Fatwa issued against music

A fatwa has been issued to the all girls band of Kashmir by the Grand Mufti and has condemned the rock band and has added that music is bad for the development of a society. The grand mufti, on Sunday, openly castigated the “political leadership for expressing unnecessary support” to a “shameless act”. He says:

“Such trivial acts (singing and playing instruments) never develop society but are a first step to demolish its moral fabric. I am happy that the new generation has attained a pro-development and pro-religion stance but there are some girls treading on the path of destruction. They should stop from such activities and not to get influenced by the support of political leadership.”

Allah hates music.
Will Musims continue to hate everything Allah hates? Or they should do what ever they like to do, e.g. singing and dancing, and be proud of having their own individual choice!