Kidero must resign

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero slapped women’s representative Rachel Shebesh and quickly forgot that he slapped her.

The misogynist Governor is so proud of himself, he has slapped a woman, and it is so insignificant incidence in his life that he does not even need to remember. His misogynist supporters ask him not to apologize for his crime and urge him to slap her twice if she comes again.

Sane women and men from all over the world should demand for the resignation anf punishment of Kidero. It is dangerous if you allow a filthy misogynist to stay in the office. If Governments are anti-women, public will be anti-women. Misogyny is contagious. Misogynists are always anti-democracy, anti-human rights, anti-free speech.
For the sake of humanity it is urgently necessary to replace misogynists with feminist men or women.


  1. Jeanette says

    I cannot believe that in this day and age, this happened. Kidero is obviously intimidated by women who speak up and who have strong opinions in general. As I have said before, us women give life, and yet we are hated by the very males who come out of our womb. In China, they MURDER female babies. This is also barbaric, but it is allowed due to extreme misogyny. Imagine having a newborn baby taken out of your amrs to be MURDERED by these misogynistic hateful pigs? Feminism is only the start. I have become a RADICAL feminist this year, because life needs to change radically for women. Some feminists I know are too open to men, and I cannot understand this because men are the ones who are ruining women and girl’s lives, raping us, murdering us, assaulting, etc..”Men get raped too” is always a comeback when I speak about feminism to men. Men are good about skirting the issue about women, and turning the issue back to their selfish selves. Rape and murder statistics are WAY UP for women in NYC. It is an EPIDEMIC. Yet, no specific laws have been created to protect women due to this. What else is new? People in the USA might scoff and make fun of other countries, and say they are behind the times, but look at us! Look at the USA and all of it’s shenanigans! I am ashamed to live in a country where it claims to be the “land of the free,” yet WOMEN are obviously NOT free!

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