Burqa Is British School Uniform!

Burqa is now some British school uniform.

A number of the religious schools enforce uniform policies where such clothing is mandatory, even for girls as young as 11.
Under the dress code stipulated by the Madani Girls’ School in Tower Hamlets, East London, all pupils must wear a black burka and long black coat when outside.
The girls must also wear headscarves in the classroom and the school says on its website that its uniform rule “conforms to the Islamic Code of dressing and must be adhered to at all times”.
The Ayesha Siddiqa Girls School, in Southall, West London, insists its pupils wear a navy blue burka or Jilbab, a long, loose-fitting garment that does not cover the face, when walking between lessons, The Times reported.
According to the school’s website, it is “not willing to compromise on any issues regarding uniform”.


Other private Islamic schools elsewhere in the country are thought to be imposing similar dress codes on their female pupils.
Birmingham Metropolitan College last week lifted its ban on Muslim face veils, hours before a demonstration by hundreds of students.
The college had been accused of discrimination when it ordered all students, staff and visitors to remove any face coverings so individuals are “easily identifiable at all times”.
The college’s decision divided political opinion, with David Cameron, the Prime Minister, backing the ban, while Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, said he felt “uneasy” about the rules.
After the u-turn, Mr Cameron’s spokesman said: “We support schools in setting their own uniform guidelines.
“These are decisions that are rightly for schools to take. There is an important point here around head teachers and their leadership teams being able to take the decisions that are right for their schools and we support that.”

Terry Sanderson, President of the National Secular Society, said:

“This school is due to be inspected soon. We hope that the Government will ensure that it is not drifting away from its original promises and towards exclusivity. This is the danger with this free school system — promises are being made that are not worth the paper they’re printed on.”

If burqa gets accepted in some schools today, it will get accepted in more schools and then more institutions tomorrow. It will get accepted everywhere. It means misogyny will get officially accepted in your land. If you want to make your society sane, say no to burqa now.


  1. says

    The college had been accused of discrimination when it ordered all students, staff and visitors to remove any face coverings so individuals are “easily identifiable at all times”.

    Interesting. I thought discrimination was treating people differently. Here, they are all being treated alike, yet “discrimination” is announced.

  2. wtfwhateverd00d says

    Well, I’m not terribly fond of clothes in general, but when I see these veils, face coverings, burkhas, all I can think of is how uncomfortable and stifling and heavy and annoying they must be to wear and how claustrophobic they would make me feel. Especially the ones that are so close around the eyes nose and mouth.

    What keeps these things from shifting around and obscuring vision?

    And has any sort of psychologist ever done a test on them to see how wearing such obscuring clothes affects (all sorts of) perception.

    I’m not terribly happy with the Daisy Dukes my kids would prefer to wear to school, but I can understand that a whole lot more.

    • NotYou says

      Initially when ppl started to wear clothes, they definitely, I think, felt uncomfortable. But they got used to it afterwards, without comfort tested by psycologists ( who were most probably not available then). Afterwards varities of traditional clothes appeared. Those are too, I think without tested, but ppl get used to those as well. But they might also felt uncomfortable, initialy wearing those…

  3. Pen says

    You know, I totally see what you mean. And then again, Britain is a country where skirts are systematically imposed on female pupils. Maybe that sounds innocent enough to some people, but apart from being chilly to wear, they force girls to choose between reasonable modesty and physical activity. And they also enforce an archaic and female-specific dress code for no reason. Lots of girls don’t want to wear skirts and have no choice. The rot ran deep already. How on earth can you legitimately ban one dress code while insisting on another? The government, for once, is right. You have to have some sort of coherence. Personally I say, phase out uniforms. Many Brits believe they soften the effects of social class, but I don’t buy it in this day and age.

  4. says

    Actually, this is a private school. Private schools have their own uniform laws. And on the skirts front, up North many a school has options for skirts or trousers.

