A girl was raped and then buried alive.

A girl was raped and buried alive in Pakistan.

Siddique Mughal, a resident of a village in Toba Tek Singh district, located 225 km from Lahore, told police that his 13-year-old daughter was abducted by two unidentified men while she was going to a seminary for Quran lessons. The men took the girl to a deserted place and raped her. They believed she had died during the assault and buried her by the roadside, Mughal said.

However, the girl regained consciousness and dug her way out of the mud covering her. She raised an alarm and caught the attention of a passerby , who took her to a nearby rural health centre.

As police were not cooperating with the girl’s family, the Lahore HC chief justice’s complaint cell took notice of the incident on Saturday and directed the district and sessions judge of Toba Tek Singh to probe the matter.

The sessions judge subsequently directed police to arrest the rapists, complete their investigation.


I feel like I am buried alive and I am suffocating inside my grave, I am screaming and calling people out but nobody is listening to me! I feel like I am dying but no one is trying to save me.


  1. Shamsul Alam says

    Following the Islamic rules regarding women is the solution of these incidents…Women must not were alluring dresses… These dresses rouse the beast inside all the males… Some males can control it and some can not control it. When some males can not control it there creates unwanted incidents like rapes etc. So Women must keep their dignity to save themselves from the corrupted sights of these beast male people….

    • A well balanced male says

      You foolish man. It is people that think like you that cause misery in this world and subjugate women. I’ve never heard such arrogant, misguided wank – probably borne from some kind of religious zealotry. How dare you suggest that it is women’s fault that men rape. If some religions didn’t devalue women and teach males that they are superior women might not be considered fair game to idiots who can’t see beyond what they’ve been taught to believe. I include you in that – hang your head and keep your mysoginistic comments yourself
      A well balanced male

    • Diana Tortolini says

      Thank you for letting us know that because you are male you cannot control your violent instincts. To protect all possible victims of this violence, please surrender yourself to the nearest police station so we can incarcerate you for life. Also, please encourage every other man on the planet to do so as well. If they cannot control themselves, and are not responsible for their own behavior, men cannot be allowed to live freely. Clearly you must all be culled from society. This is excellent crime prevention.

    • culuriel says

      If men really have so little self-control, they should never be allowed to leave the house, kept under lock and key until something heavy needs lifting, and then escorted to their manual labor in chains. But since men not only insist on leaving the house, without chains, but also on having positions of responsibility outside prison, they need to learn self-control. Period. No excuses, and no blaming the people who suffer when they fail.

    • Rose says

      And people say feminists hate men.
      Why do you hate men so much? You seem to say that men are incapable of self-control. Or are you generalising from your own feelings to all men?

      • Se Busca Sharpei Robado says

        cant u see how men hate women??? 2 men RAPED and BURIED ALIVE a 13 year old girl….MEN HATE US, are u seriously talking bout feminist hating men?? what?? are u serious??

  2. Jockaira says

    A couple of things do not add up about this story:

    “They believed she had died during the assault and buried her by the roadside, Mughal said.

    How does Mr Mughal know that the assailants “believed she had died”? If his daughter had told him then one would wonder how she knew; she was supposed to be unconscious therefore would not have been able to hear any conversation about her “death”. Apparently Mr Mughal got his information from another source, perhaps the police who might have known already about the assault from their own sources. Perhaps Mr Mughal had his own sources through some sort of prior relationship with the assailants.

    This item, sourced from The Times of India, does not include the photograph above which is not consistent with the incident report.

    “She raised an alarm and caught the attention of a passerby , who took her to a nearby rural health centre.

    Notice that she caught the attention of “a passerby”, singular, but the photograph shows an arm and the body of two people and presumably a third holding the camera. The photograph shows handling of the victim such as might be accorded a corpse. The condition of the victim is certainly not of that of a person who has dug herself out of a mud grave. The flaccidity of the victim indicates either unconsciousness or death and the handlers in dragging her out and over the rough edge of the excavation indicates perhaps that the victim is dead. I doubt that this photograph is of the actual rescue.

