Don’t die dear doomsday dudes!

NASA is now educating the shitheads who believe the world will end on December 21, 2012. It looks like a canon is hired to kill a little mosquito. NASA should remain busy with our vast universe. Sane people have been working hard to make the shitheads understand that the world will not end in 2012 and they should better believe in science, rather than superstitions. If the shitheads haven’t got it yet, I am afraid they will not get it even if NASA begs them to get it.
Will the doomsday believers commit mass suicide around December 21? It will be painful to witness such a tragedy. Stupidity does not always kill but sometimes it really kills.


  1. Lofty says

    Actually all the end-of-the-world believers will all die at 11:59:59 pm and be magickly reborn at 12:00:00 am when the calendar restarts. Don’t go to bed early, you might miss the spectacle.

  2. Problem says

    But will they inherit, or is their stuff up for grabs?

    (Note: Can’t find link to log in with my usual info; the page demon thought I was impersonating myself.)

  3. F [disappearing] says

    Part of NASA’s mission is education and public outreach, whether it is to avid fans of science, or to the accidentally or willfully ignorant.

    No, I don’t place a lot of hope in getting the truly cranky to listen, but you may or may not be amazed about how many people throw around the end-of-the-world shtick casually, as if it were true, although they don’t behave as if it were true.

  4. F [disappearing] says

    Of course, they seem to gloss over the entire point that, misunderstood or not, neither the Mayan calendar nor any other system of beliefs can predict or prophesy the end of the world (among other things). Crap, the Mayans thought the world was younger than current Young Earth Creationists.

  5. Thorne says

    Will the doomsday believers commit mass suicide around December 21? It will be painful to witness such a tragedy.

    I have no problem with stupid people deciding to eliminate themselves. Like watching a child molester commit suicide by cop, I have more sympathy for those forced to shoot him than for the molester. The problem, though, is that these kinds of idiots are more inclined to take large numbers of innocents with them. Like some of those followers of Harold Camping who burned through their childrens’ college funds to pay for signs warning of the end of the world. The kids were the real victims. The stupid parents deserved everything they got.

    It’s those innocents who will haunt me.

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