turned to pestilential courses, against you who dishonour the makerof all- the whole creation is hostile. (taken from the writings of Clement about Peter in the Homoliy’s), (Peter an apostle of Jesus the son of God). All of you impious seducers- an earthquake whippdydo you ain’t seen nothing yet when the moon turns blood red, and the sun to sackclothe and every island is moved from it’s place (from John another apostle of Jesus)- now that will be an earthquake and yes it is because of sin that this will happen, better to get on your knees sooner than later! And start following the 10 commandments, all 10 not just 8 or 9 like all the protestant/reformed churches who think they are under grace.

  551. 551
    Matthew Shepherd

    I’m a man, and I respect Jen.Argument invalidated, on the grounds that you have no other points to spit out.Keep on trollin’.

  552. 552
    Matthew Shepherd

    Self-fulfilling prophecy alert! WOOP WOOP WOOP.Your comment cannot be invalidated. Sorry.

  553. 553

    WowDan BWhy did you say her behavior has nothing to do with religion? At what point did she say it did?She did say that her suggestion (not a demand, as far as I read) was to mock a comment from someone who should know better. It could have come from an Agnostic, and I suspect her response would have been the same. The rest of the world has taken this on by itself.I am glad you are a man. I would like you, however, to have a chat with other men about respecting women. It could start with you admitting (to yourself ) that commenting about a woman’s looks in an insulting way is a problem.Exactly what is Br%ad?I take it that you have not read any of the other posts to any of this lady’s latest Blogs.I know this, because you end your post with an incorrect statement.I will tell you a truth.Many news sources have approached Jen McCreight for her opinion and comments on what has happened Monday. They have done so with respect for her as a lady, and as a scientist. Many people have commented on her Blog posts. they have done so with respect and with a lightness of humour that is invigorating.I would like you to talk to someone you trust (a member of your church, if you attend one), and discuss why you sent the post you did.

  554. 554

    More meaning and purpose…such as posting about someone else saving your soul while lurking on an Atheist’s website. Hahahahah! Perhaps Jesus would laugh at Boobquake if he was still around. And for shit sake…make up your mind…is she supposed to seek god or accept Jesus as lord??? But most of all…at least have the courtesy to spell her fucking name correctly you right wing nut bag.

  555. 555

    She’s getting respect from millions of people — both men and women — more than that waste-of-oxygen cleric. (What would the world be like if people that stupid were in charge?)And she’s got much nicer boobs than him too. You may be so inculcated with unnatural perversions that seeing a nice pair makes you think hateful thoughts, but most of us have our heads on straight.

  556. 556
    guest no. 1001

    this is funny. does it really matter if god really exists? what if he doesn’t? the thing is, we should focus on how to improve our relationship among each other, among our family, our friends, our work environment, etc. that way, our life will become much, much, muccchhhh better.those who debate on the existence of god, i should say, are like a smart-ass dying sick person who thinks he is smarter than the doctor.

  557. 557

    The Lord’s Israel, Meet Aditya Chandra.Adytya, meet The L.Now. Please post something nice to each other. Both of you have very strong views, and a remarkable strength of conviction.I really get that.I bet, if you talked, there would be several parts of both your lives that work well together. Not just because you found Jen’s Blog.Have a good night, Aditya and The L. , and keep safe.

  558. 558
    Matthew Shepherd

    “If only all woman dressed as muslims.”Then we’d only see walking tents.”Like woman of old like Sarah of Abraham showed [their] inner beauty.”Proof required.”You [women] with your boobs hanging out wearing tight jeans,etc cause many men to sin,”Fucking learn to control yourselves, weak sacks of shit. What are you, dogs?””God hates hotty eyes”, you may laugh today, but hellfire is something all should fear.”Until proven otherwise, there’s no reason to think hellfire exists for the use of punishment. Go torment children with sick ideas more please.”Being impious towards God the creator is reaching a point where creation naturally starts to take vengeance”EARTHQUAKES HAPPENED BEFORE JUDEO-CHRISTIAN-ISLAMIC FUN TIMES CAME ABOUT, I CAN ASSURE YOU!”for to the blasphemer the sun will not give it’s light”Holy shit, I walk outside and I GET SUNBURNED. If that’s not the sun giving its light I don’t know what it is.”or the earth her fruits”NOM NOM NOM APPLES AND BANANAS.”or the fountain it’s water”Natural springs or man-made fountains?”or the clouds sufficient rain”Some people suffering under a drought prayed for rain, and it didn’t come, save a sparse drizzle. I’m serious, look it up: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21…“yes even the air itself inflamed with anger is turned to pestilential courses”Yet it’s the poor farmers in arid, sweltering Africa that suffer more. Oh, the humanity.”against you who dishonour the maker [of] all- the whole creation is hostile”You’re disobeying Zeus, Ra, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and the Great Juju up the Mountain.”All of you impious seducers”McFucking get over yourself.”better to get on your knees sooner than later”After you’re done sucking off Jesus or Muhammad or whomever. Take your time.”And start following the 10 commandments, all 10 not just 8 or 9 like all the protestant/reformed churches who think they are under grace.”You first. Get off the internet, too, while you’re at it, troll.

