Religion Sucks

Islamic scholars in today’s world are not as cruel as Allah. Allah permits men to beat up women. But these scholars try their best to save Allah by saying that Allah does not mean it. What does He mean? Scholars say, He means men should beat up their wives with ‘kindness and respect’. Wow, it would definitely get UN’s approval.

Kill me but kill me softly baby!


  1. edinburgh says

    Attention whores is the word that comes to mind looking at such propaganda videos.. Why is this freak even on television.. waste of air-time…

  2. Jacques Cuze says

    Hi, this is slightly off-topic and so I apologize.

    I am curious what your attitudes are towards MEMRI and MEMRI videos.

    I know many self-identified liberals, or even skeptics will not watch or link to MEMRI, and usually look on MEMRI with disdain associating it with Jewish or pro-Israel propaganda.

    I find their videos interesting, but have honestly no idea how accurate they are, or how they may have manipulated reality (via editing, cutting, etc.)

    If you could explain your understanding of MEMRI that might help enlighten me.

    Thank you.

  3. kennypo65 says

    A man that would beat his wife is not a man, he’s a punk. Men, in general, are physically larger and have greater upper body strength. There is nothing honorable about beating on someone weaker than you. Men evolved these characteristics IMO in order to protect the women in our lives, not to hurt them or exert our dominance over them. These men are cowards and assholes. Fuck them, I wouldn’t cross the street to spit in their eye.

  4. says

    So he’s trying to be as non-awful as possible while still fulfilling the technical requirements of his book. That reminds me of how Christians try to deal with women preaching and such.

  5. says

    There are interesting discussions of these issues on Saudi blogsites attached to a whole range of media including mainstream newspapers.
    Although google translate is imperfect it seems that many of the “Beat your wife” clerics get criticised, denounced, satirised and condemned.

    Criticism of religion within Saudi is nothing new, but perhaps more people are willing to speak about it. Unfortunately migrant workers are not exposed to this, because there are significant obstacles put in the way of these people learning fluent Arabic, or socialising with people (long working hours, separate housing etc). Many South Asian moslems just want to become more obedient moslems when they go there.

    Criticism of religion within Pakistan seems to carry mortal risk in 2012.
    Despite adverse media criticism we do not see condemnation of rule by lynch mob from mainstream American politicians who seem to defend fundamentalism in Israel and their own political parties.

    Much of the inconvenience of modern air travel can be blamed on religion. You have to take off your shoes and be body searched just to get to departure gate. In reality quite a few terrorist attempts have been thwarted by alert passengers, rather than state security measures.
    The people who pass anti-terrorist legislation are often religious. Bush and Blair are notorious examples.

  6. Mona says

    Hi Taslima
    My name is Mona 38 from Egypt. I am a born Muslim. I got so many questions concerning my religion.I am sure some hadith don’t make sense at all,but in general its the religion I know and acquainted to.I pick what I like, I leave what I am not convinced with. No body is forcing me to do anything that I don’t like. Why is all the grudge you have towards it ? You can be a Muslim and still be free. Don’t follow the sheikh and their stupid interpretations. Just follow your heart and great brain god gave you.

  7. Mayim says

    Shalom Taslima,

    Seeing the above conversation with yourself and Mona gave me great joy as a woman and a feminist.

    Right now we are fighting a sect of ultra orthodox Jews that live in Beit Shemesh. These men are spitting on little girls because they’re not dressed ‘modestly’ and these Hareidim are refusing to ride on the same buses as women. These men even staged a protest comparing the Israeli government to Nazi’s. They put themselves in a jail like apparatus, sewed a yellow Magen David on their jail-like coats to protest against the rights of women.

    I am not an atheist but I will keep fighting for our rights across all cultures and times.

  8. uzma says

    Hi Taslima,

    Probably the kind of environment you have been brought up in failed to show you the positives of religion and so you have finally deduced that religion stops you from following your heart and the great brain we have been gifted . Although, I am in complete agreement with you, when you say, that the fundamentalist have spoiled the aura we live in today. As I see, most of the extremist have deduced many verses of the Quran in a wrong way and that has mayhem that we see every day in our lives. But I see that you are following somewhat similar footsteps of those fundamentalist not in the same direction, but almost parallel. The followers of a religion will not give you the right idea of what a religion is. So refrain yourself from scholars whose words instill such hatred. And instead try to find things out as what a particular thing might mean. The way your poems and writings reflect your ideas best in Bengali. Similarly, the verses from any books reflect the ideas underneath in their original language. Reading a translated version would do a similar harm that has been done to your translated books. Do ponder over this.

  9. Atish Dip says

    A man should always respect a female and vice versa.We all are having a soul , and the energy of soul is equal in female and male. Our body is only a manifested form which is having the soul for a short period of time.The power of soul is equal in male and female. God is the creator of every thing and he loves everything even every animals.His love toward man and woman is same. He is not cruel and thus he can never say that a man can beat a woman.

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