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Jul 20 2012

See you August 1st…

Hey folks, I’m going to be without reliable Internet access for the next week or so, and that means a temporary hiatus in the postings. I know, it’s cruel of my family to drag me off into the wilderness for a week of relaxation, swimming in the lake, and enjoying fine home cooking. But what …

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Jul 19 2012

Gospel Disproof #49: Maimed in heaven

In Mark 9:43-48, Jesus is reported to have said: If your hand causes you to stumble, cut it off; it is better for you to enter life crippled, than, having your two hands, to go into hell, into the unquenchable fire, [where their worm does not die, and the fire is not quenched.] If your …

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Jul 18 2012

Two sides to every story

This looked like an interesting First Amendment story: “Attorney for Pastor jailed in Arizona speaks out” (capitalization as in the original). Last week we brought you a story about Michael Salman, a Pastor in Arizona who surrendered himself to authorities to face two months in prison. His crime? Holding bible studies in his home. Mr. …

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Jul 17 2012

On-again, off-again Target stores to sell gay wedding cards

If you’ve got a gay friend who’s getting married, you’ll soon be able to buy them a congratulatory card at Target. That’s a good thing: the more businesses who realize that gays spend money too, the more completely gays will be integrated into our consumerist society (and more importantly into the pervasive marketing and product …

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Jul 16 2012

New name, same old crap

OneNewsNow reports that the Alliance Defense Fund, whose defense of bigotry and discrimination has suffered serious setbacks in recent years, is hoping to win some new support by adopting a new name. And in the best conservative Christian tradition, they’ve decided to pick a name that completely misrepresents what it is that they actually do. …

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Jul 15 2012

Snakes, hell, and self-made eunuchs

Over at Evangelical Realism we’re covering chapters 27-29 of Justin Martyr’s First Apology, and he does manage to cram a lot into a few short chapters. Stop by if you’re interested.

Jul 13 2012

The rich or the wise?

One thing I’ve noticed in connection with climate debates is that in any dispute between the rich and the intelligent, most people tend to side with the rich. And now that I think about it, that seems to be true in general. It doesn’t matter if you’re a greedy, dishonest bastard, or if you hurt …

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Jul 12 2012

Primitive Creationism

One thing I think Ken Ham and Kent Hovind do rather well is to remind us how primitive young-earth creationism really is. They know, even without looking at any evidence, that the primitive God of Genesis 1 and 2 hasn’t got a chance of coming up with anything as advanced as our modern, scientific understanding …

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Jul 11 2012

Bearding the lion

A long time ago, I heard a story about how young men in ancient times would prove their courage and manhood by sneaking up to the den of a lion, giving the lion’s beard a good sharp tug, and then running away without harming the lion. If I remember correctly, the bravest of the young …

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Jul 10 2012

Consistency and perfection

As long as we’re dabbling in a bit of amateur philosophy, I thought I might bring up another notion some of you might find interesting. I spend a lot of time thinking about the principle that truth is consistent with itself, both in the non-contradictory sense and in the cohesive/unified sense, and it has led …

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