Fatwa issued against music

A fatwa has been issued to the all girls band of Kashmir by the Grand Mufti and has condemned the rock band and has added that music is bad for the development of a society. The grand mufti, on Sunday, openly castigated the “political leadership for expressing unnecessary support” to a “shameless act”. He says:

“Such trivial acts (singing and playing instruments) never develop society but are a first step to demolish its moral fabric. I am happy that the new generation has attained a pro-development and pro-religion stance but there are some girls treading on the path of destruction. They should stop from such activities and not to get influenced by the support of political leadership.”

Allah hates music.
Will Musims continue to hate everything Allah hates? Or they should do what ever they like to do, e.g. singing and dancing, and be proud of having their own individual choice!


  1. Dr. M K Mili says

    very shocking as this kind of fatwa from illiterate muslim mulla. we need ban on these mulla in india and indian citizen should govern by only secular Indian constitution which gives every indian to have equal right irrespective of caste, religeon, gender. these muslim mulla should be brought behind bar. muslim people should stop listen to them. they are obstacle in progressive society.

  2. Hairy Chris, blah blah blah etc says

    That fatwa at islamqa.info is pretty crazy. What is the scope of it’s findings? I don’t know how these things work, and pretty much every Muslim person that I know likes music…

  3. says

    Amusingly enough the best Champion for Free Speech in India spoke out against him.

    Yes, Shobha De! (Think a Harlequin Romance Writer). Censorship in India is a major problem, particularly if something hurts religious sentiments.

    So it’s perfectly acceptable for my local temple to set up a giant generator and speaker system to play indian pop music at 5:30 AM or religious songs but not for me to tell them to knock it off because people have to sleep.

    The “girl band” in question were so harmless that you would think he was responding to Black Sabbath.

    Or Dethklok.

  4. shouldbeworking says

    “Such trivial acts (singing and playing instruments) never develop society but are a first step to demolish its moral fabric.”

    Music is bad, throwing acid in people’s faces is good for morals? What a dipshit.

  5. says

    This is the ultimate impact of Islamization around the world. such type of mufties, mullahs etc scatter some kinda nonsense in the name of religion..today music is banned, yesterday some books were anti-islamic, the day before a few cinemas were sins , tomorrow all Women will be taken as curse and Anti-Allah… wonder how does Allah communicate about such kind of Do’s and DONT’s through mullah’s dirty-mouth? Allah forbids that what fundoos want to ban ! Is there anything banned for MEN? alas !! our Human/Fundamental rights are under forceful control of handfew Fundamentalists ! and political leaders don’t get tired in pleasing them!!

  6. Hasan Khan says

    Crimes against humanity involving the nation’s War of Liberation against Pakistan in 1971:-

    The second war crimes tribunal of Bangladesh will deliver its verdict on Jamaat-e-Islami’s RAZAKAR Assistant Secretary General Abdul Quader Molla facing charges of crimes against humanity on Tuesday.
    The maiden verdict came on Jan 21 against former Jamaat leader RAZAKAR Abul Kalam Azad, popularly known as Bachchu Razakar, who was sentenced to death.

    Azad was found guilty of six war crimes charges including genocide, murder, rape, abduction, confinement and torture. He was acquitted of one charge.

    The case of another Jamaat leader RAZAKAR Delwar Hossain Sayedee is also awaiting verdict.

  7. Samir Saha says

    I’m a Hindu by birth.our days use to start with music,like prayer,kirton etc.In my 50 yrs of age I’ve listened to a lots of musics.AZAN is one of the most melodious tone,according to me,if the MUAZZEIM has a good voice (Kantho).

  8. Fred Salvador - Colonialist says

    AZAN is one of the most melodious tone,according to me,if the MUAZZEIM has a good voice

    Maybe if every Pragaash song ended with “La ilaha illa-Allah” the Grand Mufti would shut his big, stupid fucking mouth, and the rest of the knuckle-dragging nobodies who support him would leave these kids alone.

  9. Alulim says

    I find it interesting that this utterly absurd stance on music is something right out of Puritan America. Or, better yet, Dark Ages Europe, when anything not overtly Christian was considered evil. Indeed, there are parts of this world that still exist in the Dark Ages. Education is key, and religion is exactly what exacerbates Dark Ages thinking. What this world needs is a fatwa against religion.

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