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    I remember Speaker’s Corner in London. The place became transformed after the Iranian revolution. After 1978 the Iranian exile community of anti-imperialists faded out, and many moslems would hold prayer services in the park adjacent to Speaker’s Corner. Mullahs seemed more popular than socialists and other leftists. The later success of the Afghan mujehaddin and the call for censorship following the Salman Rushdie fatwa showed that ‘the left’ had few constructive ideas to counter a political construct that was based on ideas of scholastic theology that we thought had been left behind by the French Revolution.

    Speaker’s Corner in London still remains a place where beginners can learn to address crowds, and also a good meeting place for political dissenters. When people such as myself see all these moslems praying we think that many people are willing to co-operate in their own oppression. Religious people are often loyal recruits to the form of capitalism which seeks a war of extermination against leftists and communists because they interfere with profits.

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