    I actually think Uniforms in schools are important because of the softening of class differences. I never had fashionable clothes growing up. My parents unfortunately grew up poor so never saw the value of spending money on clothes. I had to throw their shoes out and force them to buy “good” shoes to see the difference (The Sam Vimes Economics Theory Applies to Some things. T-Shirts are not one of them, Jeans are not one of them. But Shoes? Good Shoes Vs. Cheap Shoes = A Big Deal)

    School uniforms are important. I didn’t appreciate it growing up but did after wards. As for skirts? I think young girls need the choice.

    I think the world would be a sadder place without ridiculouslly stupid outfits (mine was green and orange) for young kids to wear to encourage them to get along with each other..

    • says

      So you think uniforms are OK even if they are burqas, because of the softening of class differences and burqas are OK because those schools are private schools, so they have all the right to practice misogyny and they can have their own uniform laws!
      You don’t see differences between skirts and burqas!

  5. wtfwhateverd00d says

    “I actually think Uniforms in schools are important because of the softening of class differences.”

    I live near Scottsdale and my daughters go to Scottsdale schools and the daily experience is one of who has the nicest, trendiest, most expensive clothes, cars, phones, ….

    This is a reason many parents do support uniforms or dress clothes, even when feminists are horribly shocked at the misogyny of asking students and teachers to wear underwear or clothes that meet a certain standard. When the feminists yell FREEZE MAH PEACHES!

  6. wtfwhateverd00d says

    Hey Ophelia, too bad you kept my comment in moderation from last night.

    Re: your toilet remarks and the cartoon you have posted.

    Do you really agree with Twisty Faster that there is no such thing as consensual sex and that all consensual penis in vagina sex is a man using you as a toilet?

    Because that sort of rad fem philosophy is where women as a toilet comes from.


    You really should take a poll of your readers:

    [ ] I agree with Ophelia, there is no such thing as consensual sex and all penis in vagina sex is a man using a woman as a toilet

    [ ] Ophelia needs help

    What say you Taslima? When a man cums inside you without a condom, is that using you as a toilet, or is Ophelia’s commonly used reference a sign of feminist pathology??

      • wtfwhateverd00d says

        First Taslima, thank you for responding, but I have to ask, seriously Taslima, do you agree that

        there is no such thing as consensual penis in vagina sex?
        all penis in vagina sex contains elements of a man using a woman as a toilet?

        I would think that given what I appreciate as your history of enjoyment of heterosexual activities, that you would not agree there is no such thing as consensual penis in vagina sex, and not agree that your lovers had been using your body as a toilet.

        Perhaps I’ve misunderstood.

        I do thank you again for responding.

      • Steersman says

        Are you then agreeing with the argument that all PiV sex always qualifies as a man using a woman as a toilet? Or are you going to concede that if conception is the objective or the result then the man is off that hook? Sort of like the position of the Catholic Church.

        But, in passing, I wonder if you’ve seen that rather egregious cartoon that Ophelia has been peddling (1). And whether you would agree with its apparent suggestion that anyone who uses the “#FTBullies” hashtag has also been guilty of insisting, at least, that “some women should be treated like a public toilet”. Apart from wondering whether Foshaug actually had any evidence of even one person doing that, or whether he pulled the idea out of his nether regions, I also wonder whether you might think that that qualifies as some highly questionable stereotyping if not outright propaganda, demagoguery, and myth-peddling.

        1) “_http://freethoughtblogs.com/butterfliesandwheels/2013/09/another-bjarte-toon/”;

      • Pitchguest says

        And Ophelia is right that any man having consensual sex with a woman and ejaculating inside the vagina is the man treating the woman like a toilet?

        *raises eyebrow*

      • wtfwhateverd00d says

        Thinking as apparently Twisty Faster, Ophelia Benson, and perhaps Taslima Navreen do that “penis in vagina” sex is inherently degrading to the point that it means a man is using your body as a toilet seems to me, not a psychologist, an extreme act of self-loathing.

