Just another day in the Trump White House

White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony on Tuesday of Trump’s obnoxious behavior of throwing food and dishes and overturning all the content of a table when he is displeased reveals more than that of an adult who is childish. It also shows the utter contempt he has for people, such as the valet for his private dining room, who have to clean up after him. Needlessly creating work for those who work for you and having no concern for them is a sign of a narcissistic personality. But of course, we already knew that about Trump.

I notice that in all the attempts by Trump supporters to discredit her testimony, this description of Trump’s behavior has gone unchallenged, perhaps because it is so believable from what we already know about him.


  1. Katydid says

    I’ve worked for bosses who made needless messes and acted like petulant toddlers, too. It’s entitlement, and who is more entitled than Trump? I have no problem believing what Hutchinson said was the truth.

  2. says

    What’s really interesting is that the republicans are denying flying cheeseburgers, but they all know that if they try to deny they knew about the plot, the committee will drop reciepts.

  3. garnetstar says

    That’s exactly what Fox News said about this behavior, Mano. The anchor, after the dish-throwing story was related, said “After all, it is not wholly out of character.”

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