  559. 559

    you lake sex

  560. 560

    If you’re going to seriously try to spread your religion through type, you might want to do it with proper spelling and grammar. If your god didn’t make you smart enough to be correct, what would make someone else follow him? On a side note, atheist chicks do rock!

  561. 561

    Yeeaahh, i’m pretty sure that 34DD of Boob can make an “quake” happen….

  562. 562

    Nat, you’re very wrong! I bet you haven’t slept with an atheist girl. Atheist chicks definitely rock. Christian girls are geeky. Try it some time and you’ll see!

  563. 563


  564. 564

    You don’t know a heap about evolution, do you?

  565. 565
    Cactus Joe

    I like the term “juggernauts.”

  566. 566

    no, your photos are not naked enough to invite earthquake. are you afraid?

  567. 567
    JJ of the UK

    Well done, Jordan for pointing out that people without (a) god in their life can still have a life with meaning and purpose (even if it’s not someone else’s meaning and purpose).I’ve always been uncomfortable with the way that so many Christians (usually, but I’m sure other faiths have similar condescending views) feel they have copyright on being nice and/or having meaning to their life. I can do all the same good things good Christians can do without believing in god!Anyway, back on topic, BoobQuake rocks! Go girls!

  568. 568

    Atheists rock – but Atheist girls rock even more ! Tell me though – do they still shout “Oh God” when reaching orgasm ? I think we need another experiment….. Any Atheist girls out there …..?

  569. 569
    Your OH's Little B.

    But of course, when people like Nat preach like that what they’re really doing is saying “Look at me, everyone! I’m a good Christian Look at me, God! Look how good I am at believing in you!”Ultimately, it’s all about themselves…I reckon.:)

  570. 570
    Your OH's Little B.

    Yeah, I’m with you, I think that’s really the only proper way we can prove the hypothesis.

  571. 571

    ill give you something to do with your mouth, aside from confessing ;)fuck you and you jesus bastard

  572. 572
    Andrew Gorman

    Oh my non-existing god… I used to be able to get through comments here rather quickly. It is now about as impossible as going through all of the ones on PZ’s blog!Oh, and quite a few of my female friends really liked boobquake day. Only one female friend disagreed, but she had her personal reasons which I could understand. This was a really interesting, and successful event =).

  573. 573

    I’m all for Boobquake, because it stands for a lot of things, just don’t go toting it around in “the name of science”. If you’re going to test a theory, do it right. Read the quote by the cleric again: “Many women who do not dress modestly lead young men astray and spread adultery in society which increases earthquakes.” It’s the adultery, not the boobs, not the SKIN, that is supposed to cause earthquakes; it’s all the promiscuity it generates (because when women show skin, guys just can’t help themselves, apparently). If everyone parades around showin’ off, you prove nothing, unless everyone one of them goes home to shag for a while.Scientifically, you would need solid evidence that an increase in cleavage increases the amount of sex and promiscuity going on; then I SUPPOSE you could have a Hypothetical Syllogism to test the theory that Boobs = Quakes.(Sex = quakes, boobs = sex; boobs = sex = quakes)

  574. 574

    I’m sure that showing cleavage doesn’t equate someone to strippers and prostitutes. Strippers get paid well to dance and wear minimal amounts of clothing, and so do the Rockettes.

  575. 575

    Greetings from Norway. Way to go, becomming known to the world in a jiffy :) Showing some skin usually does the trick, but you have done it in an artistic, intellectual way…nothing wrong with that. When my wife thinks I am not listening to her, she knows how to get my attention. Boobquakes every day Miss, go for it !

  576. 576
    Hugo Grinebiter

    Yes, you nailed it. A combination of narcissism and social climbing.

  577. 577

    I feel sorry for you you misguided idiot. Get a life and realise its all up to you – there is no fluffy man in the sky to help you. Stand on your own two feet instead. – it’s just a fairy tale for people scared of dying or too unsure of themselves to make their own decisions.

  578. 578
    JJ of the UK

    “…You woman with your boobs hanging out wearing tight jeans,etc cause many men to sin…”No, ‘sinners’ cause their own sin. It’s called making a choice. The men you refer to could choose to not sin, to control themselves, instead they choose to sin (rape, molest, whatever). The nonsense you speak just gives them an excuse.

  579. 579
    I love god and science

    What about the earthquake yesterday?, Are you guys still want to try a larger quake again and be near you?ha..ha..ha…God does not impose an earthquake near you because God is still giving a chance of you to repent. If you insist on the stupidity of you, just wait for a major disaster in your life.

  580. 580

    The very fact there is Atheism means their is a Gog and its me, I demand more boobs or I shall make Americans morons! no wait I did that last week anyway howabout working on the release of the 3 hikers now yer famous with a fatwa and all? it may be a lark but it can work towards something better………. nipplequake!

  581. 581

    Nice baps BTW.

  582. 582
    Hugo Grinebiter

    And much harder to organise!

