1. Kilian Hekhuis says

    Is it what Saudi Arabia wants

    There are women in the car, and no male companions. So that’s a “no” for starters. Also, the car isn’t female, so the cloak can go.

  2. DISHA says

    Nicely put . And it is so true. I have a friend who comes from Saudi and she is not allowed to drive, go to the streets without a ‘Man’ , or go to shops to buy groceries. When I ask her WHY can’t you go anywhere alone, she says,” if you step out without a man, you will be raped.” Seriously? And what is more weird is that she is okay with it, she thinks women should not be allowed to drive or to go to cinemas and theaters.

    • Friends says

      Your poor friend from Saudi has absolutely no knowledge about the place i believe. God knows which version of Saudi Arabia did the poor soul narrate to you. There are women who shop alone, do the groceries alone. And recently, there have been women assigned work in public areas like shopping centers, malls, etc. She probably is living in old age 🙂 !!

  3. says

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