Islam should be scrutinized critically

Qatar jailed a Nepali teacher on charges of insulting Islam.

A Nepali teacher who taught chemistry at Qatar Academy has been jailed in Doha on felony charges for insulting Islam. Dorje Gurung, who has taught chemistry to middle and high school students in the United States, Britain and Australia, appeared in a Doha court on Thursday. If convicted, he could face up to seven years in prison.

Gurung was fired from Qatar Academy after arguments with students on April 22 and 23. Although he was set to leave the country, he was summoned by the police and has been jailed since last Wednesday.

Gurung has been accused of comparing all Muslims to terrorists.

Islam doesn’t feel insulted. Islam is not a human, it is just an ideology. Ideologies have no hearts and minds. Islamists may feel insulted when we critically scrutinize Islam. The truth is, whoever scrutinizes Islam gets killed, jailed or exiled. All other religions can be scrutinized except Islam. This is so ridiculously weird. Who gives Muslims the right to constantly violate our human rights? The barbaric and brutal blasphemy law must be abolished. Muslims must not have the right to terrorize the whole world in the 21st century with their 7th century’s laws that are against democracy, human rights and freedom of expression.


    • StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

      Huh? Would you elaborate on that please, Riaj?

      • Riaj says

        someone blindly follow a style without knowing right or wrong
        Though their mind encourage destroy as right

        Honestly I dont

  1. lorn says

    There once was a cook. He wasn’t a very good cook. He made terrible soup. After serving this terrible soup he would stand in front of the table with a large meat cleaver and ask how it was. It was terrible but, of course, everyone in his presence loudly announced that the soup was great.

    Then one day he hears two people talking. Asked how the soup is in the restaurant a man confides that it is really, really bad. Out jumps the cook who claims that the man is telling lies and slandering his good name as a cook because he knows, based on asking many people, how the soup was and they all, every one of them, told him the soup was great.

    Islamic fundamentalists, at some level, think that they are bringing happiness, contentedness, and peace to people because people in their heavily arm presence, with the smell of explosives and spilled blood surrounding them, tell the fundamentalists how very happy and righteous they feel living under Islamic rule. And anyone who says otherwise is obviously an anti-Muslim bigot deserving death.

  2. No One says

    One clarification; according to the article Gurung told the students that they wouldn’t like it if they where called terrorists just because they were muslims. This was in response to their make remarks about his Asiatic features. Asiatics are held in low regard in the Gulf states. This is racism with a lovely overlay of religious “offense”.

  3. Shiresh says

    “The truth is, whoever scrutinizes Islam gets killed, jailed or exiled. All other religions can be scrutinized except Islam”

    More Islamic-exceptionalism. I scrutinize Islam all day long. People get killed for scrutinizing Buddhism in other countries. Turn a Christian country into a warzone and see Christians killing. Put an atheist regime in charge and see how they deal with dissenters.

    You’ve got a hammer and every single conclusion is a nail waiting for you to slam “Islam is uniquely evil” into the top of it. Your analysis is so biased.

  4. Anil says

    Islam is the root cause of most of the international problems today.

    The slow progress of india is due to Islam. Muslims are multiplying them selves like bacteria in India. At independence there were 4% muslims in India but today they have multiplied to 20%.

    [Before partition there were 12% Muslims in India. 8% Muslims went to Pakistan so 4% remained in India]
    In India Muslims are growing like bacteria and at the same time they have wiped out the Hindus from Pakistan!
    Muslims have a 500% growth over 4%. At independence there were 93% Hindus today they have decreased to 70%. A 23% decrease. The Muslims are putting stress on Public Health system. Public distribution system. Law & order expenditure due to their criminal activities. Judicial expenditure. Jail expenditure. The growing muslim population is threat to security and integrity of India. Even the Huge defence Budget of India is due to Pakistan, a muslims country.

    Muslims were given 29% land as Pakistan which was 5 times than their population, still they are troubling India till today. This proves that even if you give any thing to Muslims they will not allow you to live in peace till you are fully destroyed!

    It is ordained in Islam that the Muslims should not take rest untill all the non muslims on Earth are either converted to islam or are killed.

    In Pakistan Sunni Muslims are killing Shia Muslims. In 70s Pakistani Muslims killed 30,00000 Bengali Muslims in Bangladesh. The Muslims were in secret pact with Hitler to get the Jews killed! Muslims were part of SS group of Hitler which killed Jews. It was a Muslim sponsored killing of Jews done in the name of Hitler. The photographs of secret meetings between Muslim leaders and Hitlers can be found on internet. The Muslims of Palestine are killing Jews of Israel on daily basis even though Jews in retaliation are giving fitting reply to them. It makes no difference to Muslims if few dozens of them are killed by Israel as Muslims indulge in 24 x 7 childrens production. Muslims moto is “We 5 ours 25” which means 4 wives and 25 childrens.

    All over world where ever there are Muslims there are problems. Muslims are the only people who kill their fellow countrymen because some muslim is killed in some other part of the world.

    By seeing the activities of Muslims it could be gathered that Islam is teaching Muslims to behave like Eunuchs by killing innocent non muslim people?

    If Islam had not taught to become Eunuch then Terrorist Muslims of world would have declared open war on their so called enemy countries and would not have indulged in killing innocent people. If they have so much guts then they should unite and declare a open war on Non Muslims instead of killing innocent people.

    There is no reason for Islam to be tolerated on Earth. It is the duty of Non Muslim Super Powers of World to just use few dozens of their Nuclear arsenal and wipe out the Islam from the face of the Earth!


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