June sets new global warming record

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Please chip in to my Paypal account at Darksydothemoon-at-aol-com if you can. But some good news: I may have gotten at a job nearby company that pays .. OK. I should know by Monday. It would start in August, so no help this month. In the meantime, here in Texas, it’s pretty damn hot! It turns out last May and June were the hottest ones on record the world over. That’s not even the scariest datum:

Christian Science Monitor — And that’s only part of it. The world’s oceans not only broke a monthly heat record at 62.7 degrees (17 Celsius), but it was the hottest the oceans have been on record no matter what the month, Arndt said. “We are living in the steroid era of the climate system.”

Arndt said both the June and May records were driven by unusually hot oceans, especially the Pacific and Indian oceans. Heat records in June broke on every continent but Antarctica, especially in New Zealand, northern South America, Greenland, central Africa and southern Asia.

GISTEMP showing last two decades of ground and sea meteorological station data

NASA GISTEMP graph showing last two decades of ground and sea meteorological station data

You may hear or read about recent global cooling or a warming pause. But those claims are sketchy at best. The image above show the actual average readings from global weather stations over the last two to three decades. Note the spike in 1998 circled in blue, an abnormally hot year even by modern standards. It was driven by a huge El Nino and other factors. If you draw a line from that peak to recent readings, it almost looks like global; warming is over! Or at least taking another reversal before resuming the climb as it has in recent decades. But pick any other point in the 90s and that pause disappears. You can guess which annual datum climate change deniers are obsessed with.


  1. Mary Ridenhour says

    There’s a number of people that won’t accept that the Earth is warming even if their hair catches fire. They’ll blame it on the libs and Obama and everyone else that doesn’t think and look like them.


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