        Further, it is either misogyny for TF, OB, and TN to consider a woman’s body a toilet, or misandry to think a man’s ejaculate, a product of consensual partnered joy, a substance that can despoil a woman’s body. Or both misogyny and misandry, but not at all on the part of the man, but on the part of any person that compares a woman’s body to a toilet, or believes the male partner in a consensual sexual act deep down believes a woman’s body is a toilet.

        http://freethoughtblogs.com/taslima/201 … s-uniform/

        Of the three people above, I enjoy TF’s writing and acknowledge at times some truths in it — though I disagree with her on most occasions, she seems far more intelligent, far more honest, funnier, and is overall, a much better writer than OB or TN or most.

  7. says

    There was a famous public school called Christ’s Hospital where the boys were expected to
    wear stockings and gowns. In a land of quirky school uniforms burkas , niqabs, chadors is
    nothing to worry about..

  8. Callinectes says

    Sooner or later someone is going to commit a heinous crime while dressed in a burqa. Man, woman, Muslim or not, we’ll have no idea. Schools cannot identify those dressed such a way and the police will not be able to find criminals dressed in such a way. I think it is less “if” and more “when,” and we’ll see public opinion take a very definite and final swing against them.

  9. UJJAL says

    I think we were on school dress and veils.

    If religion covered women completely barring self visibility, how did men of the same religion marry the unseen person inside a cloth ? Do they get attracted by the cloth itself ? If the woman removes the cloth to show the man herself before marriage then how is the religion maintained that woman should not show herself to unknown men ? Too confusing. UUUFFFF.

    Do the same religious society and countries have men doctors in their hospitals ? Do only women doctors attends women patients ? Where are so many women doctors in that religion ? Rather women education is against the religion so to become a doctor is disobey of religion. Now if a male doctor attends a female patient for limb fracture, breast cancer or baby delivery how does a doctor check with the cloth covering the woman ? Too confusing. UUUFFFF.

  10. Shamim says

    I stand-by the the use of the full veil and burka. This is important in a mixed environment however, it is unnecessary in a female only environment as there is no one that will ogle at them.

    All women should don the burka.

    The burka is the solution to unfaithfulness, adultery and desires for lust.

    Everyone should be educated and trained in the use of the burka with the understanding how it defeats unfaithfulness, adultery and desires for lust.

    I praise the PM for a blessed understanding and I hope he will address the nation of women to cover up their botties.

    • Rose says

      Wait, are you being serious? Or are you trolling? I honestly can’t tell.
      You seriously think an item of clothing causes adultery? That’s ludicrous.
      People commit adultery because that’s their way of dealing with problems in their relationship, in the same way as other people turn to drink to deal with their problems.
      If you can’t deal with your desires for lust, then see a counsellor or stay indoors — don’t blame other people’s clothing for your won shortcomings.

      Wouldn’t items of clothing like the burka have originated as something to wear in desert sandstorms?

      I don’t think wearing the burka should be forbidden but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing.

  11. Shamim says

    I dont see the need for men to look at womens body or face, it produces lust. Female doctors and surgeons in GP’s and hospitals should wear the full burka and veil at all times. Women also look attractive in the full burka and veil with just their eyes showing and it is not necessary to look at a woman or her face when going for marriage proposal. Her qualities should suffice. Female doctors should treat females and males should treat males. If there is a case of urgency then a curtain, veil or purda should be used also it is a case of being more organised. In an emergency a female doctor can treat a male but only if shes in a full burka and veil

  12. UJJAL says

    Ha ha. Very interesting information. In women environment no one will ogle ? Then what do lesbian muslims do ? Ha haaaa….

