Islam and ignorance made some UK Muslims hateful bigots!

‘Don’t dress like this in Muslim area. No alcohol in this area, it’s a Muslim area. Move yourself away from the mosque, go away now, don’t come back, keep your mouth closed. We don’t respect them who disobey god.’

‘Mate, don’t you know this is a Muslim area. What’s wrong with your face? you’re walking through a Muslim area dressed like a fag. You need to get out of here. This is a Muslim area. You’re gay mate, get out of here you bloody fag. You can’t stay around here anymore.’

After seeing these videos, non-Muslims started protesting in UK. Muslims tried to avoid by saying, “The actions of this tiny minority (Muslim Patrol) have no place in our faith nor on our streets. We will monitor the situation closely and our Imams will be speaking out against such actions.” Muslim Patrol may be a tiny organisation, but their actions certainly have a place in Islam. Islam neither accepts women’s rights, nor accepts gay rights.

Many Muslims in UK are ready to create enclaves in major cities where, they believe, sharia will one day be implemented. Some areas in London are declared “sharia-controlled zone” as part of a new “Islamic Emirates Project”.



This is alarming.
Now the good news is, two Muslim patrol men who harassed gays are arrested. I was happy but Maryam made me wake up! She wrote:

This type of harassment and abuse (at best) is meted out day in and day out against “Muslims” who are “improperly dressed”, who are gay, who are ex-Muslim, who are dissenters, who question or criticise Sharia law….

But there are never any arrests of officials from far-Right Islamic organisations and Sharia judges and courts…

In fact outsourcing social control to religious organisations is encouraged by the British government .

This time, it all went horribly wrong only because they targeted non-Muslims.

As the spokesperson for the Muslim Council of Britain says in opposing the “Muslim Patrols” – all their threats and intimidations – applies only to Muslims.

Then, as we have heard countless times, Islamist bigotry, discrimination and violence must be “respected” no matter how many are abused, threatened, intimidated, or who refuse and resist.

Talk about different standards and rights for different people…

This is so true! I know it so well! When Muslim fundamentalists attack me for my thoughts and ideas, most non-Muslims keep their mouth shut or say, ‘the fight is between Muslims! We should not interfere in Muslim affairs!’ Muslim fundamentalists who issued fatwas against me, or set price on my head, or attacked me physically were never arrested.

A Muslim bigot called Owaisi was never arrested for threatening to kill me, but was arrested for threatening to kill non-Muslims. (I am an atheist, not a Muslim. But people don’t stop from labelling me with the religion of my ancestors.)

Hateful Muslim bigots harass, exploit, abuse, threatened, kill more Muslims than non-Muslims. No threat or violence should be considered less serious because it happens at home or in the community.