It looks like déjà vu all over again

The GOP circus in the US House of Representatives keeps going on. After multiple votes for the nine candidates who had entered the race, the last person standing was Tom Emmer, the chief whip and the third in the party’s house hierarchy. (I had not realized that Emmer was first elected to congress in 2014, filling the seat vacated by that other noted nutjob Michele Bachmann.) Since the former speaker Kevin McCarthy and the next in line majority leader Steve Scalise were rejected, it was fitting that Emmer would be the next person to be unceremoniously dumped by his colleagues.

And so it appears. Emmer had 26 defections in a vote to see how many would vote for him on the floor of the house, even more that Scalise and Jim Jordan. In fact, 15 of those defectors voted for Jordan. And then serial sex abuser Donald Trump (SSAT) launched a major attack on him even though Emmer had tried groveling to SSAT. That pretty much doomed his chances and the latest reports are that Emmer has dropped out.

So now what? Does the GOP go down the list of the eight people who lost to Emmer to see if any of them is willing to be humiliated next? Do they go back to McCarthy, Scalise, and Jordan? Do they look for someone else entirely? How long before the only people left are Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert? The former has been sucking up SSAT in the most disgusting fashion and the latter has shown that she is willing to ‘reach across the aisle’ with at least one Democrat. (Ha!)

All such impasses have to end some time, even if just out of exhaustion or because some catastrophe is imminent. But I just cannot see what form that ending will take with this bunch of rigid extremists with idiosyncratic obsessions that they are unwilling to let go of.


  1. RSimons says

    I am not familiar with US law in this regard, but would it be possible for the president, when the situation gets really dire, to declare a state of emergency and work around the House of Representatives?

  2. Mano Singham says


    What kind of powers a president can have by declaring an emergency is complicated, and you can read about it here. From my reading, this kind of situation would not be covered but I am not an authority.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    If no one of the house Republicans can get elected, but the chairman does not need to be a member…
    mebbe they can appoint an outsider who is not hated by everyone?
    Danny Quayle? Zombie Gerald Ford?
    The Arnold? Just for the optics, it would be cool. “Shut ze hell up! Order!”

    -OK, he can not be in the succession to the presidency but if both Biden and wossname dies, they can skip right to number four in the order of succession.

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