They Deserve Buraqs

Allah sent Muhammad buraq, the winged horse, so that Muhammad,the prophet could travel to heaven. He went to heaven on buraq and met Moses, Jesus, a few more bearded guys and finally Allah the almighty.

Now look at the condition of Bangladesh today. They don’t have enough vehicles to travel. Millions of people are travelling to home to celebrate eid, the biggest Muslim religious festival, with their family and friends tomorrow. They are desperate to get some space in the trains,buses,boats. Train roofs and doors are overcrowded. Boats will sink. Many people would die. Allah should have sent Buraqs,the winged horses, to take these poor people home safely and quickly so that they can celebrate eid that Allah asked them to celebrate.


People are sitting on the roof of an already packed train while others are waiting in a Dhaka station.



The same crowd previous year.




I feel so sorry and I am so worried for these people. It happens every year. The same tragedy. What does Allah feel? Why doesn’t he make a miracle once for these people? Some winged things to fly home!


  1. Cuttlefish says

    Ah, but you misunderstand! When a ferry sinks, and 300 people die, the fact that one child floats to safety is a miracle!

      • says

        HI Madam Taslima. Ed greetings. and wishing u the best time in India as well. ur all method is right but at least don’t try to attacked 3rd power like -Allah, God, Christ, Bud duh, etc. of course we have to realize that the whole universe is running an unique way and peacefully . if indiscipline it might be destroyed like vehicle, motor, train rocket, plane ect. His controlling is unthinking, un seen and not ready stock like when u wanna see it would be then.

        I’m ur great fellow and try to understand ur mind view about ur best method of men Sexology how to men bcome worst than animal? Allah has given u the power and u can utilize ur own ideology like u r practicing sexology and ur method is not similar than others women.

        lets move for human rights /children abuse men ans women in the society for ever.

        Come Over, Let’s Find in New Light

        –Jammy Zahid–

        Come over, the human being the best of creation on the world
        With the message of the great love to bring
        Often in the cloud, in the rain or mountain fall stream
        Often in the drawn black eyes of The she lover
        Often as the flame of Malala ,Begum Rokeya-women education activist
        Often by up-staring through the dream of love
        We can build up a heavenly world.

        Some time our heart enlightened by evolution of civilization
        Is scratched by blue poison
        Our love is under the wild claw of Hyena
        Battered woman on the bosom of the raped society
        In the blue sky of freedom again
        See flying flocks of hawk- vulture
        Busy to off drive the women
        Spreading venomous steam to vitiate the green field, the country,
        This beautiful world,
        Strange freedom! Strange civilization!

        Come over, let’s find in the light of truth and justice
        The love of male and female,
        Come over, under the new light of the new day
        burning the flame of women education of Malala,
        Let’s take a bath in the holiness of good education,
        Let’s build up on the dry bosom of darkness
        The heavenly classical flame, no jealousy- enmity
        Come over, inspired in new spirit
        Let’s leave to this generation
        The life-bond of male and female.

        Come over, let’s find in new light
        make it sacred, free of sectarianism
        Let’s reverse the dark world of the evil power
        Into a suitable dwelling place like haven.