  583. 583
    Hugo Grinebiter

    If there are always earthquakes, and there are always boobs, perhaps Sedighi got it the wrong way round, and earthquakes cause boobs? 8-)

  584. 584

    Cmon people … if God invented everything and man included … then God is in us too … if these were to give in to earthquakes … then LORD FORBID the SILICON VALLEY :D

  585. 585

    WTF? I thought that we were talking about a boobshake not a boobquake!! lol

  586. 586

    your little boobquake experiment is trying to prove that showing cleavage doesnt create earthquakes, however when a 6.5 earthquake happened in Taiwan, you choose to believe that it’s not related to what you’ve done. that makes you very subjective for a so called scientific experiment

  587. 587

    science rocks, :Dwomen are objects … aww yeahttp://www.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH

  588. 588

    You, sir, are an uneducated, sad excuse for someone who is trying to sound smart.

  589. 589

    The only quake boobs caused is the one in that sexist perverts pants.

  590. 590

    The only quake boobs ever caused was in that sexist perverts pants. Now he feels all guilty about it, and needs someone to blame. Idiot!

  591. 591

    Come now people the hypocrisy resounds clearly. If the 34 Quakers who divine over the World Health Organization and set the rules of avoiding {{{GASP}}} “premature mortality” [What ever that means] orate the word of Climate gate, Flu Pandemonium, protecting the children [from their parents] and the increased risk calculations [with everyone exposed] Second Hand smoke [never mind the new third hand smoke] The broad ranging ad campaigns depicting the reign of terror for the fast buck. While totally ignoring much larger risk factors by the same evaluations [Breast cancer; 75,000% increased risk if you wear a bra?} Cash for belief mongering and denormalization of the masses, by the treating people who are not sick at the expense of those who really are? Let the cleric have his minor indulgences or be ready to laugh at yourselves.

  592. 592

    men of the world let us go topless and see howmany earthquakes happen ..forget the religion and science nuts…

  593. 593

    Give me an example of something science can’t quantify and I’ll give you an example of make believe.

  594. 594

    And the result is yes prove it. in taiwan there is 6 scale earthquake….. fuck you

  595. 595

    fuck you asshole

  596. 596
    jack sparrow

    Lets make a local quake on the matress, coz u’re bitch..

  597. 597

    maybe..if you’re naked..that will be causing an quake on the people dick…!!!

  598. 598

    we can definitely say the big bang happened, however we cannot say what happened before. there is no faith required here. we simply do not know yet. why can’t you accept that? why do you need to fill in holes with god?

  599. 599

    Awesome. I love skepticism.

  600. 600
    The Judge

    Personally I would destroy all religions and execute any people infected with such madness. It is strange that this insane, un-provable, and bizarre ideological travesty has caused so much harm. People being so self deluded that they think they are important enough to have a connection with powers that are the forces that ‘created’ our universe. It is even more utterly insane to think these mad people consider themselves a fountain of knowledge quoting from an equally deranged rambling nonsense pre-enlightenment text that has every day miraculous events which evidently do not occur. To me it’s a dangerous form of schizophrenia that separates the intellectual beauty of human kind from their environment, infecting it with an out-moded and frankly ancient dogma that should have been buried thousands of years ago.The arrogance of the religious is the weapon of their ignorance. Desperate to find a place in this vast universe they seek to prey on the weak minded and intellectually feeble spinning lies about reality, people and society. Man created god, and it was his worse invention to date.

  601. 601
    Educated but lazy contributor

    Moodydaniel – In reply to your request for something science can’t quantify to Dave how about the Pioneer anomaly and the other items in “13 things that don’t make sense” by Michael Brooks, a science journalist.

  602. 602

    You have both best arguments for that hearthquake.Seriously:Thank you, for figth against stupidity, intolerance, fanaticism, doing it with humor….and thank you for show us your beauty.Thanks a lot.

  603. 603
    Have Some Courage

    Your boobquake experiment failed miserably. Of course, now you need to look into excuses to make yourself feel better your failed experiment. What is ironic is that you were expecting the cleric to think of a rational excuse after it was proven that he failed. Yet the only person who failed was you and the other people who fell for your scheme. Now that your experiment failed, admit to it. Have some courage.Have some courage and concede that an earthquake did in fact happen on your experiment day. Have some courage and stop trying to make excuses. Have some courage and learn to admit you were wrong.Have some courage and leave your arrogant “methodology” to prove religion wrong, behind.Have some courage.Don’t make up excuses to cover your failure.

  604. 604

    I agree. Confess sounds too much like caress.

  605. 605
    Stop Making Excuses

    Taiwan earthquake is not significant?!You serious?You managed to gather less than 1% of Earth’s population to support your experiment. If that is your excuse then your experiment is nothing significant to even be concerned about.Learn to admit when you fail.Less than 1% of Earth’s population -> 6.5 Rictor earthquakeIn fact much less than 1% -> 6.5 Rictor earthquakeSTOP making excuse.Your experiment FAILED.Period.

  606. 606

    Yes, but you are not the target audience for these comments as you have the power to make up your own mind. The comment is targeted at sad people who do believe that their life is worthless and so can be guided and manipulated in to a religion to financially support the more luxurious lifestyles of those at the top of said religion.

  607. 607

    That should be too many…. Hate to be the grammar police, and I can’t even quote the specific rule, however, if you’re going to insult someone, at least do it right….

