Land of Islam!

3000 angry Pakistani Muslims set ablaze more than 100 houses of Pakistani Christians
over a derogatory remarks against Prophet Mohammed made by Sawan Masih, a 28-year-old Christian.




Sunni Islamists in Pakistan have been killing Shiites, Ahmadiyas, Atheists, Hindus, Christians and whoever criticize their barbaric acts. They desperately want a land of Islam, where laws and rules are based on the 7th century’s Quran and the Hadith, where no other people but Sunni Islamists live, women stay at home or walk around wearing burqas, and they are all illiterate and ignorant and nothing but slaves of men. Islamists do not ask non-Muslims living outside the land of Islam for any help. They are helped, saved, and loved by their dear God. Would Islamists be able to live in peace in their darul Islam? I have a doubt. I think Islamists would continue terrorizing Islamists, they would continue killing themselves over little differences.

Let them have their own land, their dream land, their land of Islam. It is the best way to make them disappeared from the world.


  1. Soporific says

    I am new to your work. I can see why you don’t get much media work. Your an unhinged, nutjob with about as much insight into the human condition as a dead skin flake. Your a deluded, self important lightweight.

    • stanbrooks says

      “Your a deluded, self important lightweight.”

      Quit unlike yourself, hiding behind a pseudonym and throwing insults. Very sophisticated response I must say. And when did you say you’d be graduating from middle school?

      • soporific says

        Fortunately, I’m not whoring my calling to life with cheap, bottom feeding pseudo nihilism that seeks to fool the unversed with crass, ill considered and ignorant exegesis so i’m free to ignore criticism and equally licenced to indulge in critical insults.

        Taslima N is among a strain of charlatans masquerading in intellectual garbs who have been elevated by an ignorant and intolerant secular class in the West who view and accept them using the sterile templates that offer little in value when scrutinised properly. Quite apart from her unschooled and frankly demented commentary, I’d like her to replace Muslims and Islam with Judaism and Jews when appropriate parallels are available which, lets face it, you can have open season with if you went looking for it and then see how much purchase she gets from these fawning disciples of ‘reason’.

        Before anyone reminds me that Jews are a race and you are attacking an ideology when you target Islam, please point out what racial heritage Benjamin Netanyahu and an Ethiopean Jew share before you invite me to submit what in their religion may explain some of their followers actions.

        • says

          You have not demonstrated that any of your assertions about Taslima’s work are correct, and several are provably false. For example, Google News reports 200 occurrences of her name in the media in last month – and that’s only in those outlets that write in Roman script.

          And you are incorrect to say that she does not point out the abuses committed in the name of religions other than Islam. As you can see from the Recent Posts on the side of the screen, Taslima has lately described problems with Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity. Going back a little further, you will also find material on Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism, and Scientology. And a focus on Islam and Hinduism makes sense given the demographics of Bangladesh and of India.

          I do not agree with everything Taslima says (sometimes she makes statements that don’t match up with areas of science I know a fair bit about), but I almost always learn something from what she writes.

          • aroosh says

            This is not true, you guys are exaggerating too much, you are portraying Pakistan and Islam as a battle field. There iz nothing like that in Pakistan nor among any sect of Islam

  2. Gaurav Singh says

    No…. very soon they will demand some more land with Islamic Law and after getting that they will demand d whole world. Block them to their territory only.

  3. roger ivanhart says

    Any group of violent, rampaging humans – who in recent news reports usually seem to be Muslims, occasionally female, generally male but all with fanatical, staring eyes – seem to mutate into the locusts featured in Quatermass and the Pit rather than creatures that even vaguely resemble hominids.

  4. No One says

    I just noticed the guy in the second photo beating a burned down house with a stick because the house I presume, was still twitching.

  5. Bruce Gorton says

    In Pakistan he bleats his god
    Then beats his neighbour
    His heart blackened with ink
    Doesn’t blink as the smoke rises
    And reprises the line without irony
    Calls victory for his religion of peace

  6. Frank O'Brien1 says

    It is tragic seeing people killing and burning for religious differences, they are all based on ancient superstitious beliefs and hardly worth arguing for. So many die every day and it just seems to get worse.
    Can they not see that they are being exploited for the benefit of others?

  7. Yash says

    This is very shameful..not only for an islami but for entire humanity. The path on which Pakistan is going will definitely create turmoil for its neighbors. be ready India for another jehadi movement.
    May Allah will give dem some emotions and feelings..!

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