Mars Curiosity meeting recap

Streaming here. For some inexplicable reason Ustream has made it either difficult to find the embed code or felt it necessary to not have it available at all. Also the log in button using Facebook doesn’t work for me and tons of people. WTG guys! So far the speakers are trying to pretend this wasn’t a first class PR screw up by saying things like, “The big important news is Curiosity landed on Mars”. Weak. I’ll have a recap when it’s available.

Recap: As best I can tell so far, Curiosity found nothing newsworthy on Mars at all. The soil analyzing instruments worked and that’s it, that’s what set this whole thing off last month.


  1. anubisprime says

    Seems they got Organics of sorts…but not a lot and there is some discussion of where the Chlorine pinched the Carbon from.

    It might be indigenous Carbon or indeed it hitched a ride on incoming meteoritic debris.
    Seems other chemistry based possibilities have rejected the premise it was through such a channel.

    But still a lot of analysis to perform as yet!
    Whether it is earth shattering is not clear, just to little of one species of Carbon compound so far, but it is a beginning and the term is Organics of sorts…at least that was the jist of it I picked up!

    Not really one for the history books but certainly they are on the trail of something juicy!

    It seems that Viking might well have got it spot on as well, Levin must be delighted, in the manner that only scientists can allow themselves to be with such a meagre result…but it is seemingly a positive result however it is spun.

    Interesting point..this was the first phase of commissioning the scoop and on-board lab modules, in fact the very first ingestion and they hit pay dirt…seems that was exactly what Viking did as well!

    This stuff must be everywhere !

  2. says

    Of course they knew where to land to get a fruitful result.

    Remember — Obama teleported there when he was a CIA agent back in the 1980s. He told the scientists where to land.


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