We are killing them

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) today released a list of Asian species that are at a conservation crossroads calling for governments to take immediate action with The Three Rs Approach: Recognition, Responsibility, Recovery.

The list includes: the tiger, orangutans, Mekong giant catfish, Asian rhinos, Asian giant river turtles, and Asian vultures. The announcement was made at the IUCNs World Conservation Congress convening in Jeju, South Korea through Sept. 13.

WCS says that each species can follow the path of the passenger pigeon, which went extinct in the early 20th century, or the bison, which was saved using the three Rs approach. In the case of the bison, which was decimated by over-hunting, its plight was recognized, responsibility was taken, and recovery resulted with more than 30,000 wild individuals in existence today.

Asian species will not be saved. They will go extinct. We poison them. We kill them. We are very good at killing. Hundreds of joyous people brutally killed a Royal Bengal Tiger in Bangladesh. I am ashamed of being born in a land of nasty, brutal people.