  608. 608

    you have your opinions and we have ours. i feel that you have it all confused… now do not get me wrong the pages of your bible or other religious book have some great lessons and morals that we could all learn from…. but if you could think of god as planet earth and respect and cherish her as we should be… rather than trying to kill her as we are. im sure we would all live happier and healthier.but you know i cannot help myself, i have got to say it… does your bible not to respect each other…. allow this lass to believe what and how she wants too

  609. 609

    Don’t be such a bore, God and JC are your way, Boobquake is ours.

  610. 610

    Why confess it with your mouth? This would exclude those people who are mute?Does god not hear them because they cannot speak?

  611. 611
    Ian Andreas Miller

    Oops, I “liked” this accidently. I meant to hit “reply.””Have some courage and concede that an earthquake did in fact happen on your experiment day.”Well, she did say, “I know many earthquakes happen on a daily basis, so we’re looking to see if Boobquake significantly increases the number or severity of earthquakes.” One earthquake, big or small, wouldn’t have been enough. No excuses were necessary.

  612. 612

    Amazing idea! Obviusly some people don’t agree (… or just think they very smart and funny by writing some things) and don’t understand how offensive it is to say that a woman expressing herself (cause you see, clothes do that too! ;) ) is causing natural disasters and horible situations for a lot of people…! Congrats!! :)

  613. 613

    Too much going on here to reply to individuals, so I’ll risk being buried. Though I gotta say, you all are pissing me off enough that I’m thinking of making my own blog to rant about how both sides of any argument gets stupid. 3 things, first, could all Christians in the house stop being offended by atheism and vice versa(sp?). We get it, we all get it. You believe in the existence or the absence of a god. This is neither the first nor the last time someone has disagreed about it. It’s called faith because you believe in spite of the facts. If we were to look into meta-theology here, leaving no hard evidence of His existence would be part of giving us free choice. If “lack of evidence” hasn’t convinced theists by now, I doubt rantings about how theists are idiots will change things. A Christian who forces their view onto others is committing the worst sin imaginable, suppression of free will.. God granted humanity free will, which means He expects a few people to say no. He’s not offended by it, saddened, maybe, but not offended. Yelling and ranting simply makes Him look stupid by comparison. I suspect that no few atheists are “made” by dislike of God’s fanclub, rather then any overwhelming proof of non-existence. Why would they care so much, otherwise?Now, Secondly. I am Christian, this is my viewpoint. I’ve heard it thrown around that science changes in reaction to facts. New evidence changes the scientific model. Well, faith is not without this aspect. It’s more of a personal relationship with God, and to think we got it right if the first go is just arrogant. We are not perfect, Jesus saying this 20 million times just hasn’t seemed to sink into a lot of Christians. We will make mistakes, and if we are wise, we will recognize them. Our faith should allow us to not worry about making a mistake and concentrate of not making it again… in theory. Point being, that God changes us to better deal with the world and our relationship with him changes as we learn more about His will.3. The experiment it flawed. The priest in question stated that immodesty causes men to commit adultly, which in turn causes “God’s Wrath”. So to be a true test, we would have to do the Sodam and Gehmorrah thing. Don’t get me wrong, I still think that priest is an idiot, and his rhetoric pisses me off extremely.EDIT: Minor stuff.

  614. 614

    Oh, come on, go living with those ayatollahs!

  615. 615

  616. 616

    WTF??If noses were something to be covered then everyone would be wishing to see other’s noses.. Similarly if boobs were left uncovered, guys wouldn’t ogle at it either!!And Man was not dominant in Amazon!! So please quit this crap!!!

  617. 617

    As a physicist: I would like to point out there is no way of proving anything… NB we can’t even prove we are here… this is phylosophy 101…Not as a physicist:the only way of dealing with this problem is honesty – which is kind of akin to respect and love… and not manipulating people for your own gains… and enjoying the human conditioned bestowed upon us from where ever it came…

  618. 618
    Charles Higley

    Since religion is a human construct and there are hundreds of “gods”, then they are obviously human constructs, too, particularly as the only evidence for a god existing is the behavior of those who believe in he/she/it.Atheists are moral and ethical, only often more so, than religious people as we do not limit our thinking to only the principles taught by religion. All social animals have natural systems of morals and ethics; thus, morals and ethics came first and religion just co-opted them as part of their curriculum.Atheists are less discriminatory and more fair-handed as we do not care what religion you are – you are a human being. Atheists Rock! (not enough capitals)

  619. 619

    Philosophically speaking, I’ve always hated that argument. No one follows it up right. Not only is there no proof of our existence, there is no proof of perception, and in reality there is no solid sense of perception, no one sees the same as you. The only logical assumption though, is for us to recognize when “proof” and “individual perception” become useless and just bloody agree. While I cannot prove it, I perceive a discussion and have no reason to disbelieve it. Thus forget the pedantic absurdity and accept it without doubt, cause that doubt has no purpose. It’s the only way to function.

  620. 620

    How does Dawkins disagree with me? I can’t tell from the context of the quote, so it’s not clear what “matters” he is talking about. However, if he is talking about “god,” then Dawkins is wrong. We don’t “need to work on them.” However, I suspect from the quote, that is not what he means. In fact, the rest of the quote suggests that he agrees with me that god is a meaningless concept in science and that it is a waste of time to bother with it.

