Kiss of love.

In many parts of the world, you will not be arrested even if you kill, abuse, and sexually harass people in the streets. You will not be arrested if you curse people, beat poor pickpockets to death. But you will be arrested if you kiss your loved ones in India. A few days ago some people involved in ‘kiss of love’ movement were arrested.

In protest some students from Kolkata universities kissed each other in front of Kolkata public. Those brave students are now criticized by politicians, writers and intellectuals. Shame on them! They grew up watching people hating, stabbing, shooting, and slaughtering. They don’t get shocked anymore when they see blood, chopped off limbs, and severed heads laying on the streets. But they get shocked when they see young people loving and kissing. Violence is not obscene but kiss of love is obscene for most people in India.
Kiss of love


  1. Dewan Abdul Mannan says

    Kiss is the first impression of love. Stolen kisses are always sweetest. But kiss in the broad day light is not allowed to all classes of people. As we live in society. We can’t do whatever we like. Thanks.

  2. illu says

    Kissing in public is no way degrading in any sense,but to justify a good cause with a comment that there are places in civilized society where killing,beating etc. are being permitted without consequences definitely makes it look worse,thanks

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