They are going to kill me.

I write books on women’s rights and humanism. But the fanatics won’t let me live. Just got this news. 200,000 ulemas will sign the petition demanding my deportation. Then 2 million Muslims in urs celebration will get crazy to throw me out of the country or to kill me in the name of Islam. It is so easy for Islamists to kill and destroy human lives. They only need to think of Allah and his messenger in order to become cold blooded murderers.

A Muslim cleric from UP, who had filed a police complaint against Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen for allegedly hurting religious sentiments, is now at the forefront of a campaign demanding that she be expelled from India for spreading “anti-Muslim feeling.”

“We will start a campaign for expulsion of Taslima Nasreen. She is against our religion and has hurt our clerics,” said Hasan Raza Khan alias Noori Miyan, son of the ‘sajjadanasheen’ of Bareilly’s Aala Hazrat Dargah, Maulana Subhan Raza Khan.

He said the demand will be raised during the last day of annual Urs-e-Razwi of Imam Ahmed Raza, commonly known as Aala Hazrat, in Bareilly on Monday.

Noori was also felicitated by Raza Academy of Mumbai during the urs on Saturday for taking “the initiative to lodged the case against Taslima.”

Noori had lodged the case with Bareilly Kotwali on December 4 against Taslima for using abusive language against Muftis and hurting the feelings of Muslims.

“We will collect signatures of nearly two lakh ulemas demanding expulsion of Taslima. Nearly 20 lakh people come during the urs celebrations and we will put forward our demand before them,” he said.

Noori said Taslima is a foreigner who is “spoiling the atmosphere of our country by spreading anti Muslim feeling”. “I don’t see any point in Taslima being given asylum in our country. She should be immediately asked to leave,” he added.

Earlier, Noori’s uncle Tauqeer Raza Khan, the chief of Ittehad-e-Millat Council (IMC) had allegedly announced a reward of Rs 5 lakh on Taslima’s head if she remains in India.

Taslima had reacted after Aam Admi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal had met Tauqeer Raza before Delhi Assembly elections soliciting his support.


  1. Al Dente says

    Noori had lodged the case with Bareilly Kotwali on December 4 against Taslima for using abusive language against Muftis and hurting the feelings of Muslims.

    Noori sounds like a spoiled six year old. “You’re a bad person. You hurt my feelings.”

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    Apparently both Dr. Nasreen’s enemies and the general media describe her on a first-name-basis, which (to a westerner) comes across as Elvis-class fame.

    Where are the pro-Taslima voices?

  3. leni says

    Just out of curiosity, can’t you file a police complaint against Hasan Raza Khan for “spoiling the atmosphere of the country”?

    Not to diminish your efforts, but that asshole seems to be doing a far better job of it than you.

  4. mobius says

    I am so sick of this concept that people have a right to not be offended, particularly religious people. Because a lack of religious offense just can’t happen. Some Islamists are going to be offended just by the existence of Christians and certainly by what they say, and some Christians are going to be offended by the existence of Islamic people.

    In fact, every one of us is going to be offended by something someone somewhere says. If we are going to start arresting people because they have offended, let’s start with this cleric…who certainly offends me.

    • UJJAL says

      @ Mobius – cannot agree more. And because these adults get offended they attain the right to become future murderers and govt has ALL the sympathy to protect them. Headless administrators following barbaric blinds.

  5. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    @Mobius : Seconded by me. 100% spot on.

    Its an understatement to say it like this but I hope they don’t kill you Taslima Nasreen.

    You are a far better person than they are and nobody deserves such treatment or such threats for speaking their mind and heart. (In this 21st century how is that last part not already universally considered axiomatic and needless to say!?)

    They’ve been trying to kill Salman Rushdie for decades now. They have failed. He still lives.

    Hopefully the same will be true for you as well.

    I hope your life is a long and happy one from now. That you live to see the Islamists fail and fade away, finally get rejected by everyone and dumped in history’s garbage skip of failed and nasty ideologies and warped belief systems.

    All the best Taslima Nasreen and please let us know what we can do to help if we ever can.

  6. tamosodeep says

    Why not you tell them that the more they are attempting to destroy you, the more their religion is losing its image, and eventually, they are just deceiving themselves. Tell them that it won’t work, our offspring is yet to come, she (or he) won’t rejoice these while looking back at the history, and all they are earning is their own refusal, in the yet-not-arrived future.

  7. Ramesh Barah says

    Those assassins are harassing you and still claim that Islam is a religion of peace. Just take care my friend and as long as possible stay away from those blood thirsty people, but don’t give up, continue to fight with your pen. As an atheist I will always support and voice for your cause.

    • Faisal Khalil says

      Islam is the best religion of the world. It is the religion of peace & the fastest growing religion of the world because it is the only true religion & all the verses of the Holy Quran are scientifically proven. Any how, lets come to the main topic, all the Muslims are not terrorists or assassins, these kind of black sheeps exist in every coomunity but there is not only muslims terrorists & assassins exists in this world threre are many terrorists & assassins other than muslims. But what the media do (specially western media) they took the black sheeps with in the Muslim community & portrays them as the real face of Muslims & Islam. Islam has been associated with terrorism and violence due to the actions of a few extreme individuals who’ve taken it upon themselves to do the most heinous crimes in the name of Islam. Islam doesn’t allow terrorism at any cost. Islam condemns violence and terrorism plaguing the world today. Islam also gave women status and rights better than any other religion of the world. Islam’s radical revolutionary call gave women their due status and rights in society in times of the “Days of Ignorance” more than 1,4000 years ago. According to the Quran, men and women have the same spirit, there is no superiority in the spiritual sense between men and women. There is no restriction in Islamic law that says a woman cannot work or have a profession. In Islam, men and women DO NOT HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS. Their rights are different because of their nature. Their rights are not equal, rather they are EQUALLY BALANCED. If you want to learn something about Islam don’t look at the muslims, just learn from the Quran and from the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

      • devilsadvocate says

        Not all of us are so foolish as to the history of the Caliphate and its relationship to the west. The media in our country is apologetic towards Islam to the point of being liars – they do not “single out a few black sheep.” On the contrary, they make apologies. They’re terrified of you, our politicians are terrified of you, the world is terrified of you. How many Muslims are there? They cannot kill these so called “black sheep?”