  621. 621

    All these problems can be quantified, even if a proven explanation eludes us. If they couldn’t be quantified, Michael Brooks wouldn’t be treating them as problems.

  622. 622
    muondo rencontre celibataires

    very good,i like your blog too

  623. 623

    The real difference between Science and Religion is in a science classroom a teacher can talk a child, tell him/her something, then SHOW him/her that it works. For example gravity, which is very easy to prove exists.In a religious education classroom a teacher will say ‘God exists’, the child will ask for the teacher to prove it, and the teacher will come up with some crap reason like ‘If you can’t touch it, taste it, see it or smell it, doesn’t mean it’s not there’. Well to be honest god is just a invisible friend to a couple million people. If it was an invisible friend to just one person, that person would be thrown in a mental hospital. What proof is there to god’s existence. And if i was going to believe in a religion, which i’m not going to do any time soon. Why should i choose Christianity over any of the other major or minor religions in the world. Not one of them actually has a single solid piece of evidence that their ‘path’ is the ‘true path’. God is as realistic as my friend Herman the talking viking hippo who i play tennis with twice a week

  624. 624

    vu le nombre de décolletés qu’il y a dans la rue aujourd’hui grace au soleil qui revient, je vois plutôt l’avenir dans mes futures vacances que dans un prochain séïsme.Le corps humain est aussi la Nature. La Nature est belle et perenne. Carpe Diem

  625. 625

    You are a moron.

  626. 626

    I am an iranian and im totally familiar with theses lunatic comments. these idiots are uneducated and as you may know blood thirsty as well. anyway what you’ve done so far is just fantastic. i thank you from me and majority of iranians who just laugh at bubble head mullas. good luck with boob quake “movement”! wish someday everybody can live free!

  627. 627

    BoobQuake; what did it prove? It proved the West is as skanky as the Middle East believes. It may also have proven the” boobquake therory” RIGHT. There were earthquakes. If those morons REALLY wanted to prove something, they should have tried dressing MODESTLY to see if the DAILY earthquakes stopped. In my opinion, it was nothing but an excuse for a bunch of people to show how immature they really are.

  628. 628

    Someone said something stupid and some other people doing more stupid things&of course men will support it because sex sell.i think if they did it just because they wanted to they would be called bitches but now it’s time to prove something.To me it’s all stupid from iran to this..Sorry for my bad english if i made mistakes it’s not my main language.

  629. 629

    Since you admit that earthquakes happen on a daily basis, and people dress immodestly daily too, wouldn’t it have made more sense to get people to cover up to see if it would reduce earthquakes? Unless the point was to try and cause more pain and death……

  630. 630

    Mother Earth save this Boobquake! (Gaby Dixit, not johnny Rotten).Great idea, Jen!.Gaby

  631. 631

    Please we need more boob to really test this out properly. You are obviously a well-endowed young woman, with pretty much every political leaning/interest I have (science, civ, atheism etc…) I can think of nothing more attractive than an intelligent liberal rack. Most breasts are rather dumb, or simply pornographic, but I feel that I could really relate to boobs that connects to a nervous system that have so many socio-political connections as you have with myself. It would be intellectual eroticism and far more fulfilling than anything else I have encountered on the web… so simply put… please please … get them out.. and rumble my world!!!

  632. 632

    Atheist chicks do rock and scientist atheist chicks especially rock. On the other hand, being to be mentally hamstrung by a 2000 year old fairy tale does not rock.

  633. 633

    That is such a great impression of a mouth-foaming fundamentalist :P Very funny and well done.PS: I know that you were kidding, but from my point of view this is all about religion. This kind of surreal, irrational magical thinking can be found in all major religions (aside from Buddhism, which is a somewhat saner form of spirituality). The nonsens that has been propagated by this imam could just as well have been overheard in many Baptist churches.

  634. 634

    Science is based on unproven “facts”!! Scientists have yet replicate or demonstrate taking nothing and turning it into something, which is what the “theory of evolution is based on. Nothing combusting into something, evolving into something, evolving into life!!!!

  635. 635

    I assume that Klaus is German :) We Germans often confuse much and many, seeing that we only have a single adjective for both (viel / viele). We also like to literally translate questions such as “How much time is it”.Anyway, I assume Klaus’ comment was not about grammar but rather readability. I fully agree with him that all-caps are much harder to read than correctly capitalized text (because experienced readers don’t decipher letter by letter but instead recognize the shape of entire words, which is made impossible by this kind of spelling. Unless you read all-caps text all day of course).Aside from that, using all-caps is usually perceived as an attempt to dominate an online conversation through over-emphasising one’s words. It’s akin to shouting and generally considered to be very impolite (and also a sign that one doesn’t have any convincing arguments).

  636. 636
    Matthew Shepherd

    Terrible logic. Earthquakes existed before breasts evolved.

  637. 637
    Matthew Shepherd

    Because some people actually understand geology more than a misogynistic Iranian cleric.

  638. 638
    Matthew Shepherd

    You must not be able to grasp the finer points of probability.

  639. 639

    Hello,I wanted to say I applaud what you have done here Jenn. You took a very serious example of others forcing their views on people (women) and made light of it to show how silly it really sounds… plus you got beautiful women like your self to show some cleavage… that is a win win in my book. :-) Keep up the great work, and don’t worry I am sure someone will send help to the mid-west for you sometime. ;-)

  640. 640

    *laughs* I wasn’t serious, of course. I just went with an off-the-wall response to someone throwing stones from inside a glass house.

