New poll highlights Romney’s weakness on Bain record

A new Pew poll finds Obama leading his opponent Mitt Romney overall by seven points, and in most every category polled. Except a couple:

Now you see why team Romney is has reason to be worried about the Bain stuff. If Romney’s pseudo-record as a “job creator” at Bain is undercut with example of outsourcing, it means his campaign will be forced to come from behind on virtually every issue for the next three months.


  1. says

    And on those two areas where Mittens has the advantage, the Democrats could pull ahead — if they’re able to remind the people that both of those problems were pretty much created by eight years of Republican policies. We have lots of pretty obvious facts on our side here, we just have to articulate it in a manner most voters cas easily understand.

  2. Synfandel says

    Currently, Obama is favored by a 50% to 43% margin among registered voters nationwide.

    I think the report meant a seven per cent margin, not a 50% to 43% margin. It mistated the margin by 36 to 43 per cent.

  3. Randomfactor says

    “People have got to know whether or not the Republican candidate for President is a crook. Well, I’m not a crook.”

    There. That should be convincing and Presidential.

  4. 'Tis Himself says

    What Romney did at Bain was more or less pretty much legal. Certainly the hostile takeovers of companies was legal because the SEC looks quite carefully at that sort of thing. And once Bain owned the other company Romney and his Merrie Men could do whatever they wanted with it.

    It’s things like Romney’s IRA and his overseas accounts that need to be looked at. I strongly suspect the IRS would have a field day looking at Romney’s personal finances.

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