    Also interesting, burka prevents unfaithfulness, adultery and lust ? Name ONE country having muslim religion which does not have ALL the three intentions ! Public punishment for all the three intentions are so common in the muslim countries. Means punishment is rendered after the actions are done. So, the burka could not prevent the intention, simple. ( Though there is nothing called unfaithfulness of relation, it is purely selfish to OWN a human and not allow her to like others, nothing called adultery after adult hood, and only because man has lust for more and not satisfied in one is a man marrying several women. Women under the veil can always see other men and have lust internally, who prevents ? Lust is nothing bad of course.

    Female are not allowed to study in the religion, how will they become doctors without studying ? Rest examples are just utopic.
    If qualities only would have to suffice for muslim marriage then why do they see each other at all before marriage ? Infact ALL of them do. Are all disobeying the religious rules ? If female doctors treat female then what do they do when a boy is born ? Ha Haaaa…..Sick and hilarious at the same time.

  13. Shamim says

    Sick and hilarious ? you people need to get your minds out of the gutter even those ones who wear a burka but have evil thoughts. I didnt say females are not allowed to study, nor does it say in islam. Female doctors can deliver boys because they are just babies. People see each other at the moment before marriage but if this changes its better. Unfaithfulness, adultery and lust are prevented by first having a pure clean heart, not one that has filth. This also calls for ban on semi-naked pics of women in magazines, bill boards, tv.

    We should strive to live by religious law not man-made political laws or laws of desire that come in to mens dirty mind. Look at the western countries – they are a mess: crime, rape, adultery, lust, wife swapping, dating etc, its all because we dont follow laws which have already been made for us. And these laws say to cover yourself and lower your gaze, it also says how to behave i.e. no nude or semi-clothed modelling.

    All these things i have covered in this post are HARAM !

    In islamic states these haram activities exists but on a much smaller scale and its because their minds have got corrupted, they have disease in their hearts

  14. UJJAL says

    What a paradox. Getting sexually aroused for a child, making sex with a child, child marriage is allowed in a religion is clear message who are sick with minds in the gutter. It is anytime better to get aroused on an adult having no burka and to propose and to date. Kissing in public is not allowed but flogging in public is allowed as a religious law ? Not hilarious, surely sickening.

    Thank you for accepting that there are “haram’ ( in your words ) in muslim religious countries. I disagree completely it is on a smaller scale, However, even if I agree that it is in a smaller scale, it is self explanatory that religion is weak to convince just that ‘smallar scale’ after having convinced (?) the larger section. Surely hilarious. It is also self explanatory that the muslim countries keep police and army for law and order. If the larger population is good and nice and religiously lawfully convinced without fear of guns, why maintain police etc for years after years after years. Surely hilarious.

    The most heinous of the crimes are rape and murder. In muslim country if the woman complains that she has been raped the religious law first arrests the women. Hilarious and sickening. Not only the mind, the whole body and the whole system lives in the gutter. And murder, right from history murder outside and inside the family is a common practice. Examples are more fat than the religious books.

    Adultry, lust, wife swapping ( naturally husband swapping ), dating, kissing are all natural biology of a straight human. The entire human race is born out of polygamy. keeping multiple women sex partners is marriage and allowed in religion but sex with multiple man is adultery. WOW !

    Finally, how childern are shot for going to school is an international news. It didnt happen in a western country, it happened in islamic country. You need a gun to stop child education ? ! Religion lies naked in front of the globe.

  15. says

    your blog is very nice i like it .its big reason that i like that is you made this blgo for burqa i think its nice way to teach them that says burqa is point of prisnorship for girls so.by the way i want to tell some thing that is,i have a site for school wear all writy of uniform etc, you can vist and hope so you will be enjoye.

  16. Norma Fay says

    I like School Uniforms, but these are a bit extreme. Our school has the kids wear khakis and a navy polo shirt. We found great deals on them at Burlington Coat Factory. The kids look nice and getting ready in the morning is so easy now.

  17. says

    Having read this I thought it was very enlightening.
    I appreciate you spending some time and effort to put this informative article together.
    I once again find myself spending a lot of time both reading and commenting.
    But so what, it was still worth it!


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