  641. 641

    Okay, so honestly, I didn’t read through the entire block of many hundreds of posts, but I did read a fair chunk… I love how seriously people took this Boobquake thing… Honestly? Really people? Why can’t you just take a joke? It’s funny. Or at least it was, before people started mocking each others faiths, bashing various political affiliations, and making long self-righteous speeches about Global Warming (where the hell did THAT come from?)… Seriously, can’t you people take a joke? We know boobs don’t cause earthquakes. We know that. Turns out we’re not all total morons. But it’s funny to make the comparison. It’s like saying that the amount of jellybeans you eat each month has a direct influence on the size of Paris Hilton’s feet. Quick! Everyone dash to the candy store! If we all work together, she’ll have to wear clown shoes for the rest of her life! Come people. It’s a freaking joke.

  642. 642

    PS Jen and I are surprisingly similar people, only I’m in Kansas, not Indiana. That, and my sad 36Bs don’t match her epic cleavage…. But I appreciate her sense of humor and the way in which she addressed the topic. I thought the idea of Boobquake was funny. A cute, lighthearted way to point out how ridiculous people can be sometimes without overt name-calling and tantruming. Keep up the good work, and stay strong :)

  643. 643

    Boobquake has come and gone. However, I feel that one day of Boobquake does not give enough quantifiable scientific data. One day doesn’t necessarily prove anything! I demand more data! We, obviously, need to encourage more boobquake days! Quantifiable scientific data is very important if we are going to establish either the hypothesis of cleavage/immodesty related to earthquakes, or the null hypothesis.

  644. 644
    Quentin Netterberg

    Wow. All these religious types have actually proved is that religion is little more than a self induced delusional psychosis

  645. 645

    You do know that I know all that already, right? I was really only responding to the grammar of Klaus’ post, and not the one he was responding to, as, I”m pretty sure I didn’t read the original comment that generated his reply. Had I done so, I probably would’ve said much the same thing, but probably more elegantly. It truly doesn’t matter whether or not Klaus is German, as, he’s writing an sentence in English, or more specifically, American, and therefore should conform to the matters grammatical of the language hence.

  646. 646

    I think you need to check your grammar as well, Batman. You have commas and quotation marks in places that they don’t belong. If you’re going to be the “grammar police”, you’d better be grammatically correct when you do it.Oh, and since when does someone write a sentence in “American”? Are you suggesting that “American” is a language?

  647. 647

    Roni’s point should be well taken. The boob movement, as fantastic as it was, failed to test the hypothesis (well, conviction!) of the iranian cleric.hypothesis 1: immodest dressing leads to promiscuity.hypothesis 2: promiscuity increases likelihood of earthquakes (over time).I gather the organizers didn’t have a beef with h1. So, we can go ahead and design an experiment for h2.various ways. one way is to invite people to increase their sexual activity and have multiple partners over a period (say a week or a month) and then see if that has an effect or not.==========so Jen, you made Colbert say your name and show your picture, but you ridicule science in your half-ass experimentation.

  648. 648

    Well played, Busdriver, apparently, I can’t reply to your reply :) So, to answer your questions, I know, and yes. Maybe some of the commas should be semi colons, however, the point is, I’m pausing for emphasis. Read it as if I’m saying it to you. Thanks!!!

  649. 649
    Jim Barker

    Jennifer,You are lovely! You can create many earthquakes just by your presence. Intelligence and beauty in a amazing package. May you prosper and enlighten everyone throughtout your future. Best Always, The Wave

  650. 650

    Guys, guys FYI! Do you know that BOOBS can crush a beer-can? (well not an earthquake) But still, its fascinating.. Boobs Can Crush Beer Cans — Not Buildings. PS: You must be CUP- H to do that!

  651. 651

    wow, you sure are narrow-minded. you should just shut the fuck! this isnt for Religion PEOPLE!!!

  652. 652

    i am sorry for u and mr.sedighi. both of u are stupid

  653. 653

    greetz from Old Europe ;), i´m not atheist but i sure stand 4 your right 2 be it. good reaction and thing you´ve started, hope you´ll have millions joining in.as there´s probably already been half a million of marriage proposals, relax, i don´t… -smile.Best wishes, doshbiker

  654. 654
    Bob Hendershot

    Athiest chicks do indeed rock. Anyway why would someone who doesn’t believe in a god suddenly go all religious just from a blog post? Does that even seem remotely likely to EVER happen? On what plane of reality do you think that posting your poorly spelled and overly capitalized god rant will actually convert anyone? Honestly, it just makes you and all your ilk seem that much more retarded. Unless of course your ‘PURPOSE’ is spending your days posting ‘please believe’ on behalf of your dear and fluffy lord, in which case… um, yeah.Oh well, at least you said please, rather than use a gun. Kudos for that. =\

