1. Allison says

    I’m guessing that the person on the left is Frida Kahlo.

    I don’t recognize the person on the right. Looking up Frida Kahlo on Wikipedia, I see she was married to Diego Rivera, and the pictures in his Wikipedia article sort of look like the person on the right. But he also looks a little like Neil deGrasse Tyson.

    Is the pipe over the door a clue?

  2. Mano Singham says

    The pipe is not a clue. The Bizarro cartoons contain a few of a set of 13 symbols the cartoonist inserts into the drawings, one of which is a pipe. You can read about them here.

  3. xohjoh2n says


    You say it’s not a clue, but the choice of pipe over other symbols may be deliberate, as Magritte was one of that set.

  4. Rupert says

    For Europeans, quiite a lot of American literature and US tv requires soecific cultural background to understand quips and the like.
    References to baseball and American football (a kind df Rugby,) for instance.

  5. xohjoh2n says


    American football (a kind df Rugby,)

    …for people who are too afraid to play actual rugby so have to do it in full body armour.

    (Don’t blame them myself, it’s definitely a mugs game likely to result in serious injury no matter how gentlemanly the opposition.)

  6. Rupert says

    Can’t argue with that. It is a quick way to either lose teeth or get internal organs squashed. I remember at uni (UK), I heard people refer to fellow students who played rugby and bragged about it as wooden tops. And that in itself, was a dangerous game if they overheard.

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