    I suggest that this incident may be a badly conceived hired honor killing and that Mr Mughal, feeling some remorse or perhaps to cover his own part in the affair, made appropriately loud noises about the laxity of the police. If Mr Mughal has no guilt in this, then one must suspect the police of involvement other than in their official capacity.

    In any case, my sympathies and utmost concern go out to this girl surrounded by people who would use her only for their own purposes with no thought for her as another human being.

  3. MenIsMen says

    Whatever the incident, that is, how much true & how much false, I dont have any indept report about it. But one think I definately like to mention here is that Islam do not teach Men to rape women or little women, rather it teaches to protect women in varieties of form. And all religions do the same. But these kind of incident occour almost all day! from many sources of report by reporter. So I will make responsible to most unreligious & illiterate men for this kind of incident. Also the physico criminal Men are involved in these.

  4. =8)-DX says

    @Shamsul Alam
    Your opinions are disgusting. Clothing has nothing to do with rape – in fact the most “conservative” countries concerning female dress-code worldwide are also those with the highest incidents of rape.

  5. philippeorlando says

    No actually the picture should stay because we need to fully understand, and visualization certainly helps, the horror of this crime.

  6. Amitava Ghosh says

    ছবিটা না দিলে ভাল হত।
    ১৩ বছরে মেয়ে হয় না সে শিশুই থাকে।একটা শিশুর ওপর এমন অত্যাচার যারা করতে পারে তারা মানুষ নয়।এই ঘটনায় আবার পোষাক পরিচ্ছদ আসে কোথা থেকে।সুযোগ পেয়েই ধর্মের ধ্বজা ওড়াবার চেষ্টা।পুরুষ হিসেবে লজ্জা পাই কিছু পুরুষের এমন জঘন্য কাজে।আত্মিয়,পরিচিত,অপরিচিত বাচ্চা মেয়েদের সামনে মুখ দেখাতে লজ্জা হয়।এই সামাজিক ব্যাধি দূর করতে পুরুষকে একত্রিত হয়ে প্রতিবাদ এবং প্রতিরোধ গড়ে তুলতে হবে।এখনই।দেরি করলে চলবে না।

  7. UJJAL says

    @ Sanjana – While I respect your good intention not to attach such a picture, you are overlooking a major point. This horrendous picture is the truth of what religion is capable of. There is no point hiding ANY truth under the carpet and imagining only through literature what could have happened to the girl. When photo upload technology is available to reveal the truth it better be used at its best.

  8. Deera says

    Ms. Nasreen,

    Please do not remove the photo. It is reminder to all women how destructive men are and that we should think twice before allowing them into our lives, homes and around our children.

  9. jaffafa says

    Sexual urge is a natural instinct and the rules of nature have been laid out before us in holy books. Despite these rules women parade themselves semi-naked in exposed cleavage or see through dresses and mini-skirts – that is soo wrong.

    Living in the modern age/society does not mean you ignore divine law, because if you do, you make a mess of society. It is those men and women who choose to ignore divine law that make a mess and mockery out of todays society and then complain about. So, all those of you who are so ignorant and selfish get your act together and you will see a better changed society.

    • Malo says

      “Living in the modern age/society does not mean you ignore divine law, because if you do, you make a mess of society.”

      Yes, it does. As a matter of fact, I ignore your stupid laws every day, and the laws of all other worthless religions.

      What are you gonna do about it??? Are you gonna stone me to death? Not likely. Ha!

    • UJJAL says

      @ jaffafa – Ok. For a moment even if i agree that exposed cleavage, mini skirt, see through dress are termed semi naked by you and are very wrong and not allowed in divine law. Simple two questions :

      1. Are all the raped women were in your semi naked condition ? Any data with you ?
      2. Even if girls are semi naked, then why do religious men need to become rapists ? Because man see a gorl in mini skirt is the reason man can rape ? Because I see your cleavage is the reason a man can rape ? Why did religion fail to maintain the men to remain a good citizen ?

      Please clear your mind with detergent, it is smelling shit with religious ideas.

  10. UJJAL says

    @ jffafa – and here the girl was going for her koran classes. Do you think she was going in her see through mini skirt relealing her cleavages through the streets of Pakistan ?

    Surely not.

    Then why was she raped ?

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