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  657. 657

    Brother Nat, I love you! The caps lock did have a shock effect (i.e. seemed like shouting, but it did show your passion and dedication for being heard and not simply scanned over); that being said, thanks for speaking up in your own unique way, we never know what effect it may have in the spiritual realm :) My relationship with God has been reconciled through my faith in Christ Jesus! My life is richer because of that, and today full of the guidance of God because of the residence within me of the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised he would send after he was resurrected. If there was anyone who never would have been thought to become a believer, it was me! But I have FELT the Spirit, heard God’s voice and experienced many many many miracles. I never have to worry about anything because God always provides for me, whether it’s financially,with healing, with faith, protection, grace, rest, comfort, wisdom, or helping me use my spiritual gifts. Of course, as you know, not everything is always so rosy, otherwise why would I need comfort/the spiritual gifts, etc! But I do feel MORE LOVED than I ever have before now that I know Jesus Christ! It’s a total love relationship :) Freedom of choice can be an awesome thing! Btw: I looked up the meaning of your name on the following link: http://www.encyclo.co.uk/defin… and found that your name means “Gift of God.” What a great name! It was a gift to hear you speak up with your heart. Keep saying “yes” to God, it makes a difference! Shalom, Monique

  658. 658

    I know Nat you and your pals in Iran belong together along with the Taliban Mullahs. Joing the crowd and leave us normal people alone to our own sinful ways.

  659. 659
    Daniel Verberne

    Great to see atheism get some prominence in the media, thankyou Jennifer for confronting this Iranian cleric’s superstitious nonsense.

  660. 660

    there was a 4.5 quake in baja mexico few hours ago, does that count, good luck

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  664. 664

    Also, Boobquake shouldn’t just be one day, it should be a freekin’ week :D

  665. 665

    I read about this site in the online version of “El País”, a Spanish newspaper. I think it’s great. Based on what’s been in the news lately, it seems that many women have been expressing their rebellion by putting on the hiyab and things like that, which is okay, but it’s good to see some rejoicing of the female flesh as well :) We are beautiful, why should we try to hide it? Cheers

  666. 666

    Ugh, I totally agree – I HATE the wood paneling. Unfortunately I live in a college town where most apartments are really crappy. Mine is actually great, but the walls are ugly and I can’t do anything about them. Oh well, graduating soon anyway.

  667. 667

    Listen Nat, you’re just giving us Christians a bad name with both improper netiquette (yes, its a word, look it up and obey the rules you read) and improper grammar, as well as trying too hard to push Jesus off on someone who will not be persuaded by anything but their own conclusions. I hope for your sake you refrain from posting any more on here.

  668. 668

    I must be gun-shy….I wonder if Amy knows she is in a glass house… and that includes the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom…Oh, She looks a bit flushed now…Time to go away, and dream of beautiful lady scientists with long hair and soft clothing.

  669. 669

    And human nature. It looks like she understands us men …Maybe not Daemon…

  670. 670

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  673. 673

    In my opinion, dressing modestly to see if nothing happened only would have been interpreted by those men that we believed their rediculous, sexist bullcocky. Why? Because they are so closed-minded and self-righteous that they think they can never be wrong.

  674. 674
    God (I am Real)

    Too many caps, not enough crazy!

  675. 675
    CRL JAmes

    I think ‘too much caps’ was a joke, dummy.

  676. 676

    women are a prominent opposition force to the Islamic State of Iran. It is a pleasure to see the women’s liberation movement internationally is haunting the Islamists movement.

  677. 677

    Your boobquake outfit is great. It may not have created an earthquake elsewhere, but your outfit did result into huge tremors in my room :)

  678. 678

    I suggest another experiment to check Sedighi’s theory. All people can decide to not do Adultery for one month and see if the Earthquakes decrease.

  679. 679

    with horse face like that, i’d say hold on first

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  684. 684

    OMG Nat wants us to do PORN.. nooooooo(Ok, yes – hand me a boobie)

  685. 685

    More boobs…less face…

  686. 686

    Cab Calloway can help you with any new words you want… and he makes ‘em really big.However new or big they are, those who have posted before (Religeouswarlord and Sambo) probably do not own/cannot read a dictionary.So your good to go on any new words..*Splunge* comes to mind.

  687. 687

    Sorry Batman – This is a quick response to Busdriver(His Reply button is disabled)There is a difference between American (Websters) and many other forms of written English (I.E. Oxford) I believe Batman may be correct here. And it does not invalidate his or your points.Gentlemen… Shake, please… for honour.

  688. 688

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  689. 689

    How can you smile with such hopsack grandma boobs? Please make us followers a favor and don’t show them. p.s: this has nothing to do with religion. do it for the sake of humanity and in the name of aesthetics

  690. 690
    Savannah Veldt

    I am so happy that I participated in boobquake. I felt very empowered by my ability to respond politically to an act of misogynistic aggression from the clergy. Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi’s comments were just another power play from a bully seeking to control women through fear and intimidation. As for me and my ‘girls,’ we were happy to stand up and be counted in the struggle against tyranny. Thanks for bringing this to the world’s attention.

  691. 691

    indeed they do, i don’t know about you but i now have an avid interest in geology and wish to learn the fundamentals of boobquakes.

  692. 692

    And correcting his grammar was a joke too, doofus. One which you apparently didn’t get. Have a great day!@Darryl: Apparently, your reply button is disabled as well. Maybe it’s a function of her blog, I don’t know. Or Disqus. In any case, I agree to agree with both you and he, as I won’t be replying to anymore comments on this thread.

