A better name for Republicans: The Obnoxious Jerks Party

Seth Meyers says that Florida governor Ron DeSantis scolding high school students for wearing masks during an event that he attended is the latest example of Republicans seemingly having decided that many of the party faithful like their elected leaders to act like obnoxious jerks.


  1. sonk pumpet says

    people should just start slapping this guy in the face on tv at every opportunity. not even a punch, a slap is more disrespectful. just, what did the five fingers say to the face…

  2. mikey says

    I have long avoided using “GOP,” feeling that it is undeservedly laudatory. I’d love to see OJP become the new diminutive!

  3. DonDueed says

    MSNBC interviewed one of the kids who DeSantis berated for wearing masks. He (the kid) didn’t remove it at first, though eventually he was more or less made to.

    It turns out the kid has a grandparent at home who is immune compromised, so he wants to avoid situations where he’s unnecessarily exposed. Not that DeSantis would give a crap about that.

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