        No, they won’t do that, because their own leadership call for the deaths of writers. They call for the deaths of anyone who dares speak against Islam. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and many other countries have judicial procedures which could only be described by any logical westerner as “terrorist.” The entire Islamic religion is terrorist and I still hit myself in the head sometimes trying to figure out why the U.S. built an Islamic state in Iraq.

        Continue the way you are, one day the leaders of the world, China, India, Russia, the United States, the EU, will do what has to be done. They will stand only so much violence in the name of Islam before they decide the Sarahara isn’t quite large enough and try and experiment in global nuclear “disarmament.”

      • Albert Bakker says

        Dear Faisal Khalil please feel free to go talk to those “few” bloodcrazed clerics, terrorists and murderous muslims plaguing the world today and convince them their islamic convictions are wrong and they should all trade it for your bestest and truest version of islam that to your mind at least is very peaceful, scientific and fair to women. See if they are any more impressed..

        • Faisal Khalil says

          Thank you Mr.Albert, Islam has only one version which is peaceful, scientific and fair to both men & women.
          Islam, a religion of mercy, does not permit terrorism. In the Quran, God has said:
          “God does not forbid you from showing kindness and dealing justly with those who have not fought you about religion and have not driven you out of your homes. God loves just dealers”. (Quran, 60:8)
          Islam is not only a peaceful religion, it is also a scientific religion. The holy Quran & its verses are the true words of God because its scientifically proved. That is why Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. You can see or read the speech “The Qur’an & Modern Science” by Dr.Zakir Naik and many other literatures of Dr.Zakir Naik regrding Islam.
          The problem we are facing with Muslim specially in middle east now a days is due to divisions, chaos and sectarianism, which is strictly prohibited in Islam.
          There is an another problem in my country Pakistan, and that problem is the drone strikes, many innocent people have died in these attacks. These attacks also urged some youngsters to join Taliban and involved them selves in terrorist activities. This also gives an excuse to Taliban to do terrorists attacks on civilians & on police because they say “America ans & their allies ” . Pakistan become allies of USA after 9/11 attacks for The war against terrorism. since then over 40 thousand Pakistani people have been killed in terrorists attacks. USA is now a peaceful place but Pakistan is still suffering.

          • busterggi says

            “Islam has only one version”

            I advise you to take that up with the followers of the various other versions of Islam.

            Just let us know who to send out condolences to before you do.

          • Albert Bakker says

            And thank you for your elaborations on the uniqueness of the version of islam you are so fortunate to adhere to Mr. Khalil. But as it so happens there remain these “few” extremely devout sectarian muslims who haven’t quite gotten the hang of that peacefulness and mercy thing, who stand to benefit much more of your non-sectarian, scientifically sound insights as am I or I suspect anyone here.

            I am and have been diametrically opposed to drone strikes for every reason from principle to pure cynical pragmatism the stimulation of recruitment of fresh canon-fodder for the ranks of TPP being on of them. But in Western Europe for example recruitment is executed purely in religious terms, in terms of religious duty and not in terms of moral indignation. That is just a ploy that is cynically exploited and they are fed a diet of images and propaganda to fire them up with hate.

            So why don’t you step in, convince them islam is al about peace and mercy and science and equality and take away the reason, or excuse if you so like to think, to launch drone strikes in the first place. And if you really like science I should probably inform you that there are lots of different authors who write about lots of different subjects.

          • Stone Age says


            We can listen about your scientific religion, Holy Quran and Holy Prophet on some other day. Now the situation is in a democratic country Noori Miyan asks your muslim brothers to take “the initiative to lodged the case against Taslima”. Tasilma’s life is in jeopardy because your another muslim brother Noori’s uncle Tauqeer Raza Khan announced 5 lakh rupees reward on Taslima’s head.

            What do you say ? How peaceful is this process of demanding someone’s head? Say something about them. I am waiting…

  8. busterggi says

    Well don’t come to the US or the Christian fundies will want to execute you for being too lenient on Muslims. I mean it, no sarcasm.

    Fundies are bloodthirsty all over.

  9. miles says

    Yeesh what a world we live in… thanks for doing your part to improve it. It’s odd that their god is so weak that he can’t take a little counter-opinion, and that he needs those eager-to-slay nutjobs to defend his “truth”. I hope you’re wrong about them succeeding.

  10. Katherine Woo says

    hurting religious sentiments

    If you are critticizing religion and not “hurting religious sentiments” for extremists you are probably not saying anything worthwhile.

    And busterggi @9, whatever Christian fundies are doing, they are not doing what you claim. I really hope your comment is meant as mockery of the sort of idiots who always feel the need to claim we are ‘just as bad’ here in America in response to some problem elsewhere in the world.

  11. busterggi says

    Its what many Christian fundies in the US would do if they had the political clout to do so. The Domininionists make no secret of it.

  12. Jeanette Furlong says

    I love you Taslima for all you have done and all you plan to do..keep up the great work, and don’t let these barbarians get you down.. You are one woman who is not afraid to tell the truth… May many more follow in your footsteps!


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