  693. 693

    Thanks for the catch on “an sentence” as that was indeed, a typo. I think faster than I type, as it turns out….

  694. 694

    Reality check: If you get this, thanks. That was truly a typo…M

  695. 695

    Your fine atheist self is more than welcome in Miami… :)

  696. 696
    Amy Kay

    “and please don’t tell me your mobile, landline, television, cooker, washing machine and light bulbs run on the love of jesus.”May I just point out how hysterically funny I found this statement? You just made my day.

  697. 697
    Bernie from Planck's Constant

    Boobs are in fact earthquake detectors, see http://bit.ly/aGloCv but warning NSFW

  698. 698

    Incorrect. I happen to be friends with quite a few wiccans/druids/pagans who follow a spirit guide as part of their faith. They are fine, healthy and sane individuals. Though you are right on one front. While there is a huge aspect in Christianity for it to be the “One True Faith”, I personally believe that it is better for you to honestly do your research and find out what faith is best for you. I wouldn’t want you as a Christian if you were simply lying to God about it! As a Christian, I think the theology should officially state “I would prefer you to truly believe, but I would like you to be happy first and foremost. “

  699. 699
    Red Flag

    Shut the Frak up your religious idiot. Jesus is a myth concocted by the Catholic church to get peagons to join their BS religion.

  700. 700
    Mr. D

    You, sir, are the reason I never want to go to church again.

  701. 701

    Seriously Nat, Your argument has a big flaw. Not everyone in this world is Christian. So stop forcing your beliefs unto other people. Let me put it in religious terms you may understand: If God made humankind in his/her image, then there should be no reason for you to insult free thinkers and people with self reason. We certaintly don’t badger you for trying to take us back into the dark ages. Although we should.

  702. 702

    RU Y.E.L.L.I.N.G. because G.O.D. works in mysterious (subtle) ways?

  703. 703

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    hows your german? Man, youre kind of a douchebag.

  706. 706

    First, use your inside voice. Second, ATHEIST CHICKS ROCK. Third, for most of us atheists, our lives already have purpose because we create purpose. Your purpose is mumbling to your imaginary friend. Ours is, usually, to make the world a better place. Remember, for a thousand years religion permeated all of society, we call this period the DARK AGES. Life seems to get better for everyone the less religion we practice.

  707. 707

    “T-trust me, your life will have more meaning or we’ll give your money back! Please, join us…please.” Sounds like this person doesn’t like the feeling their time has been wasted as a Christian…misery loves company and all that jazz…sorry, I’ve made my decision and you’re stuck with yours

  708. 708

    not necessarily…don’t be such a dick, not everyone is going to have immaculate English, as I’m sure yours is not.

  709. 709


  710. 710


  711. 711


  712. 712

    Jen, with that gear you’re not only going to produce a boobquake, you, will shake the whole planet !Jaap from The Netherlands

  713. 713
    TechFrog  Jim Alden

    Haha, the problem is everyone has beliefs. Yours happens to be that Jesus and God exist. She as an atheist believes differently, so your point that “an atheist chick does not rock” only applies to you and those with your belief. Get it? So, it’s simply this: She is not for you, so why try to convince her of your belief? Its much like her posting to you something like ” you’re wasting your time with religion and God. Why don’t you understand that its all a myth? Wake up and smell the logic?” The difference is she, like me respect others’ belief, but you don’t. You should change your way of thinking to express that its what you believe. You speak like it’s fact that Jesus and God are real, when in fact, you actually only have FAITH and BELIEVE that they are real

  714. 714

    Well now, if you believe that on death you will enter the kingdom of heaven I recommend suicide. No seriously. Stab yourself in the stomach or kill yourself with another delayed means, then repent of your sins (including the suicide) and be accepted into the kingdom of heaven. Instaheaven!

  715. 715

    Drives me insane. My german grammar sucks.

  716. 716

    I’m liking your official “Boobquake” outfit. It rawks.

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  723. 723
    Jesus was an Arab

    Hahahaha. I think she’s busy accepting the Nesquick Rabbit at the moment. Please die and realize there is no afterlife. The universe was not created for you. Pick up a genetics text book and experience the profound embarrassment of the realization that your whole life has been a lie.

  724. 724
    Xenu Christ

    A person does not need to believe in the big bang theory to understand that religion is retarded. Anyone who claims to know that there is a god is delusional.Belief in a specific religion is almost always due to what people were told by their parents when they were naive children. At least your parents had the decency to tell you that Santa clause didn’t exist. I’m sorry for the muddled, weak, gullible state you are in and I hope you receive the appropriate knowledge to cure yourself.The simple fact is that religious adults have all of the tools at hand to realize they are basing their lives on moronic babble. Unfortunately most of you are too weak to accept a world with no god, too selfish to accept a universe that wasn’t created for you and too terrified of death to accept a temporary existence.Religion is a mental illness.

  725. 725

    I learned in a high school philosophy class that we can’t prove our existence so that means I can exit the real world and devote my life to Scientology or Christianity, or any other cult I can think of.

  726. 726

    Oh…I see what you did there….Hazzah for His Noodly Appendage!

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