1. drb_parasana says

    dear Taslima,
    our rajya sabha member tells in parliament YOU and Fatah create kashmir problem, hon Mr Azad not explained how a 70 year old problem created some 50 yr liberal intellectual person ??????

    • says

      You try to teach us Ahamadiya Islam, but Muslims themselves call you all infidels.
      Any way, Mohamed led many wars and looting, he encouraged raping war captives.
      So, how can you call it the religion of peace?
      If you challenge me about my claims, I will bring reference from the holy books of Islam.

  2. says

    Well said.
    If Muslims can protest against “Innocence of Muslims” for portraying something which is not the real Islam according to their belief, then why not they do the same against ISIS?

  3. says

    Brilliant Clip and the Truth but you are using Western ideas to combat Islam and its repression of Women you can turn to pre Islamic Bengali Hindu culture to achieve the same, drop the western colonial mind set and return to your roots History. Totally admire you but natural not to agree with all your thoughts . Have attended Ex Muslim UK Council meets with Miraim another brave soul
    Can we meet London or Delhi? I’ll buy you chai

  4. Shahid says

    It’s interesting that still these people bear Islamic names and I think it’s like the name IS bears. It’s cheating! These people should have names that represent their identity. Can’t we use our common sense? They always fear common people, of course human being as well as humanity. Still they demand they are intellectuals! Actually, these rootless guys always try to make themselves important. No doubt they are abused and they like to be abused for money in the name of humanity and philanthropy.

  5. says

    Quran says Islam is made ONLY for people in and around Mecca. This is why even the most essential Namass is designed in such a way that only people in and around Mecca can do it the way Quran says in 2:144. In this verse it is clearly mentioned that one should not turn their face towards sky; one should face towards Kaabba; turning ones face towards sky is against Quran 2:144. Those who are against Quran is guaranteed to go to hell as per Quran.

    If Earth were flat, there would be no issue, for 1.6Billion Muslims on this planet, to face Kaaba while doing Namass. But due to the shape of the Earth all those people outside of Mecca can only face the sky, geographically. Just go to a sea shore and look straight and see where you are facing; yes it is the sky! It is that close, within your visible distance where your vision can fall is the sky; such is the curve of the Earth. This proves that Muslims outside Mecca who do Namass are guaranteed to go to hell.

  6. Jeanette says

    You are 100% right. Islam is NOT a religion of peace. That says it all. It is just crazy that my president, Barack HUSSEIN Obama claims that Islam IS a religion of peace. Obviously he is lying, and is a Muslim sympathiser. He just will not admit the truth, for whatever reason. He is doing basically nothing to fight against ISIS, and is in pure denial of Islam being a major threat to the USA. This is very disturbing to me. Being “politically correct” in this instance is ridiculous and uncalled for. Here we have a “religion” that says you need to behead all “infidels” who do not believe in Islam. This is a real threat to our society, and desperately needs to be addressed, not covered up by my wimpy “president.” He needs to protect us against Muslims and their sick ideology before it is too late…

  7. says

    Dear Jeanette
    The situation in the US is worse than it appears. The Islamic Sharia plant in the White House will be Huma Abedin who has been at the center of a soft Islamic attack on the US under “woman” Hillary Presidential candidate via Saudi Arabian money. She has links with Islamic BroHood and the FBI have been hampered by Obama and Huma from doing their work by “political correctness” according to ex FBI and Homeland security operative Phillip Haney. Both the recent terror attacks San bernadino and Orlando were avoidable had they heeded Phillip Haney and his colleagues advise. Instead both the FBI and Homeland Sec tried to prosecute THEM for stating the obvious. We will see more chaos under Hillary such as Syria, Libya, Yeman if HUMA becomes Secretary of State, a truly terrifying prospect for the World, AN ISALMIC SEC OF STATE .Please search him on the internet.

      • says

        President Trump is NOT perfect but but eradicating Islamic terror I think we can all support. Obama Hillary stopped using the term. After San Bernadino as soon as they mentioned Pakistani couple I was shouting “Islamic Terror attack” at my TV while Obama was still mulling over work place violence. Yesterday Islamic Republic of Iran was put on notice by Trump GOOD I SAY
        Brigitte Gabriel Pamela Geller Maryam Namazi Tasmilla Ayaan Hirsi Ali and many more are doing a great job.

        • says

          After getting elected Obama flew to Egypt and made a apology to Muslims for US behavior. He was trying to separate Islamic terror from Islam. At the end of his term he was rewarded with ISIS and the misery of Libyans Syrians Iraqi’s wars HE FAILED and anybody who tries to separate the same two will fail

  8. Md Hasibur Rahman says

    ম্যাডাম ফেসবুকে আপনাকে comment দিতে পারসিনা।অনেক দিন ধরে শুধু লাইক দিয়া যাচ্ছি।দোয়া করে একটা ব্যাবস্থা করে দিন।

  9. manus says

    Sir Salman Rushdie, Taslima Nasree, Mahendrapal Arya, Tarek Fateh have brain. They are intelligent. Respectable. Honourable. What are rest world knows from last 1400 years.


    respected mam, ami kolkata theke bolchi, mam, ami ekti novel likhechi ,ami hons sri sarat chandra chatterjee r lekha DEVDAS novelr anukoron ekta novel DEVDAS-2 novel likhechi , ami aponake amr novel ta dekhate chai,ami apner kache govir vabe anurodh korchi je amr novelta nebar janno, ami konorokom vabe apner sathe jogagok korte parchi na , mam ahi vabei apner sathe kotha bollam er janno khoma chaichi.plzzz mam amr novelta ekbar pore dekhun plzzzzzzzzzzzzz mam plzzzzz mam .
    Thank you

  11. says

    Request a brief meeting with you. Points for discussion – 1] If Islam is not a religion of peace, how can India be friends with Bangladesh in the long run? 2] Should Makkah-Madinah be accorded Vatican like status…in the sense to make it free from Saudi stranglehold? 3] Is the world moving towards two Islams – one headed by Sunnis, particularly the Wahabi sect and the other by Ayatollah’s Khomeini. Will Arabaeen emerge as big, if not bigger than Hajj/Umrah? 4] Is the spread of radical Islam connected to oil wealth – if alternative energy sources appear other than the Gulf, will their hold on the Islamic world shrink? 5] Who will champion Islam after oil – Turkey (the Ottomans), the Saudis (Custodians) or Iranians (Challengers) in the coming decades? In case you decide to give me time, please check my address in my website. My phone: 9313291226.

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