Passport to heaven


Passports to heaven are created and distributed by Islamists from a political party called Jaamat-e-Islami in Bangladesh. Islamists are known to make people fool. The passports inspire people to become terrorist killers and suicide bombers.
If you can brainwash people with lies about afterlife, you can make them to do everything for you. It is such a surreal world.


  1. says

    Amazing, the sort of correlation or similarity to such “passports” in American Evangelical cult. I don’t know if pictures exist of the ones I’m thinking of, but I remember seeing such things in the 1980s. These “Kingdom Passports” expressed a very similar preference for not being alive, that is, not being fully within one’s own experience in the moment and preferring an imagined state in which being dead is better, and being dead is to (somehow) enter into some other state of being.

    I think one should be suspicious of someone who doesn’t even hazard a self-doubting guess about the nature and limitations of their own present experience.

    Also, noting the picture, are those police? What is their role in all of that?

  2. voboghure71 says

    Previously this Islamic political party sent one of their leader to moon without any help of spaceship. The leader is known as Allama Saydee. Though most of the fundamentalist people in Bangladesh believe that they saw Saydees shadow on moon and that’s why they stood against government but government claimed that Saydee was imprisoned on that time for war crime. It’s still a mystery how Saydee managed to get out of prison and arrive to moon without any help of rocket then get back to prison again. Why he didn’t flee! Freethinkers of bangladesh say these are the propaganda of Zamaati fundamentalists, but some says these are the mystery of Islam, Allah can make everything possible! What can I say, talking against these things is blasphemy here. May be we can conduct research on these passport and Saydee issues, nothing is impossible. After all Islam is the most scientific religion!!!

  3. sukanya roy says

    Madam,you are my inspiration,whenever i feel low i simply read your books its give me full of positive vibes…salute u madam

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