The NFL-Swift-Pentagon conspiracy needs to be modified

The wild conspiracy theory swirling around the internet about how the Pentagon and the NFL had colluded in order to fix the Super Bowl so that Kansas City would win and that after the game Taylor Swift would celebrate with Travis Kelce and they would announce their engagement and she would endorse Joe Biden, was only partly borne out in that KC did win. But as a very dominant team, that outcome was hardly a stretch to predict. None of the other things happened, One must wait to see how the theory now gets modified, as all conspiracy theories do when contradicted by facts. The most likely modification is that ‘they’ are waiting for an even more opportune moment to make the announcement. Why Swift, one of the most successful musical artists ever, would feel the need to follow the dictates of the NFL-Pentagon complex is never explained. Unless, unless, ‘they’ have got some ugly secret about her and are blackmailing her. Yes, that must be it.

In the mean time, serial sex abuser Donald Trump (SSAT) seems to be worried by a Swift endorsement of Biden and in order to discourage her, has said that it would be ‘disloyal’ of her to do so because he was the person who made her so successful.

[SSAT] said there was “no way she could endorse Crooked Joe Biden” and would never be “disloyal to the man who made her so much money”.

Trump said Swift and other artists benefited from the Music Modernization Act, which helped performing artists more easily earn royalties and licensing fees through music streaming services, and which was passed during his presidency.

The Music Modernization Act that Trump claimed was his idea updated copyright law to better adapt royalty and licensing payments to the age of music streaming. It was a strong bipartisan effort supported by both the House and Senate unanimously.

One of the lawyers involved, Dina LaPolt, told Variety on Sunday that Trump “did nothing on our legislation except sign it”.

This is typical SSAT, to falsely claim credit for anything that is a success and deny responsibility for anything that goes wrong. He would have been better advised to keep out of this. Successful women rightly get infuriated when some guy comes along and claims that they were the one who was responsible for their success.

Incidentally, yesterday I went grocery shopping during the Super Bowl. The number of shoppers in the supermarket was thinner than usual but more than I expected. Since San Francisco, one the teams playing, is considered the home team by the residents here, I thought that pretty much everyone would be at home watching the game. Either this area is not that football crazy or maybe the few non-football fans saw the same opportunity that I did, a chance to shop at a time when there would be no crowds.


  1. Matt G says

    Republicans fought MLK Jr. Day tooth and nail. It passed and Reagan signed it. Repubs now take credit for it…except when they’re calling MLK a communist. They go back and forth on that one.

  2. Katydid says

    Silly Mano: conspiracy theories do not need to make sense. That’s how we get them about (insert Democrat’s name) being too incompetent to put their shoes on the right feet, yet Machiavellian enough to run several highly-effective deep state and world-manipulating schemes at the same time.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    The Dark Brandon meme is fun. I keep coming across images of a triumphant Biden whose eyes shine with red light.

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