Islamic ideology destroys young people’s brains

Muslims have been praying that the perpetrator of Boston Marathon Bombings is not Muslim. But we know that nothing fails like prayers. Yesterday when it was all over reddit and twitter that the suspects were Mike Mulugeta and Sunil Tripathi, Muslims were so happy! They were happy because the names of the suspects were not Muslim names.

But we now know that it was Muslims who terrorized America again. They were influenced by Islam and the Islamists. Someone told me today, ‘at least Tsarnaev brothers were not brown’. Yes, the terrorists are pure Caucasian this time. Ignorant white racists would not hate all the brown people in the world and they might not kill turbaned Sikhs like they did after 9/11.

All religions have the potentials to make terrorists. But non-reformed Islam is the number one culprit among all. You can not say illiteracy and poverty are the roots of religious terrorism, we already witnessed how highly qualified doctors, engineers, academics terrorized the world as suicide bombers.

The world will continue to be terrorized as long as religion is treated as the guiding force of society. And one day I am afraid the world will be burned to ashes if the long arms of religionists reach the buttons of the nukes we created.


  1. says

    What evidence is there that they were “influenced by Islam and the Islamists?” What evidence is there that they were influenced by Islamic ideology? I’m not sure we know enough about them to say one way or the other. Is your contention that being raised a Muslim constitutes sufficient influence?

    • Bruce Gorton says

      In 2011 the FBI apparently interviewed Tamerlan based on a tipoff from a foreign government.

      Apparently he was a follower of radical Islam.

      Dzhokhar apparently venerated Islam on his website.

  2. says

    I’ll only disagree with you about there being no reason for reprisals against random brown people. This is the US you’re talking about. The goobers don’t need a reason.

    And yes, I suspect that turbaned Sikhs will be targeted — the goobers are just that dumb.

  3. jaytheostrich says

    Edward, I have already read that the elder brother’s website is in praise of some Australian extremist Muslim cleric, and other Jihadi literature.. that’s enough for a start, if it’s true, wouldn’t you think?

  4. Amjad says

    I am surprised that you make such comments of something you have no idea about. How can you claim to have a PHD on something you did not even go to nursery school for? Taslima, have you even “touched” leave alone read the Koran and understood Islamic principles? You sound like a fool in front of many learned muslims. How can you be a pilot if you have not yourself even seen an airplane? Taslima, save yourself the embarrassment. And if you are doing it so that you get fame and fortune in this temporary short lived life, then fear God, the one who owns the eternal life of the hereafter.

    The most prosperous times in World History were during times when Muslims owned the world super power, I want you to prove me wrong from that standpoint. It is after the “atheists” and “materialists” and “greedy” beings took over this planet that we see all suffering and hunger today. Fear God Taslima, you disapprove his open signs without even taking time to understand them.

  5. says

    Blurg. This is something I struggle with. There are so many reasons to point to political or economic oppressions that result from imperialist practices toward the Global South… but then a case like this comes along where the United States takes an overall sympathetic view towards Chechnya, and yet it was Chechnyans who attacked us. Imperialism yes, but from the direction of Russia, the the U.S.. What factor remains? Islam. I don’t think the econo-political explanations are moot, but Islam is more prominent a cause than my fellow postmoderns seem willing to admit. Then of course there’s the deathly fear of being labeled an Islamophobe when there’s a legitimate critique of Islam to be made.

  6. Mamun says

    Dear ……

    First study deeply about HOLLY ISLAM then tell something about it. Otherwise you have no right to say anything about Islam. It is very very shameful that You (……!!!) like women was born from a Muslim Father & Mother…….!!!!

  7. Mubarak says

    Who destroyed the Taslima’s Brain? As I know, she does not follow the Islamic Ideology from her childhood. Is this the only cause of her Brain destruction??????

  8. hero says

    taslima was born in a hardcore muslim family and she had read your so called holy koran more deeply and understood more thn you mindless fundamentalists would ever understand…what has she said was wrong..why islam is producing terrorists…and please do not repeat the same shit about is total nonsense..

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