What a wonderful world!

I asked 28 people (4 film actors, 4 doctors, 4 engineers, 4 journalists, 4 businessmen 4 politicians, 4 ordinary nobodies in the Indian subcontinent) to express their opinions after watching this video. 3 people said, ‘Wow, I like to go scuba diving.’ 5 said, ‘We did not know much about under water lives, it’s amazing!’ 12 said, ‘Awesome’. 19 said, ‘My faith in god has now increased’. 22 said, ‘It shows the glory of God’.

I sighed and said, ‘We sane godless people are the minority’.


  1. Ned Champlain says

    Who’d a thunk it, life underwater? how come I never get a fish when I turn on my faucet. DOH!

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