Attack ad against DeSantis

It looks like the gloves are off as this ad by a seemingly pro-Trump group demonstrates. However, in these days of front groups and hoaxes, it is hard to know who is behind any internet ads. It may be by a group that is trying to stir up a fight between the two.

The ad uses as its framework the story that DeSantis had been seen using his fingers to eat pudding but the message is something that Democrats might have put out since it uses his support for cutting social security, Medicare, and raising the retirement age against him.


  1. says

    There are enough angles of attack against De Santis that it’s scraping the bottom of the pudding cup to go after his eating habits.

    Besides, Nixon liked ketchup on cottage cheese, which he probably ate off of a copy of the constitution. And Trump eats babies. So weird eating habits are presidential.

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