1. Bill Openthalt says

    I don’t think anyone believed it then. In any case, the story is in all likelihood a fabrication, a myth created to bolster the premisses of the christian religion.

  2. Kilian Hekhuis says

    As I commented on twitter, a) it’s a myth, there is no “then” and b) in fact, Joseph did not believe her until God came to him in a dream (iirc).

  3. busterggi says

    Who says no one would believe it now?

    Religions are always evolving and new ones being created on zero evidence whatsoever – golden plates anyone? e-meters?

    • nathanaelnerode says

      I have to respect the generosity of L Ron Hubbard to his fellow science fiction writers. He told many of them things similar to “You should found a religion, that’s where the real money is.” Oddly, none of them took him up on the suggestion….

      (Of course, he had not yet worked out that the real money is being in the *second* generation of religious leaders. Joseph Smith hadn’t worked this out either, but the really nasty thug Brigham Young had worked it out.)

  4. says

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  5. anubisprime says

    There is no obvious limit to the lengths folks go in their self formulated belief system.
    As long as a premise, no matter of fanciful or ridiculous, panders to the same innate bigotries and has the same intolerances all is good seemingly.

    It is a method of self aggrandisement, by making the ego and the character subject to a higher culprit it excuses the hatred and it automatically gets a free pass in society…or it did!

    The nativity myth is a hodge podge of banal misinterpretation and wishful story telling.
    Over three quarters of the story can be easily dismissed as poetic and vague license and the rest as pure fabrication by generations of con merchants interested in framing not substance.
    Even the chronology is dispensed with through convenience.

    ‘Virgin Birth’ is a sexually dysfunctional meme manufactured by men to give some spurious ideal impression of female purity, it has much in common with the prevailing and previous attempts to place the supernatural gods and those they interact with above common man in behaviour and demeanour.
    It is a rhetorical framing device nothing more.

    That some folks swear by it is more a reflection of their intelligence then their ‘faith’…because to believe concocted fairy story over reality is easier intellectually and is a less rigorous process because evidence is not required.

    As for claiming divine inception now, well DNA profiling would blow that crock of bollix out of the water.
    It is far to easy to define paternity and claiming that ’twasgodwotwentandgoneanddidit’ might well result in the social services and mental health professionals stepping in rather lively.

    Doubt any medical facility would buy that tale whatever.

  6. Simon says

    Next on Jeremy Kyle…. 😉

    I wonder if when Jesus was a teenager he would say to Joseph ‘you can’t tell me off, you ain’t my Daddy!’

  7. sastry says

    That’s y vedas in Hindu religion teaches to consider”self” itself as God. Realisation of one’s ultimate potentiality itself is realisation of god. Have faith in self

  8. Sarmistha says

    religion has been used as a tool for a privileged section to turn things in their favour. With a stamp of religion on a highly unjustified thing, it can become just.

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