        জামি জাহিদ
        এসো নতুন আলোয় খুঁজে পাই
        এসো –পৃথিবীর সৃষ্টির শ্রেষ্ঠ নর-নারী
        সুমহান ভালবাসার বারতা নিয়ে,
        ফিরে এসো-কখনো মেঘ-কখনো বৃষ্টি,কখনো ঝর্ণা ধারায়
        কখনো প্রিয়ার কাজল কাল চোখে,
        কখনো মালালার,বেগম রোকেয়ার- নারীশিক্ষা প্রদীপ হোয়ে
        কখনো ভালবাসার স্বপ্নের সিঁড়ি বেঁয়ে
        আমরা গড়তে পারি এক স্বর্গ পৃথিবী।
        সভ্যতার ক্রমবিকাশে আলোকিত হৃদয় আমাদের
        কখনো দেখি নীল বিষ ছুঁয়ে যায়
        আমাদের ভালবাসা, হায়নার হিংস্র থাবায়
        ক্ষতবিক্ষত নারী,ধর্ষিতা সমাজের বুকে,
        স্বাধীনতার নীলাকাশে আবারও
        উড়তে দেখি চিল-শকুনের ঝাঁক
        নারীদের পিছুহঁটাতে ওরা ব্যাস্ত
        বিষ বাষ্পে কলুষিত কর‌ছে সবুজ দেশ এই সুন্দর পৃথিবী
        অবাক স্বাধীনতা! অবাক সভ্যতা !
        এসো, আজ সত্য ন্যায়ের আলোয় খুঁজি
        নারী-পুরুষের ভালবাসা,
        এসো,নতুন দিনের,নতুন আলোয়
        মালালা, বেগমরোকেয়ার নারীশিক্ষার প্রদীপ জ্বেলে
        সু-শিক্ষার পবিত্রতায় স্নান করি,
        আঁধারের মলিন বুকে গড়ে তুলি
        স্বর্গীয় চিরন্তন ধারা,কোনো হিংসা-বিদ্বেষ নয়
        এসো,নতুন চেতনায়-উজ্জীবিত হোয়ে
        এ প্রজন্মের কাছে রেখে যাই
        নারী-পুরুষের রাখী বন্ধন ।
        এসো,নতুন আলোয় খুঁজে পাই
        অসম্প্রদায়িকতা, মুক্ত ও পবিত্র করি
        অসুভশক্তির কালোছোঁয়া, পৃথিবীকে গড়ে তুলি
        বাসযোগ্য স্বর্গীয় আবাসভূমি।

  2. Vijay Thakkar says

    Excellent piece and gr8 compilation of pics. Sad situation for commomn men. No Buraq for them. Stands true for some parts of India too.
    Best to Taslima always.

  3. Simon says

    Why don’t you do something! Why don’t you donate some of your wealth and help them people! Sad twisted women!

    • says

      See, you are asking a homeless poor writer to help. You are not asking Allah the almighty, the richest, the kindest, the miracle maker, the savior sitting in the sky watching everything to help.

    • says

      Publicising it is doing something, albeit not as much as bankrolling a massive project to improve Bangladesh’s transport infrastructure, which is not really something you can expect one person who makes a living from writing to do unless they are absurdly wealthy by comparison with more writers.

      But Taslima is also trying to help needle people out of the superstitious beliefs that make vast hordes of people feel the need to overload the transport system by all travelling at once – if a significant proportion of the people pictured here ceased to be Muslims, then it would raise their likelihood of coming up with their own timetable for visiting home, and the crowd would spread itself out over the whole year, not focus on one particular period.

  4. Pierce R. Butler says

    Does the shortage of women in these pictures mean that they are packed inside, or that they never leave home in the first place?

      • Pierce R. Butler says

        I suspect the ones inside the trains (boats, etc) undergo nonstop gropage. At least the tight-packing in such quarters must make it very difficult for the men to fight over this…

      • Skeptic says

        I don’t recall mentioning any race in my comment.
        But obviously it is quite fashionable to call everyone a racist these days, when you can’t agree with them.

        To me, some of these photos resembled to a rat infested gutter or like a lice infested head. As long as there is some food, those lower ordered organisms breed disregard to the environment. But homo sapiens with their well developed brain are expected to do better.

        Probably your way of looking at it could be: “There is not too much people. Just too little infrastructure which caused the situation”.

        Another way of looking at it is: “Making more people with a total disregard to the environment (that includes infrastructure) caused this situation (and that is very irresponsible for a superior species)”.

  5. Kayum says

    Taslima Apu I like most of your writings because your writing is logical. Allah always helps the riches by providing AC car, buses, Trains to go to their destinations and wonderfully these are made available for the riches using labour of poor people.

  6. Jemand says

    And they will also be so hungry and thirsty– holding on for hours with low blood sugar and possible dehydration. These pictures made me so sad and worried for them, knowing their anticipation to get home and see loved ones, and the reality that some of them will not make it.

  7. muslima says

    asalamu aleykoum my brother! are yu not ashamed to say something like”how does Allah feel for these people” maybee e did that to see how people will realize after … i don’t think that u are muslim becouse a muslim don’t as to Allah for a miracle beouse therte are some busy towns!!!

  8. says

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